Do you want a better life? Then apply these 3 tips I will give you.

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This morning as I was showering, I was listening to the Blink, “With The End In Mind” by Kathryn Mannix and I got me to thinking about something even sadder than dying.

It’s being alive, in great health and not truly living.

Let’s start with a quick self analysis as knowing where we are is the first step to being able to easily identify the path to get to our best version of ourselves and our life.

How would you rate your life today, from 1 to 10 with regards to being one of your dreams, filled with incredible experiences, emotions, and doing the things that bring you the greatest fulfillment? 10 is right on and 1 is not at all.

My goal today is to help you expand wherever you are. And there is always a next level.

We’ll start with tip #3 and get to tip #1, the most important.

Tip #3: Travel

I was talking with my Mom on Skype recently and she asked me where I would be living. And I explained how I had my home and then the other cities and countries I lived in. She asked me if I liked it. And I reflected for a moment and I said that it’s fantastic. I continued explaining that we have a natural tendency to get into habits where we go to the same places, start not engaging as much with other people, and have a routine where we stop growing.

However, when you travel, something magical happens. One’s resonating frequency is higher because of the emotion of being in a new place. Additionally, everything is new. So the old habits and patterns of not saying hi to people, not engaging others are often reduced or broken. And, one is often forced to ask for directions, opinions, ideas as to where to go and more. This leads to new experiences and ALL new experiences will either bring pleasure, expansion or learning. And learning when done the right way brings expansion too.

I believe that these small, but incredibly powerful connections with others, the new magical experiences, and the growth lead to a better life. It’s about a better life experience – not about accumulating things that gather dust or require maintenance and management.

If right now you can’t travel to another city or country, then travel in your own city. Write down everything you do again and again. For example, my parents have their routine from the health club, Costco, the Farmer’s market, the garden club, and back home. They would “X” those off and pick 4 new places to frequent each week. And add 2-3 new ones by looking up local events. The connections with others and experiences they bring will help them have an even better life experience.

Tip #2: Identify And Take Action Toward Your Mission/Passion

You’ve likely heard of or read the book, “The 4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. It’s a fantastic book and Tim is an incredible innovator and leader. However, I believe the book is missing a critical element to lead the future generations.

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The book, as I recall, talks about work as any business activity. But is doing something you love work? If you love to design, is designing work? If you love to meet famous people and network, is it work? If you love to positively impact others, is writing and recording videos and a podcast work?

I was listening to American Dream by Tommy Hilfiger and Peter Knobler and Tommy talks about today how he advises and gets involved in the fun things.

There are aspects of a business that one might not resonate with but that need to be done. This we could classify as work, and keeping to as few hours as possible is great.

I will assert that being active throughout the day making active progress in an activity designed to positively impact others’ lives will be a catalyst to take ALL areas of your life to the next level.

The first step is to ask yourself, “What is something I am passionate about that positively impacts others?”

Many will respond with something that they love to do. If that’s the first idea, transform it into a way to inspire others.

For example, “I love to dance.” Now how could you use that to transform the world?

How about “Through my pursuit of dance, I inspire others to gain confidence, self-love and to protect nature.”

Then start taking action on it. Make it your identity. Make an instagram account with that as your profile. Add this mission to your WhatsApp. Upload photos of you doing it. And let all pictures you upload of yourself be ones that align with this mission. E.g. let those selfies inspire others even more. Add the captions in alignment. You could even continue with videos and other ways to align your life with this mission.

And when people ask what you do, make this your identity. Or if you insist on giving your profession first, then at least say, “I work as an engineer, but my passion is …”

You will meet people who resonate on the same wavelength, doors will open, synchronicities will occur and you will step into a better life practically instantly.

Tip #1: Experience the true nature of things

You’ve been lied to.

And so have I. I grew up taught that the only things that existed were what I could see and touch. And that if you imagined anything else you were crazy (my parents both are PhD’s in psychology). There are all kinds of names for these people who see things.

[Car screeching to a stop.]

Sorry psychologists, but we live in a dual reality. One of newtonian laws of what we can see and touch. And one of quantum laws which is the world beyond our human normal senses. And just like we can practice a sport and get a lot better with guidance and awareness, we can do the same with energy.

The true nature of all things is that of a physical perception and an energy essence. This is the most powerful with other people.

Just to play, the next time you go to shake hands with another, imagine that you are radiating your white light of love from your body and eyes into them to make them feel loved.

When you walk by an individual who is in a wheelchair or needs to boost their health, imagine as you fill with a healing green light and radiate it to them accelerating their healing.

And at the next meal, hold the hand of whoever you are with and give thanks for the food and everything else that comes to each of your minds.

When you touch another, imagine as your hand is glowing white light and you radiate infinitely positive energy into them.

When you hug a person you love, imagine as their white light combines with yours and glows brighter and brighter.

These all will start you on the path of expanding your awareness, influence and experiences with the energy nature of all things.

Could you have a better life by experiencing 2x the pleasure and fulfillment from all you already have? Yes, I think so too. Just like in the book, Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell, you have diamonds at your fingertips as you expand your ability to sense them.

Live A Better Life

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