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How To Heal Your Sexual Energy [Self-Analysis Quiz & 3 Methods To Heal]

While this is one of your most powerful forces, most people have blocks or hurts which manifest themselves in a variety of negative ways.

I’m going to share with you what sexual energy really is – and it goes way beyond sex, signs to tell if your sexual energy may need healing and techniques to do so. 

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What is sexual energy?

Sexual energy is the force of creation that resides within you. Whether it is a new life in the form of a baby, which is absolutely incredible, a business, a project, a poem, a song, or something else, this is the energy that starts it. This energy is continually moving within us and seeks to create.

Signs that your sexual energy needs healing

Let’s do a quick self analysis.

Answer the following questions from 1 to 10. 1 is that it doesn’t affect you much and 10 is a lot.

  1. Do you feel blocked from tapping into your full creativity?
  2. Do you feel that your relationships are truly fulfilling you?
  3. Do you feel resentment toward anyone who did something to you intimately?
  4. Do you feel connected to your higher purpose?

Well done doing the self-analysis. Now, sum up the numbers and get a result from 4 to 40. The higher your score may be because of needing to heal your sexual energy. 

I’m going to explain each one of the 4 in more detail. Then after that, I’ll share techniques to heal your sexual energy for each one.

Feeling blocked from tapping into your full creativity

Since sexual energy is the force of creation within you, not being able to tap into your full creativity is a manifestation of needing to heal your sexual energy.

Wounds could be from a past situation that didn’t go as you wanted that left an energetic dark energy in your field or aura or memories that keep on resurfacing, like a wound that won’t heal. It may also be from nengative interpretation of past events where being creative resulted in feeling hurt or belittled.

They could also be from feeling shame, embarassement, or guilt about your own sexuality, body, or intimate positive desires. This could have been because of the culture you grew up in, what you were told growing up, friends, family, or something else. 

As you start to free your sexual energy, you start to tap into your full creativity where creation becomes fun, natural, and part of who you are. What would life be like if you could create new things that fulfilled you and made a positive impact as part of who you are?

Relationship not fulfilling you

A relationship of any type, whether of friendship, coworker, team, and even much more so – intimately, are all examples of creating something new. And creation comes from your sexual energy. If there are wounds in your sexual energy, then this may manifest itself in relationships that are hurtful, negative, wrong, and ultimately not fulfilling on the deepest levels.

Wounds could have come from societal, religious, familiar, or other similar influences of how one should or should not be. If you don’t fit perfectly into how one “should” be, it creates conflicts. And these high level conflicts transpose into wounds in one’s sexual energy. These could then manifest in issues on an intimate level too.

Wounds also could have come from deep hurts on an intimate level to your sexual energy. For example, trusting someone else where you opened yourself on an intimate level and they rejected, embarassed, shames, or made you feel belittled. And clearly, any sort of trauma could create wounds on a mental as well as sexual energy levels.

As you start to improve your relationships, your sexual energy heals. And when you start to heal your sexual energy, your relationships become more fulfilling. It’s an upward spiral of very positive things.

Feeling resentment

Resentment is a dark energy that permeates itself in all energy systems in and around your body. It especially damages one’s sexual energy. It’s like putting a dam in the middle of a beautiful flowing river. Resentment is affirming that the world isn’t a positive place, that you are still hurt from your interpretation of past events that are now over. This is the antithesis of sexual energy and the positive force of creation.

Wounds could have come from one’s upbringing, society, culture, or events going on while growing up, or even potentially from past lives. For example, perhaps one’s family taught the importance of getting back at someone who did something interpreted as bad. I say interpreted because everything from the past is merely our interpretation of events.

Wounds could also have come from intimacy. For example, abuse, trauma, rejection, teasing, or similar. For example, discovering that the lover with whom you thought was only with you, is seeing someone else. 

As you release from resentment, you’ll find that your sexual energy heals. And when you strengthen your sexual energy you’ll find that it’s easier to let go of resentment, feel free, and tap into your full power of creation.

Not feeling connected to your higher purpose

Since sexual energy is that of creation, it needs to make something. If one isn’t connected to a higher purpose, they may get lost in negative acts that create more and more harm, addictions and practices that aren’t positive for them or others.

Not being connected to one’s highest purpose could be a result of one’s upbringing, culture, potentially events in one’s past lives, or similar. For example, an authority figure telling a youngster that their ideas (that came from their highest self) are not worthwhile or even worse, “bad”, could have created wounds that continue today.

