Do you have High Blood Pressure? How to use natural ways to lower blood pressure.

What you think and meditate on can heal your body, and even provide an effective solutions when finding natural ways to lower blood pressure. This can help solve the high blood pressure. And often when one part of the body is not working as well as it should, then we tend to think of that part of our body as “broken” or “diseased”. In advanced conditions, sometimes people will disconnect themselves mentally from the poorly working body part.

To improve one’s health, get rid of high blood pressure and have one’s blood pressure in the ideal range, one of the most important things to do is change the thoughts in one’s mind. Seeing the body as a whole with all parts working together is exceptionally important. This is something that more and more researchers are confirming with their work.

Relaxing and thinking very specific thoughts about how the body works is enough to start improving your health as well as to get your blood pressure in its ideal range! That’s exciting because it tells you there is actually something you can do other than take medications to have a healthy blood pressure! blood pressure chart, you can look at this blood pressure chart to see the blood pressure and heart rate comparisons.

Napoleon Hill, author of As a Man Thinketh was right!

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Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Your Blood Pressure Functions Which Will Help You to Understand How to Lower Blood Pressure.

The more you know about the optimum functioning of your body, the greater you can control and guide it to maximize your health and provide a solution on how to lower blood pressure (to get it in your ideal range).

As an example to illustrate this concept is if you were tasked with solving a mechanical issue in your car. Perhaps you know how to do this (which would be great), however most people (myself included) are not yet very knowledgeable about how the things inside my car work. As such, I look at the car from a superficial level, and if something goes wrong, have little knowledge yet on how to solve it.

However, if you were to be trained by an expert mechanic (or learn by any other means) how the car’s mechanical system works, and what to do to solve issues, you would get much better results and most likely be able to solve it.

The same holds true with your body. Right now, if you are like most people, your knowledge of what is going on inside, how your organs work, how your heart and blood pressure work, and so on, likely can be improved.

And the great news is that the more you improve your knowledge of the functioning of your blood pressure, the greater positive influence you can have to have it in its ideal range, with the ultimate goal to provide you an effective solution on how to lower blood pressure.

IMPORTANT: As you watch the videos on how your blood pressure works, allow the information to grow in your mind naturally. E.g. since likely many of these concepts are new, congratulate yourself on watching them the first time. Then the second, notice how you have learned new concepts in regards to high blood pressure and low blood pressure. Then each subsequent time you watch them, congratulate yourself on having done so as well as be thankful for the additional knowledge you have naturally gained.

With all this in mind, let’s get started. Since today we are working on how to lower your blood pressure (or raising it if it is too low), the first step is to watch a few videos on the topic of how they work. The first few of these are videos created for kids so they are very easy to understand. They are guaranteed to make you smile as well!

1. Video 1: Understanding Blood Pressure Human Anatomy and Physiology Video 3D Animation

2. Video 2: You’ll learn a little bit more with this one:
How Blood Pressure works – Wilfred Manzano

3. Video 3: What is blood pressure? Circulatory system physiology NCLEX-RN Khan Academy

4. Video 4: Don’t Understand Blood Pressure? You Will After This!

Advanced Videos

5. Video 5: Regulation of BP with baroreceptors NCLX-RN Khan Academy

6. Video 6: Cardiovascular System: BP Regulation

7. Video 7: Tutorial on blood pressure

8. Video 8:

Now that you’ve had the chance to learn about the different parts of the body associated with blood pressure and its regulation, you can imagine them in your own body.

You’ll see some pictures here as well to help you recall what they look like.

Notice the blood vessel
Notice the blood vessel network in the body.
Show arteries and veins
This one shows arteries and veins.
Veins and arteries
The architecture of veins and arteries
 A clogged artery
A clogged artery
medulla oblongata
The medulla oblongata controls BP

medulla oblongata insideNotice the medulla oblongata inside the head.

Location of carotid artery and pulse
The carotid sinus, which contains the baroreceptors for BP control is located here.

Credit: Blausen Medical – BruceBlaus. When using this image in external sources it can be cited as: staff (2014). “Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014“. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 2002-4436.


