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Today you are going to discover how by doing energy work, specifically, healing others, you can raise your own vibrations and heal yourself as well.

Energy work is a broader term for the acknowledging of the energy all around us, being even more aware of it and then being able to influence it. We influence for the greater good of improving the lives of others and making the world a better place. And, we can include under the greater umbrella of helping others also things we desire.

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My overall focus when doing energy work is to heal as well as to positively impact others. We will focus on the topic of healing today. However, we can extend healing to adding the feelings of connection, self-love, acceptance, success and more.

I talk about in the article about energy healing how to do reiki or energy healing for beginners. In summary, you have an innate ability to influence the energy for the betterment of yourself and others. It is a skill and with practice, continually observing and asking what is working well (to do more of), what can be improved (to test improvements), learning from people with greater results and experience as well as being open to and listening to inspired guidance, you will get continually better and better results.

The foremost foundation of energy work is gratitude. The greater we expand our gratitude, the greater we connect with the infinite energy all around us. This includes the infinite energy of love in our and all dimensions. Beyond thinking “I am thankful,” we must expand the sensation of thankfulness. We could describe it as a pleasant, warm, infinitely growing loving sensation within us. To expand it even more we can ask ourselves, “what color and where is the sensation?” Then allow the vibration to expand more and more. I consistently visualize the color of white light; this color also represents the combination of all other colors, and I see it as representing infinite love.

We allow our gratitude to connect us even more with the infinite positive energy around us so that the light fills us. We allow it to radiate brighter and brighter. We observe our own aura and anywhere there are darker colors, we first fill them with white light. We continue to do this until we are a glowing white radiance of infinite love.

Only when our energy is completely clean should we do energy work on others. Now that it is clean and pure, we can expand our own energy to heal and positively affect others.

We can do this physically present or distant from another. If the one being healed gives permission and likes to talk a lot during healing or engage their logical mind, you can even more effectively do it while they are sleeping and open to receive even more the healing energies.

Breath in deeply. Place the tip of your tongue behind the top of your teeth in your mouth. Visualize as the infinite positive energy around you fills you. You radiate even brighter as you continue with your energy work. You feel even more energized, happy, loved, healthy, and all other things you desire. You radiate from your glowing light to the other person in beams of white healing energy. This can come from your front side, your chest and abdominal area, your hands or a combination. You see as their energy becomes whighter, more radiant, more filled with light, love and greater and greater vitality.

As you radiate to them, visualize as you glow even brighter and more radiantly. E.g. the more you give, the more energized you become. This is the key: when you do energy work, your growing connection with the infinite energy around you should result in you healing internally even greater than the healing you instigate in others.

As with any skill, practice this. You will notice over time that as you do more and more energy work, you will be able to send even greater amounts of energy to others. You will also be able to maximize your own energy faster and easier.

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