How To Manage Your Emotions

3 simple steps you can do right now to start managing your emotions.

You ever get very angry at someone someone who cuts you off in traffic, flips you off when driving, or if someone doesn’t do what you expected, you start feeling the blood rising to your head. Or if you more often than not say or do something out of anger at someone else when what they did wasn’t truly anything big.

Then you think about that person or event for the rest of the day and let it taint the rest of your interactions. Making them negative and tense.

Wouldn’t you like to have the same situations be ones that bring you joy. E.g. if some guy cut you off and gets you pissed, road rage style, how about if the person who cut you off was a bikini model (for the young men), and after cutting you off, pulls alongside you, and puts a white board in the window saying “I think you’re cute.. .call me.” And you do, and meet at Starbucks, having the most wonderful connection with a very intelligent and beautiful person.

Of course, personalize this for yourself. The point is that what we focus on is much more likely to happen, so let’s set up the same situations that got you upset before as ones we are attracting what we most desire instead. If this gives a 5%, 15% or a massive positive breakthrough in your life, I will be blessed for having shared this with you.

Let’s get the LOA working for you.

  1. Step 1: when you wake up in the morning (and ideally 10 or so minutes before going to sleep at night), place your attention on your body and relax even more completely
  2. Step 2: pick one or more things that triggered you to get upset before and imagine how you would in the absolute ideal situation where everything you want happens occurs.
  3. Step 3: really make the colors brighter, image more intense, the positive feelings you have even greater


By doing these 3 things, various things happen. You are tapping even more into the law of attraction to bring you these things. And you are replacing what was an automatic response of event -> anger with event -> anticipation of something positive and by doing so are much more likely to let whatever it was pass and enjoy your day and be open to all the marvelous opportunities and experiences that await you.