6 Hacks To Lower Blood Pressure Quickly And Naturally

Want to lower blood pressure? Has your doctor let you know that you have high blood pressure and you need to get it under control? Are you having health issues that could be solved quickly and naturally by solving your blood pressure? Are your blood pressure meds causing you or do you suspect they are causing you auxiliary issues?

The great news is that I am going to share with you 5 hacks you can do right now to quickly overcome and lower your blood pressure naturally.  Remember, this is for informational purposes only and you should always follow the guidance of your primary care physician as this is not medical advice.



This is for informational purposes only. For medical advice, you should seek that from your primary physician.

Hack #1: Identify positive and negative motivation

Your habits brought you to where you are today and the current blood pressure issue that we are solving. In order to make a change and solve this as well as make your overall health and life much better, you need to have motivation.

Some people are motivated more by potential benefits and others by the risk of pain. If you are more motivated by positive results, make a list of all possible things you could gain as a result of solving this. For example, ability to travel, play sports, greater intimacy, and other things you love.

If you are more motivated by potential loss, you could visit a hospital where people who have had complications as a result of high blood pressure are, watch videos about the same, or related. The goal here is to motivate you to do some simple things that can help solve your blood pressure issue and improve your overall health significantly.

Hack #2: Make foods your ally to lower blood pressure

The foods you eat directly affect your blood pressure. E.g. reduce or eliminate processed foods, sugary fruits, sweets, fried foods, cakes, chocolate, pizza, etc.

One technique that I found that helps is to expand the habit of focusing on the pleasure associated with foods that are better for your blood pressure. E.g. when you eat an apple, mentally think of the taste, the sweetness, and the benefits that you identified in hack #1.

Then, when you see, think about, or are eating something that we know will contribute negatively toward your blood pressure, think about the negative things such as lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of you.

The goal is to make eating things that benefit your health natural because you associate so many positive emotions to them and negative ones to the foods that contribute to your health issues.

Hack #3: Move more to lower blood pressure

Get up and move around. E.g. if you are sitting for a large portion of the day, set a timer or use an app to get you moving every 30 minutes. It could be walking in nature, or around the office.

Ask yourself how you could get the same amount or more accomplished while incorporating more movement activities that you enjoy and do them!

The more you move, the healthier your blood pressure will be.

Hack #4: Have even more fun to lower blood pressure

Ask yourself what is fun and enjoyable for yourself that also contributes positively to your health and healthy blood pressure. Then do it!

For example, I like to get a massage on the beach and have a coconut water.

Every time I do this I feel an incredible peace, relaxation, likely much healthier blood pressure and find that all I do afterwards is faster, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Identify and do even more enjoyable things for yourself.

Hack #5: Relax to lower blood pressure

Wherever you are, expand the habit of placing your attention on your body from your head to your toes. Relax.

Give thanks for all things in your life regardless of perceived size.

Send great energy to others. Visualize yourself having accomplished the things you most desire.

And connect more and more with the positive feelings that you have when you’ve accomplished the things you most want.

Hack #6: Do a positive habit reset to lower blood pressure

We all have habit loops where we do many of the same things each day or each week. These loops create the life we have today. An excellent way to rest this habit loop for a person who has a habit loop of being shy is to go to a new country.

They have to learn a new language, interact with people, and in many cases experience an incredible and fast shift to being much more outgoing. For high blood pressure, we can apply the same concept without having to leave your town.

For example, an individual with high blood pressure has a habit loop. Each day, he wakes up, makes food for himself and his spouse. Then he washes the dishes. He reads the newspaper. On average once to twice per week, he gets upset at his spouse and then she gets upset back. This raises his blood pressure. He gets stressed daily and upset because his blood pressure is high which incidentally causes it to go higher. On average once a week he has a doctor appointment that further stresses him. He spends a lot of time seated in his office/room reading news on the internet which also contributes to making his blood pressure higher. He exercises doing many of the same movements which help his blood pressure, albeit his body has gotten used to them and is having some pain issues from imbalances in his blood pressure.

If this person continues doing what he is doing with his high blood pressure habit loop, do you think his blood pressure issue will get better? Likely not, save for a miracle. The great news is that by rewiring this habit loop he can have instant positive results!

Let’s rewire the habit loop. His motivation are the positive things he listed in hack #1 as well as to avoid the very negative things he identified in hack #1.

Tomorrow, he starts the day inviting his wife to go eat a healthy breakfast of egg whites at a local restaurant. He asks them not to add any salt and makes sure it’s all veggies. His wife is surprised, pleasantly, and they have a wonderful breakfast. They smile and feel years younger. In the car, he listens to The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, replacing the habit of reading the negative news on the internet. Instead of sitting in his small office in front of the computer, he and his wife go to a local lake and walk around. He checks on his stocks for 15 minutes on his cell phone/tablet. He feels so relaxed in the fresh air and they take some pictures of nature and together. There is a dock over the water and they decide to dangle their feet in the water while watching the sun set and eating some healthy snacks. They happen to strike up a conversation with another couple and share some laughs.

When he takes his blood pressure, how much healthier do you think it will be? How much healthier do you think it will be in a week, month, etc. from now? And how much greater quality of life do you think he and his wife will have?

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