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Relax – and Enjoy This When Focusing on Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

It’s a great time to sit back and relax and let your mind be at ease. Find the most comfortable place you can find right now and go to it. Maybe it’s a reclining chair or a rocking chair in your living room, or even your own bed. The location is different for everyone.

Make yourself really comfortable and feel your worries and concerns leaving you the minute you sink down into that chair or your bed. You’re in a protected place right now, somewhat like a bubble but the bubble has strong walls. Nothing can get through the walls to hurt you. It’s a unique bubble though and those strong walls allow good things to come in – and whatever you want to let out of the bubble, you can do at will.

Think about this bubble that is surrounding yourself right now. Feel yourself relaxing inside the bubble, and when a worry or concern arises in a thought you have, capture it like you would capture a feather floating in front of you. Your thought becomes a feather.

Toss the thought (feather) towards the walls of the bubble. The bubble recognizes it as something that has to be let out and ejects it out of the bubble. Watch the thought disappear into thin air the minute it gets outside the bubble.

Let’s spend a few more minutes waiting for more thoughts and concerns you have to come up. Let them all go outside your bubble.

Now you should understand that if you ever want to give those thoughts and concerns some of your time and energy in the future, all you have to do is think of them. They will return. For now, we want them as far away from us as possible.

Take another minute and allow more thoughts and concerns to disappear easily and naturally through the protective bubble walls.

Next I want you to scan your body for areas of tenseness. Do you feel tightness in your neck or your back? Do your knees or any part of your body feel inflamed and hot to the touch? Identify those body parts right now…

(Relaxation to the Next Level – Mad Driver Reaction to Rag Doll)

There’s a quick way to relax them. I call it the Mad Driver-Rag Doll Move. Can you relate to feeling aggravated when someone swerves in front of you when you’re driving? Your body tenses up quickly. You might even feel your blood “boiling” inside you. Your blood really isn’t boiling – what you feel is the blood pressure increasing inside your arteries.

You grip the steering wheel tight and your back and neck tenses up. Even your leg muscles get tight, as you brace yourself. That reaction is what I call the Mad Driver Reaction.

Try to feel the Mad Driver Reaction right now – but for only one full second. It’s easy to do if you think back to what it feels like when you’re driving.

Then let your body feel like a Rag Doll right afterward.

Mad Driver Reaction. One thousand one… hold it – muscles tight. Now let it go and feel like a rag doll. Free of all the tension.

Good job.

We’re going to repeat this – it’s a way to make your body more relaxed.

And by the way, you might not know it yet – but when you free that tension, something really interesting happens inside your arteries. The walls of your arteries relax. It’s easier for the blood to get through the arteries when you do this.

This time I want you to do the Mad Driver Reaction but feel only half as much tension. We can call it the Mad Driver 50% Reaction. Yes, the other driver did make you mad but it’s only half as bad. Feel your back and neck muscles tensing. Your fists forming. Your leg muscles tensing – but only half as much.

Hold it for one full second. Good!

Now become a Rag Doll.

Breathe a full deep breath . . . and let it out. Again… a full deep breath. . . and let it out. Feel those arteries relaxing too!

Good job!

We’re going to do this two more times to take your body stress levels down to 5% or less.

Ready for the Mad Driver reaction? Decrease the reaction another 50% more than last time! This is the Mad Driver 25% Reaction. Any driver on the road will only make you relax even deeper. Your body only tenses a fraction of what it used to! Hold for 1001. . .

Now let your body go into the Rag Doll position. That’s where your arteries relax. Whew! What a relief. Feel those arteries relax as well.

Take a deep breath and let it out. And another deep breath. And let it out.

One more time!

Imagine you are out driving… a driver cuts you off. This time you simply react positively to move your car out of the way of harm and only tense your muscles 10%. Mad Driver Reaction 10% Reaction. Ready? Go for it. Mad Driver 10% Reaction. Hold for 1001 and then go right into the Rag Doll position. Arteries relax! Command those arteries to relax! You can, you know!

Wow! That’s even more relief! Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

And another deep breath and let it out… And let out that pressure inside the arteries. The gripping of the muscular layer is letting go right now. It’s relaxing – and letting the blood flow much more easily through the arteries.

