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10x, 100x or More Your Success With Energy Methods – The Surprising Secret

Success Flows Naturally When You Do This

My goal today is to help you 10x or even 100x your level of success in your life and business.

As a starting point, let’s do a quick self-analysis. First, pick something you really want. It could be in the area of health, spirituality, interpersonal, enjoyment or financial. Now, from 1 to 10, how successful do you feel you are right now in it? 1 is a little and 10 a lot.

My goal today is to increase this number, even by 5% or ideally massively.

Stay until the end for a special link to take your results much farther than I can do in this short presentation.

What makes this different is that instead of more techniques and tips for success that you learn passively and remain as mental knowledge, I guide you on actually having success in your life by creating a fundamental shift in your neurology.

I’ll go into more detail in a moment, however you’re probably asking who I am.

My name is Eric Michael. I’m the founder of and several other growing companies. I graduated in computer engineering from the University Of California In San Diego. Since the age of 16 when I started my first business I wanted to be successful. You want to be successful too, right?

I did many things right – I studied hard, worked diligently, learned from mentors, and did my best every day.

However, I did many things wrong too. I worked much harder and for many more years than I should have because of mental blocks. I thought things like I had to struggle to be successful, that I didn’t deserve to have a lot of money, and that work meant stress. I also believed that all results were based on what I and a team could do with what we could see and touch.

It was like I was building an incredible building, but only was allowing myself the most basic of tools. You can imagine how hard this would be right?

After pursuing success for a very long time, I discovered some things.

First, what I can see and touch is part of the success equation, and even more importantly is accessing the invisible power of energy.

Second, I had to get rid of my mental blocks. It was like I had my foot on the gas and brake pedals at the same time. Without even working harder, if I took my foot off the brake, I would speed forward naturally.

Third, I had to be happy now, and not look to a point in the future when I was successful.

These three realizations lead me to have massively greater success in a fraction of the time and struggle I had before. The good news is that you can shortcut your success.

Most people focus only on what they can see and touch. They work harder in life and business. They pursue technique after technique to get what they want. In some cases they get the appearance of progressing toward success but at the last moment, it escapes them.

I remember when I was a child growing up I would try to catch butterflies with my bare hands. No matter how fast I thought I was or slowly I crept up, the butterfly seemed to sense my approach and fly away.

But then something amazing happened…

When I sat down, relaxed, and started to appreciate the beauty of nature, the butterfly would often land on my shoulder or arm. It was as if it sensed that I was one with it and not trying to get it.

Most people are active pursuing, working harder and harder, struggling more and more and success is flying away just like this butterfly.

Most people, if you would ask them if they want to be successful, they would answer, “Of course.” But if we dove deeper into their beliefs, they don’t really think they deserve success. For one reason or another they think that the time isn’t right, it would be too much for them, they’re not worthy, they’re not well-known enough, or something similar.

Then they go out and work hard and find that they aren’t getting the success they want.

I remember when I went to a motivational seminar. The speaker told us to pick up the pen on the table. So I reached my hand out and lifted it up. He said, “No. Try to pick it up.” So all I could do was put my hand on the pen and flex my muscles with the pen not going anywhere.

Most people are flexing their muscles, wrinkling their brows, and working really hard trying to be successful because they have mental blocks keeping them from being successful.

Another group of people has associated success with happiness. Have you ever thought that you’ll be happier when you get something new?

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another.

We see new clothes, a new car, a new home, or something else and we think, “Wow, if I get that I’m going to be happy and successful.”

This is the underlying message of the billions of dollars spent on advertising. If we get their phone, TV, car, or other product, we are successful. Our status goes up and we can be happy.

So most people labor for years and years of their life, giving up things they may have liked to do more in the pursuit of success.

Many don’t even reach the level of success they wanted.

They live each day not as energetic, not as happy, and not as fulfilled as they want. It affects them and the people around them.

Want the easy way to skyrocket your success?

In the past years of applying these principles, I’ve seen more and greater success with a fraction of the effort and practically no struggle in comparison to before.

Results however are not typical and I’m not promising you will get a certain result because I don’t know if you will apply what I’m teaching.

There are 3 secrets to 10x or 100x your success with energy methods.

First, you’re already using energy methods, but now you’ll do so consciously.
Second, energy actually controls our reality.
Third, you can use them while still being the same person.

Let me explain more…

First, you’re already using energy methods, but now you’ll do so consciously.

Have you ever thought to yourself that someone else is more successful than you? Or that you wish you had something they appeared to have?

