How to know when you are about to manifest what you most desire.

If you’ve been following my other videos you already know the Paradox of manifesting. In summary, the Paradox of manifesting is that when you are experiencing what you desire so intensely that it becomes your reality, then that is when it will come into your life the fastest. Let’s go deeper to identify the components of this experience so that you can have them even faster and more often.

There are 4 components of experiencing what you most desired as reality now that when you have them, you know that you’re about to manifest it.

  1. First, you no longer “want.”

    Typical goal setting talks about accomplishing things that you want. The challenge with this paradigm is that every time one thinks about their goal, they are affirming the distance between where they are and what they want. And, the way the universe and the law of attraction manifests, it brings more of this lack.

    The paradigm shift is that by vivid mental experience of doing what you most desired AND having the positive feelings, it becomes your reality. There comes a moment when you experience a “poof” or a “release” where the prior desire or want to have something becomes less intense than your current mental experience. You may experience this as a release of tension, a pleasant feeling, or a tranquil wave.

  2. You feel happier and happier.

    When you see what you most desire as reality, you also feel even more of the positive emotions you associate with accomplishing what it is. For example, happiness, joy, confidence, and more.

    As a starting point, allow yourself to feel even more of the positive emotions. Then, by repeating the visualization and mental experience activities, allow yourself to improve your skill. As with all skills, the more you do it with attention and awareness to make it even better, the more fantastic results you get.

  3. You have more and more peace.

    When your reality is that what you most desire, the old tension or anxiety of “getting” something is released and you experience greater and greater peace. 

  4. You’re doing with complete pleasure in the process.

    And the final component is that you are focused and feeling pleasure in the process. E.g. instead of doing things dependent on a certain result, you are completely in the process. Your joy comes from doing.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate this concept even more for you. A student, John, realized that while he had many friends both male and female, they didn’t have the precise qualities that he most desired. So, he identified the qualities he most wanted and wrote them down. Then, throughout the day, he visualized himself already enjoying these people with the exact qualities he most desired.

Sometimes, at first, he would revert back to his quote old self. and he would feel lonely and he would desire to have these friends with the qualities he desired.

However, the more he visualized already being with these people, doing things with them, and having the positive feelings he associated with having the friendships with them, the more it became a reality for him.

After doing this continuously and it becoming a habit for him, there came a moment when he would go through the day as if he were on a happy drug. he had a high where he was happier more excited feeling great, and practically not affected by life events.

The reason for this was because he was experiencing as his reality having friends with the exact qualities he wanted and the the positive associated feelings.

When he went about doing his daily activities and including things he was interested in, his enjoyment was in the act of getting out of the house. That brought him pleasure. And, within days after having all 4 things, he met the first of what would be various friends who had the exact qualities he most desired.

To help you manifest even faster improve your ability to visualize and mental experience. To help you do that I’ve created a free guide called how to visualize and mental experience. Click here and download it for free and start manifesting that what you desire even faster and easier.

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Lots of love and great energy.


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