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Problem-Solving Hack To Use 5 Min Before Sleeping. Law Of Attraction. Angel Number 456.

Want to discover the “shortcut” way to solve dilemmas or really important challenges in your life?

Today I am going to share with you a method that I have used extremely effectively for problem solving that is done 5 minutes before one sleeps that incorporates the law of attraction and was shared with me at 4:56 am this morning.

Before we start, I send you light, love, peace, joy, relaxation, presence and infinite radiance. Fill. Feel. Expand that joy. Embrace the happiness. You already have all you desire. Love.

First, what does 456 signify?  The number 4 vibrates with working hard, integrity, being diligent, having passion and purpose, and energies of the archangels. The number 5 vibrates with learning from experience, curiosity, and making good choices. 6 vibrates with doing for others and finding solutions.

In summary, by having a positive purpose (for yourself and others), being curious, and working with integrity and passion, the solution will come much easier or ideally very easily. Similar fundamentals cause the law of attraction to work faster and easier in your life as well.

This is the hack:

5 minutes before going to sleep, identify what it is you desire to have solved, and with 100% belief and faith, give thanks that it is solved when you wake the next day and that the solutions have come to you. Go to sleep completely rested, peaceful, and knowing.

Some things that I believe make it work even better:

  1. Prior to going to sleep, I did all I could. I researched on the internet, I pressured my mind to find a solution. I messaged some friends for their ideas. I really tried all I could to the point where I had to acknowledge that I needed help to solve this.
  2. I daily practice connecting even more with this infinite positive energy around us. I daily practice sending it to others to heal them and help them. I’m doing all I can to evolve this skill daily.
  3. I practice the habit of listening and writing down the ideas as soon as they come to me.
  4. I truly released. You could say I gave up “trying” and allowed myself to receive. Also a fundamental tenet of having the law of attraction work the fastest and easiest for you.

Test this out, share a comment, and be wary: if you’re sharing that it hasn’t worked fast enough, remember that the key element is faith. When we have 100% faith, we are patient and never get frustrated if it doesn’t happen “fast enough.” That’s when it comes the fastest. It’s a paradox. By releasing, we get. By holding on to, it’s not given or taken away.

Light and love,



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