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Spiritual Awakening & LONELINESS: Why Awakening Can Make You Want To Be Alone / Feel So Lonely

Loneliness while experiencing a spiritual awakening. Discover why and how to solve.

My name is Eric Michael, founder of the Power Life System here to demystify the feelings you may be having with loneliness and help you fill with even greater joy and lightness.

Light. Love. Peace. My spiritual brother or sister.

As you start experiencing a spiritual awakening, you may start noticing the energy / aura / spirits / other things around us that were always there but you just now started feeling them. Your concept of life and the pursuit of yet another material possession may be shifting to the realization that there is even greater fulfillment and joy in continuing the awakening process.

However, you have a social structure around you of friends, job or profession, activities, and more that are resonating in congruence with your previous state of consciousness. You may find that the way you perceive things and feel is now out of alignment with many (or even all) of the people who were around you before.

This can lead one to distance oneself from the people. This can directly contribute to the feelings of loneliness

Or, it can lead a person to begin a spiritual awakening and then have their social circle pull them back into the activities that they did before. Depending on the strength of this influence, this could even stop the spiritual awakening or delay it significantly.

Also, the ideal would be to be able to positively influence one’s friends, family, co-workers and other people one is in contact with to help them join the incredible movement of spiritual awakening.

I will share what has worked best for me and others I know. Test out some or all of the concepts to help you solve loneliness and at the same time progress your spiritual awakening the fastest.

First, acknowledge the time to incorporate the ideas, expanding belief systems, awarenesses and more that you are having into your psyche. I allow myself time for this daily as it is a continual process. Your spiritual awakening is infinite. While doing so, I visualize and feel the infinite positive energy of white light all around me. This is part of everyone. It radiates feelings into me and you of everything you desire to feel: love, joy, recognition, companionship, and more. By doing so it can reduce the feelings of loneliness or eliminate as truly we are more and more connected with everyone on an even deeper level now.

Second, get out. Once you have integrated the maximum of what you are experiencing and brought yourself to a great state. A state of feeling more and more connected with everything positive around you, then leave the house. There is a massive spiritual awakening happening and we can accelerate it. When you interact with other people, smile, radiate love, and help them by who you are to quicken their own spiritual awakening. E.g. in appropriate ways share the result of what you are doing. You may find that people say things like, “you have such great energy,” or “I love your vibe.” As you do this again, it will reduce feelings of loneliness or eliminate them.

Third, incorporate into your visualizations and experiencing people who align with your deepest vibrations and desires interpersonally. I write this down with a date by it. The more one visualizes these new people, for example, also awakening, or farther ahead in the journey, or radiating a white light of love, the faster they will appear in your life. The paradox is at the moment you release from needing and accept this person or people are in your life (and incidentally feel great), you find that they appear much faster, or even in cases, instantly.

Fourth, expand your consciousness for people already in your life. Sometimes there are already people who are just waiting to be guided in their awakening. An easy way to start the conversation is by asking, “Have you ever thought there is something more than just accumulating more possessions?” And you can share what started your journey. You can also meditate or guide others close to you to do some of the activities you are finding most rewarding. Be socially appropriate and remember that the goal is to benefit them, and your reward is in feeling their light expand too. Likely some will love them. You can also place your awareness even more on the people around you and their light, aura and radiance and ask yourself, “Who else has great energy?” and then comment on it by saying to them what you noticed. You may be surprised that people around you are also progressing in their spiritual awakening and hadn’t spoken about it.

In summary, while loneliness is a message, it is not a feeling one needs to have (in a negative sense). I hope that these tips to solve loneliness are beneficial to you as you continue in your spiritual awakening.

Love, joy, peace and radiant infinite white light.



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