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Reality Shifting 101, How To Shift & 5 Ways To Use It To Change Your CR

Reality shifting is a trending topic on TikTok, YouTube and other platforms – but how can you do it easily, not get lost in the misinformation out there, and even use it to change your current reality?

My name is Eric Michael and I teach energy methods to positively impact your life and others. Shifting at its essence is energy work, something I’ve been studying, doing  & now teaching for over 10 years. If this is a topic you like make sure to subscribe and activate notifications to know about the latest videos that I post.

What is shifting?

Shifting is the act of moving your awareness from your current circumstances or reality to an alternate one. Common terms are DR – your desired reality, CR – your current reality, and WR – the waiting room before entering your desired reality.

We existing in the current reality and there are an infinite number of desired realities. For example, desired realities could be where you are the star of your favorite movie, on an adventure in your favorite anime, with the love of your life, or with the powers you most want. Whatever you want is possible in your desired reality.

I  think about the concept of alternative realities based on teachings from quantum physics and the field of infinite potential. There have been numerous studies showing that when a subatomic particle, or energy is observed, it acts differently than when no one is around. This leads to the theory of infinite potential or the quantum field where particles exist in a state of flux where what we desire (e.g. our desired reality) can impose our will on them, essentially making what you want your new desired reality.

The implications of this go beyond reality shifting as it is commonly taught by others, where you are essentially a visitor in a new reality. I’ll share a bit about that later and how you can use reality shifting to influence your current reality in 5 ways.

First, let’s cover some frequently asked questions about reality shifting.

What is scripting? Scripting is writing down what you want in your desired reality. While not necessary, I recommend it because the more you clarify what you want, the more likely you’ll be happy with your desired reality.

Is it bad to reality shift? Keep your thoughts and intention positive for yourself and others and you’ll be fine.

Can you die in your new reality? No. In fact, since you are in control, set up the rules where you are immortal (if you want).

Can I shift on my first try? Absolutely! Expect you can and dispel the myths that you need to master numerous methods or do something before you get results. It’s normal to have doubts. Believe in yourself. You can do it!

Let’s look at a couple of the methods to reality shift.

One of the most popular reality shifting methods often referenced on TikTok is “The Raven Method”.

This method involves laying in a starfish position with no parts of your body touching, on your bed when you are very tired, and counting to 100 (or 200), usually with subliminals playing and with positive affirmations said between numbers. For example, “I am in my desired reality.” Imagine yourself in your new desired reality until you fall asleep. Then when you awake, you should be in your desired reality.

Another popular reality shifting method is known as the Alice in Wonderland Method.

This method involves meditating and then laying on your back and imagining yourself sitting against a tree until someone from your Desired Reality runs past you, at which point you’re supposed to chase them until you “fall down the rabbit hole”.

You are then meant to find a key that will unlock the door to your desired reality. You may be greeted by a person from your desired reality who guides you or open the door directly to your desired reality.

There are numerous other methods to shift such as The Pillow Method, The Heartbeat Method, The Train Method, The Staircase Method, The Elevator Method, and more.

What if you’re not shifting?

A common comment I’ve seen is that people don’t feel that they are shifting to their desired reality. Stop trying to force it. And, accept that shifting, or controlling your own awareness is as natural as breathing. You’ve day dreamed before where you awareness was elsewhere and your body was here. The only difference is that with shifting, you are more consciously directing it.

My favorite method to bring my awareness for shifting is to lay down in a comfortable place, relax my body, imagine that I move all my worries, doubts and concerns into a big chest, push the chest off, and fill with an infinite white light of positive energy. Then I give thanks for all in my life, send great energy to others and experience all I want in my desired reality. I really connect with the positive feelings, how I would move, act and think now that it’s real. I make the new desired reality taking form in my mind so real that it becomes my new reality.

Let’s talk about 5 powerful ways to use shifting to affect your current reality.

First, what we experience in our desired reality can influence our current reality. For example, experiencing that you are healthy, confident, and successful could help you feel similarly when your awareness returns to your current reality. 

Second, you can gain knowledge and wisdom from your desired reality self. Let’s say you want to be a successful businessperson, then go to your desired reality where you are, and ask yourself what you did to become so. And consider applying it in your current reality.

Third, connect with loved ones regardless of physical distance. For a person with whom you feel a close connection, experiment creating a shared desired reality where you can experience all you most desire, with positive intentions for yourselves and others.

Fourth, use your desired reality to develop your true power. While it’s common in animes or movies that people have energetic abilities that give them super power like skills, in reality, you have a lot more power than you may have thought. All abilities that are at essence influencing energy are things that could very well be possible in your current reality. For example, healing others, influencing events, connecting at energetic levels, communicating without words and more are all things you can practice in your desired reality that could help you develop similar skills in your current reality.

Fifth, experiment with influencing past events with your desired reality. There was a study done where skilled meditators prayed for people who had been sick years before and those prayed for when the results were reviewed today had faster recovery times. The implications are complicated and open many questions. Potentially, if there are no conflicting future events because of the prior influence, perhaps one’s current reality can be influenced through a past desired reality’s actions.

I’d love to hear in the comments which of the 5 method you most liked.

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Remember, always use reality shifting for positive intentions, and look forward to seeing you in the next video.






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