Use these 7 dietary hacks to boost your immunity, your vitality, and overall health

This is dedicated to a close friend who shared with me that the next day, she was going to be having surgery to remove a small growth in her brain. She wanted to explore all possible dietary solutions in order for her body to solve this on its own. These tips are designed to help her, as well as you, with improving and maximizing your health and your vitality.


This is for informational purposes only. For medical advice, you should seek that from your primary physician.

Hack #1: Identify what motivates you the most

Decide or identify what motivates you the most. Is that something positive, that you’re going to gain something; or that you would avoid something negative?

Then focus on and identify it so that you’re the most motivated to do the hacks that I’m going to be sharing with you so that you get positive results.

For example, if you’re positive motivated and you start to imagine, visualize, maybe even cut out pictures of an individual who’s attractive, who has energy, vitality. Those are the things that you also want. That’s going to help motivate you even more so that adopting some of these hacks is really easy, and you get the fastest and easiest positive results in your life.

Hack #2: Get a comprehensive blood test and identify areas to adjust

Go get a comprehensive blood test and identify what areas, if there are any, that you need to improve or adjust where you are on the ideal scale.

For example, let’s say that you do the blood test. It comes back and you have a low level of vitamin D, which is very important. Then you could simply be out in the sun some more every single day. Maybe not the peak time, but in the morning or in the afternoon time, and/or supplement with a vitamin D supplement.

Hack #3: Consume more green, leafy, and cruciferous vegetables and clean, purified water

The more green, leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables, like cauliflower and broccoli, that you consume with clean, purified water, the healthier you’re going to be and the stronger the immune system is going to be.

If you go almost vegetarian or vegetarian, you’re also going to want to supplement with vitamin B12, vitamin D, omegas, and some other essential nutrients that you need that may not be as prevalent in the vegetables.

If you really want to have some animal sources of protein, I highly recommend going free-range organic and then varying what you’re having.

Avoid soy. It has been proven as a hormone disruptor, which is definitely not good for one’s body.

For protein sources that are on the vegetable side, there’s garbanzos, there’s lentils, there’s beans. However, it’s really important to realize that they have phytates. What those do is they often block the absorption of minerals and nutrients that you need.

So to help minimize that, what you can simply do is wash them a lot. Make sure you pressure cook them. Ideally, allow them to sprout and then cook them.

Hack #4: Reduce carbohydrates as much as possible

Reduce the carbohydrates by as much as possible. The more you do, the better your immune system is going to work and the more energy and vitality you’re going to have.

For example, any type of added sugars, products that are white, that have flour, that have grains, breads. Anything that if you look on the label where it says carbohydrates and it’s a rather high number.

For example, 1 to 10 is not that high per serving. But when you starting to look at many foods, you’re going to see it’s upwards of 20 to 30 to 40 per serving. Then when you multiply the per serving by what you have, it’s a really high number.

Ultimately, having a lot of carbohydrate or sugars accelerates the aging of one’s body. It also impedes one’s immune system from operating the way it is.

The more you reduce your carbohydrates, the better your immune system is going to work, the more vitality you’ll have, and the healthier you’re going to be.

Hack #5: Test if reducing or eliminating dairy products has a positive impact on your skin, health, vitality, energy, and cognitive ability

Test to see if significantly reducing or eliminating all dairy products–cheese, milk, yogurts–has a positive impact on your skin, your health, your vitality, your energy, and cognitive ability.

For me, making a significant reduction in how much I consume, and limiting it now to only a really small amount of cheese occasionally and/or yogurt, has had a massive positive impact on all those areas of my life.

Hack #6: Eliminate toxins

Eliminate toxins, understanding that what we put on our skin, or we spray on, gets absorbed into our system.

Go into your bathroom or your closet and grab everything that you either put on your head, your hair, your skin, makeup, anything like that. Go google the ingredients with the name of ingredient and the side effects.

Then anything that’s harmful or has been shown to increase one’s cancer risk, eliminate it. Go find another alternative that is safe and doesn’t have those types of proven side effects.

For example, I used to use a spray-on antiperspirant that was high in aluminum. Well, study after study shows a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, which is very bad. So I replaced it with baking soda. Put a little on after I take a shower in the morning. It works even better, and I’ve reduced, significantly, a potential very negative risk.

Hack #7: Become a lifelong learner

Become a lifelong learner, where for whatever symptom or situation you have, you go and you research potential things that you can do for it, as well as potential side effects. You choose things and then you test them on yourself to identify what works best for you and continue with it. Anything that isn’t giving you more energy, more vitality, greater health, you can discard it.

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— Eric Michael