How To Build Confidence: Four simple steps you can do to massively increase your social confidence

What’s the problem? Do you want to learn how to build confidence in yourself?

Have you ever seen somebody that you really want to meet? Maybe you find them extremely attractive.

Or, in a business scenario somebody that you know you need to sign a deal with. And you get nervous. You start feeling like maybe you’re not worthy. Or your mind goes blank, or you’re shaking, you’re sweating.

Or maybe even just avoid the scenario altogether with an excuse like, “Well, they look too busy.” Or, “Tomorrow.” Or, “Next week.” Or, “When I earn some more money. Then I’ll go.” Or, “Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t think I look good enough.” Or, “I’m not the right type of person they would want to meet or be in business with.”

These are common reasons why building confidence in yourself is very crucial to everyday life.

Step 1: Put All Of That Aside And Put The Past Behind You

Learning how to be more confident can be hard if you focus on the past too much. It is important to learn from past mistakes but it’s not good to dwell on it. Move on and don’t let your past define you.

Step 2: Identify The Positive Intention

The positive intention is going to be a win-win for both of you. Some people say, “Well, I know what my intention is. I know what I want. I want to go meet them. I want to go have them give me their number.” Or they say, “I want them to sign the deal with me. I have a quota to meet. ”

In the business arena it could be that it’s a win-win for both of you. It’s a win for you. For them, they get even more value than whatever they pay for the product or services that you have.

It could even go beyond that where you become great friends, and that creates a lot of positive things for you and them and in both of your lives. The positive intention you becomes your confidence booster.

Step 3: Become Present

Place your attention on your body. Allow your body to relax. You can start with the muscles around your eyes because when they relax, you’re going to find a cascading effect like a waterfall, where your shoulders relax and the rest of your body relaxes very quickly as well.

Now, visualize this positive intention.

For example, in an interpersonal situation, you see somebody who you really find attractive. The positive attention is this incredible connection between both of you.

You see yourselves talking with the other person, the other person talking with you. You’re both smiling. You’re in the moment and you’re flowing.

Maybe you touch each other on the shoulder and everything is so natural and easy. You continue communicating and talking and you’re walking together. Maybe you start walking out of wherever you met and into a park, and maybe you start holding hands or you hug. Now you’re laughing. Maybe you’re high-fiving and maybe you even kiss. Or however, for you, an incredible connection is.

Now identify and connect with how you feel. Identify the positive things. You likely feel present. You feel relaxed. You feel like you’re worthy. That you’re the man, you’re the woman. That you’re wonderful, you’re attractive, you’re sexy, you’re intelligent. That you are a person who deserves to meet and connect with this other individual. And you’re both feeling great.

Don’t dwell on how to gain confidence but on result of being confident.

Step 4: Count 3, 2, 1, And Go Act

Or just go meet them–don’t even count.

In Summary

The 4 Steps on How To Build Confidence

  1. Put the past behind you.
  2. Identify the positive intention, a win-win for both of you.
  3. Become present, relax, and visualize and mental experience what it is that you most desire. And then how great you’re going to feel when you’ve already accomplished it.
  4. Go meet that other person already feeling so much more positive.

The more you do this, the greater your social confidence is going to become. It’s going to get better, and stronger and stronger. These 4 steps on how to build confidence will help you become the person that you want to be!

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I really want you to live today and all the future days with even more social confidence, so you start having more of the wonderful things that you most want and all those incredible priceless experiences.

— Eric Michael


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