Let’s do a quick self evaluation: from 1 to 10, one being the least to 10 being the most, how would you honestly rank the voices in your head as being positive and constructive toward what you most desire? Wherever you are right now is fine, and it’s great we’re here together so I can help you improve. This was something that really challenged me and it took a very long time to “figure out the solution.” My intention is to help you much faster than it took me to get this solved.

I’ll explain the simple steps in a moment, however let’s agree on some foundational things. First, come in with an open mind. E.g. what I’ll share will likely be different from anything you have heard or seen before. Try it out. Second, the more one does anything with proper focus on improving with their eyes on the “perfect technique”, the better results they will get. E.g. keep on doing this again and again and you as I do, get better and better results. Third, there is a positive intention with any voice in your head. E.g. even “negative” voices such as that is dangerous, etc. is trying to help you be even safer and happier. Finally, I talk about “infinite positive energy” in the universe. Feel free to substitute the term that you feel most comfortable with as ultimately it is scientifically proven that we are all comprised of energy and all energy influences other energy.

Let’s hop in. This is exciting.

First, close your eyes (later you can do with them open), and allow yourself to relax even more deeply.

Place your attention on your body, your breathing and let a gentle warm loving happy light as if on the beach and walking on soft virgin sand sun caresses your body and every muscle relaxes more and more.

Second, visualize yourself as a white light and white all around you.

E.g. you are visualizing what is truly around us on an energy level. It’s a peaceful, loving light filled with everything (money, joy, happiness, intimacy, security and everything else you have ever or would want).

Third, see how this light (focusing on the feelings you most desire right now) is radiating around you and beams of light are radiating into you and filling you with even more of what you most desire.

Allow yourself to feel and connect with the positive feelings you most want right now.

Fourth, allow the light to glow even more intensely as your positive feelings increase even more.

Fifth, repeat.

In addition to the above tips, the #1 way to silence the voices in your head and have even more equanimity is to have your energy right.


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