When you do this you are projecting your reality that you lack something into the infinite force around you. This results in more of what you don’t want – lack.

I know it may be frustrating to realize this, as I was when I learned the same thing.

For many years, I joined and was active in a personal development group called Worldwide Mentoring.

They taught the importance of listening to audios, reading books, and association with others to achieve success.

I would make incredible progress, but then something would happen and I’d fall back into my own patterns.

Has anything like that ever happened to you?

It was like I was trying to force a ball under the water. As long as I maintained the pressure on it, it would stay, but if I let go it would race up and bounce out of the water even more forcefully.

What I learned is that what events trigger our neurology to fire neurons. This results in thoughts, which trigger our feelings. Our feelings in our actions, and our actions in our reality and successes.

By developing my skills with energy, I learned how to literally rewire my neurology to be in alignment with the successful person I desired to be. And the more my neurology shifted, the greater I naturally thought, felt, and acted in alignment.

Years ago, if someone was rude to me I would get upset, sometimes really losing my temper. This was something I really wanted to change and for years read books like “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” and many others. I had a lot of mental knowledge about how to have equanimity but in the moment I needed it most didn’t have it.

So, I identified the person I desired to be: with equanimity regardless of the situation, calm, centered, confident and at the same time decisive and commanding when needed. Then I did for a few minutes each day a simple energy activation series. I relaxed, expanded my thankfulness, visualized myself with equanimity, great energy, and acting logically regardless of what happened around me.

A few days ago I had a situation that previously would have put me in a tailspin for days or longer. I expressed my feelings, and the other person told me what they thought. I expressed that they had some good points and I’d do my best to incorporate them. I also shared some things I needed. Things were solved without any extended drama or upset. I was acting naturally, based on the new reality of an individual with a calm head and equanimity.

Second, energy methods work.

When I was in Brazil, a spiritual leader from India came to speak. I went to the seminar and lo and behold, a friend of mine from yoga was sitting next to me. She looked tired and told me she was exhausted.

I said, hold up your hands and close your eyes. I visualized as the infinite energy around me filled me and then the same force raced through my arms and out my hands to her. I continued seeing as her energy and aura became more white and vibrant.

She opened her eyes and almost in a shocked way, said, “Wow, I feel much better. What did you do?”

Whether for energizing, healing, or for business and life success, energy methods work.

Another day, sales had been really bad or a period of time with one of the companies I lead. I had been focusing on improving the sales and working harder.

Then I decided to apply energy methods to solve it. I relaxed even deeper, gave thanks for every penny the business had earned. I continued giving thanks for all things in my life of all sizes. I really felt this gratitude expand in me as well as the connection with infinite energy around me. Then I visualized the number of people I desired helped and the income I desired as already being reality. I expanded the positive feelings as now I had what I wanted before. Each time I did this I added more and more details as well as felt the emotions more and more.

A few days later, the business had the greatest sales it ever had since the day it was opened.

Scientists have done study after study that demonstrate that when there is an observer of a quantum particle, that the mere act of observing it, it affects it. Since we and all things we desire are comprised of quantum particles, logic holds that we can affect physical reality.

It’s a skill like any other, and the more we develop it, the greater results we can have.

Third, you can use them while still being the same person.

When I was studying at the University Of California In San Diego there was a big grass mound in front of the gym.

Many of the more spiritual, energy focused individuals congregated there. I remember that for some reason I called them tree-huggers, thinking that I was better than them.

I was studying engineering and they mostly were studying psychology, humanities, and sociology.

Have you ever given someone else a name to make you feel better than them?

They had long hair, dressed, and acted differently than me. Yet, they did have a vibe around them of joy, happiness, and flow.

Only many years later when I started learning, applying and seeing the incredible results from energy methods in my life did I realize they had it all along.

They were meditating, chanting, in contact with the earth, and connecting on deeper and deeper levels with the energy around us.

I was scared and closed minded in some ways in the university and this kept me from progressing with success as I should have.

Today, I don’t have long hair, and while I dress with my own style, I don’t dress like the individuals on the mound in the university. I realized that it’s not our outward appearances of clothing or style, but what is going on inside us and our energy that matter.

And for many people who are yet to understand and learn about energy, they’ll just see the outward success and be in awe.

Next steps

Energy methods are the key to success and I have a free Masterclass I created for you to ramp up your skills with this. You can click here and register to watch.

To your success,

Eric Michael

BS Computer Engineering at University Of California San Diego


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