Have you asked the question, what is meditation? Read now how to get the benefits of meditation without setting time aside to “go meditate.”

When I speak with people, I frequently hear that they want to feel more connected. They want increased peace, greater equanimity as well as numerous other benefits of meditation. However they explain that they are too busy or have other reasons they haven’t set aside a specific time to do so.  I will share with you in this video how to gain the benefits of meditation. You can do so without having to set aside a specific time. I will share what is meditation in a new light and explain how to meditate in a new way.

Let’s start by answering what is meditation for me. I believe that the goal of meditation is to ultimately transcend the human experience. This means that you merge the human perspective with the infinite energy reality that simultaneously exists. To explain, right now we can look at things as physical. For example, you have this, you feel this way, you have a car, you have a house, you want to have something. In the energy realm, your energy is already part of everything you most desire and any and all positive emotions such as love, fulfillment, connection, confidence, etc. are available for you to feel now. When you merge the two, you transcend and gain numerous benefits.

Some of the greatest benefits when you transcend during meditation are to:

  1. Manifest what you want even faster
  2. Feel happier, more confidently, more energized and any and all other positive emotions you desire
  3. Receive incredible ideas that leapfrog you forward to what you most desire
  4. Connect on an energy level with others
  5. Positively influence others’ emotional states and actions
  6. Speed the healing process of yourself and others

To gain these incredible benefits throughout the day, there are 5 steps. Do these throughout the day when doing things that do not require your complete attention. The more you do them with positive awareness and continually focusing on improving, your skill and results will grow. You will receive the answers needed to the question, what is meditation.

  1. Place your awareness even more on the present. You can place your attention even more on your breath as you breath in and out. As well as on the energy field of your body. Feeling and becoming even more aware of all the sensations from the surface of your skin and deeper in your body.
  2. Place your attention even more on the energy of foods and other people. E.g. place your awareness more and more on the things you eat and/or drink as well as visualize other living beings as a radiant energy sources (e.g. their core).
  3. Visualize and mental experience yourself glowing a white radiant light representing your positive energy and around you a white light of infinite positive energy in the universe. You may see other people as light glowing even more vibrantly.
  4. Allow the infinite energy in the universe to radiate into you, with beams representing all that you most desire.
  5. Visualize and mental experience already having the things you most desire and feeling the positive emotions you associate with already having done so.

How to meditate from a personal illustration:

As an example to illustrate the concept of how I transformed a session of doing a chest exercise into a meditation. I was at the gym doing a chest exercise with a machine. I brought myself even more present with my attention and awareness. Visualizing myself, I saw a white glowing light and all around me a white radiant infinite light. The ability was in me to visualize and experience the infinite energy in the universe.  It was radiating tranquility, equanimity and strength into my body.  Where I was glowing even more vibrantly. When I completed the chest exercises, I felt even more present. I felt relaxed, and incidentally the burning sensation that I normally felt in my final reps was much reduced and I was able to do more.