Wounds could also have come from intimate issues that directly hurts one’s sexual energy. For example, having positive desires that aren’t approved by one’s culture, religion, family, or society. As an example, a woman growing up who feels attracted to men and women. Yet her parents tell her this is bad and not right. She feels hurt, conflicted, inferior and shamed as a result. This creates wounds on a sexual energy level which blocks her from connecting fully with her higher purpose and leads her to a life of start and stop progress until solved.

When healed, one can identify one’s higher purpose easier and enter a place of flow where instead of working hard, one feels drawn forward. You have greater access to ideas from the ether around us, see more synchronicities and can influence events in a positive way. Additionally, bad habits or destructive actions fall away since those were just manifestations of sexual energy wounds.

5 heal your sexual energy?
1. The first step is to accept, get, and give forgiveness.

I add a variation of these affirmations to say to myself every day after I do my guided meditation. I have a link to a beginner 5 step mediation in the description.

“I, ______ accept my sexual energy deeply and totally with all my problems and wounds and now want to have a happy and healthy sexual energy.”

“I forgive myself for anything I did that caused wounds to my sexual energy.”

“I forgive others who caused any hurts to my sexual energy.”

2. Reduce the negative impact from past events

Anything from the past that is still wounding your sexual energy today is, on an energetic level, dark energy still in your field or energetic ties remaining.

The great news is, like you take a shower and brush your teeth to clean your body, you can do the same with your energy. And when you do, you start to heal your sexual energy which results in living in the present more (as well as many more benefits). And when you start to heal from the negative energy, your sexual energy heals, freeing you to become a true co-creator.

One method that I use and teach is to relax from your head to your toes. And allow the negative memory to rise. Ask yourself where the dark energy is in or around your body that is related to the negative memory. It could be in a ball around it or dispersed throughout your body and aura. Now, imagine a big chest in front of you and move the dark energy along with the memory into the chest. Close it, push it off, and fill with infinite positive energy of white light and love. Repeat as many times as needed to feel calm, present, and free.

You can also imagine identifying the energetic filaments between the other person and you and then cutting them with a big knife or scissors. Then you fill with infinite white light of love and power. 

An advanced method you can do with a partner. Each partner should clean their energies – which you can start doing with the 5 step meditation for beginners link in description. Then, one will use sensations to bring the other to greater and greater arrousal. As pleasure is peaking, verbally guide the other to imagine as any dark energy from past hurts is filled with a radiant white light from the infinite white light of love around them. And that any energy ties are broken and a shield of energy is around them that protects them now and forever, allowing them to be continually connected with source energy, allowing in only positive energies. Make sure to take time to hold your partner as this can be an intense experience.

3. Adopt a new paradigm of already being healed

The more we experience what we desire as reality now, the greater our neurology and physiology adjusts to this. While faking, or imagining without underlying belief is not very effective, this is. The difference is that you go deep to how you would feel, move, act, and think when you are a certain way. Then you choose to feel, move, act and think now in those ways.

So, right now, your sexual energy is 100% healed. Any destructive thoughts, actions, habits or inclinations are gone. You are connected with who you are, your positive desires, and feel no shame, guilt, or hurt. You’re living completely in the present, and you are thankful for the past for the lessons it has taught you. Your intimacy is beyond fulfilling – you connect with the entire universe, with the big-bang, dimensions, and worlds beyond through your love making. You have a dynamic of open dialog, are flexible, and feel free to expand your sensual consciousness in ways that are positive for you and others. You talk about the present, see opportunities and project an even more positive future.

You are connected with a higher purpose that fulfills you and experience the joy of creation every day. Your life is one of making new things, having fun in the process and this is the image in your mind. The problems around you don’t affect you on an emotional or energetic level because your vibration and connection with source is so high. You notice that your financial abundance, health, love, and all life areas grow in beautiful and wonderful ways.

You feel great, freed, peaceful, happy and healed. Choose to feel these now.

You move with flow, confidence, ease, and aligned with the positive force of creation. Choose to move like this now.

You act with love, acceptance, open authentic communication, giving, connecting with the source energy of infinite love, meditating, raising your vibration, and of being healed. Choose to do these now.

And you think of yourself as healed, healing others and the world as a place to support continual creation of new and positive things. Choose to think this way now.

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And, you are healed. You are powerful. You are incredible.







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