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How To Meditate For Beginners & Advanced. A New Paradigm. A Quick Outline.

New paradigm of how to meditate for beginners and advanced.

Most people are drawn to meditation for the initial benefits of equanimity, peace, an even more clear mind and related. The deeper benefit of this meditation is to transcend your human reality by merging with your energy source. This gives you incredible benefits where you tap into the infinite source of positive energy in the universe, feel incredible in all the ways you desire, and manifest your desires faster and easier.

To explain the concept more, we all live in two perspectives or realities. One is the human experience where we have a human perspective of what is solid, real, possessions, beautiful, and so on. In the energy reality, our energy is connected with the infinite energy in the universe, as well as is connected with everything we most desire. The more we connect with both these realities, the greater our skill in merging them. When we do so, we feel even more incredible in all ways we most want, we manifest even faster, and we gain even more positive experiences.

Some foundational concepts to get the best results.

1) This is a skill like all others and the more you do it with a focus on continual improvement and congratulations for being in process, you get even better results;

2) Be flexible and allow yourself to do any and all as well as to modify what I teach such that it resonates best with you and helps you achieve what you most desire.

These are the steps:

  • Step 1: With transcendence the desired outcome of this meditation, define what this means for you. For example, “I am filled with a white light continually connected with an infinite positive energy in the universe. I feel more and more happy, attractive, fulfilled, joyous, connected, radiant, health and wealthy. And the things I desire more and more naturally appear in my life.” 
  • Step 2: Relax completely and become even more present. 
  • Step 3: Give thanks and send great energy to others. 
  • Step 4: Visualize and experience having what you most desire. 
  • Step 5: Experience how you feel, move, act and think about yourself and the world when you have achieved what you most want. 
  • Step 6: Do the Self Reiki And Chakra Alignment. 
  • Step 7: Say affirmations. 
  • Step 8: Do something in your comfort zone that will contribute to the realization of what you want. However small or large it is perceived to be, congratulate yourself.

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