Okay, the state you are in now in this protective bubble is really incredible. All the stress mysteriously escaped through the bubble walls.

You Have A Gift… Releasing Hurts is the Next Step

Hey did you notice there are little mini bubbles inside the bubble you are in? It’s like soap bubbles you used to play with as a child… Look at that! One just landed on your chin and broke! How funny is that! Take a moment to playfully pop some of those bubbles! You need a little fun!

Now look over to your right. There’s a really big bubble there. But look closely.
There’s someone inside your bubble with you. You recognize Him instantly. He’s the one that created you. He knows you better than anyone else in your life, even your parents.

Creator: “I heard your request. I’m here to answer your deepest prayer about your blood pressure,” He says to you. “I’m giving you my heart and love today.”

Narrator: You are astounded at the magnitude of the gift. You thank Him and give Him a hug.

And during this divine hug, something supernatural happens. It’s like you melt into Him. You become more like Him. He holds you close for about 3 seconds.


So much flashes before you in your mind during those three seconds.

You see a timeline of your life that emphasizes every good thing that happened to you that made you excited about life.

About living.

About helping and being there for others. Times you did these good things that you forgot about came up. That’s because they mattered to the Creator

You are seeing His depiction of all the times to know what love is.

You see times when you were thankful.

Times you were open to other people’s ideas and listened to them.

Times you were apologized for what you did that wasn’t up to par.

Times you took the blame for something you didn’t do.

Times you said kind words that transformed people.

Even times you were extra nice to your pets.

They’re all on that timeline and He’s pointing them out, and smiling.

You feel the love in His heart and in your heart.

It’s like one heart beating together in accord. Tears have been welling up in your eyes because of what has just happened. It’s okay. Let them flow…


You ask for another three seconds to feel this deep love because you want to be totally immersed in it. You can feel the healing.

The love travels throughout your body like fire. It gives you so much energy. It makes you feel invincible. Like you are here on earth to do nothing except love. Wow, why didn’t you feel like this all the time? You ask the Creator.

Creator: “This was something you had to discover in life,” He says. “I was waiting for you to ask Me about it. I give all My children the deepest desires of their heart…”

Narrator: You ask the Creator, “Am I healed right now?”

Creator: “Your healing has started. I want you to experience a lot more… Come with Me. Let’s go to watch a symphony on a living movie screen. I arranged it for you.”

Narrator: A big movie screen appears and the Creator and you sit down on the two comfortable chairs in front of it. What’s happening on the movie screen will be happening in real time.

Creator: “This is the symphony of what I created for you. It happens in your body each and every day. You’ll see how to keep your heart beating on my frequency of love. I’ll show you all the players…”

Narrator: You see some people march in from the sides dressed up as different organs. You spot the liver, lung, kidney, adrenals and brain sit down in their spots in the orchestra.

The orchestra is shaped like a body. The organs are going to their normal anatomical locations.

Notice how the brain is taking the spot as conductor. That makes sense since he will direct a lot of things that happen in the body normally and naturally.

And how each of them have their own instruments.

Look – they are acknowledging the Creator with a big smile. “Can’t wait to play music for you today,” says the Brain!

The Creator smiles a big smile to the Brain.

Then another set of people march in.

Creator: “These are hormones. They have unusual names – ones you would never name your kids – like ADH, Renin, Aldosterone called Al D for short, ANP, Angiotensinogen. and the twins Angiotensin I and Angiotensin II. .These are the real names of the hormones.

Narrator: They all look happy to see your Creator and acknowledge Him – and you on the way to their seats.

ADH is sitting in the brain.

Angiotensinogen is in the liver area.

The twins Angiotensin I and Angiotensin II are sitting in the lung area.

Renin is sitting in the kidney area.

Aldosterone or Al D. is in the adrenal gland area.

And ANP, (a heart hormone) which comes from the heart, is sitting right inside the heart.

Next another set of people march in. They are called Receptors. They are sitting only in two places – in the arch of the aorta, which is in the heart where the blood vessels come out of it and in the carotid arteries.

The receptors belong in the orchestra because the music depends on how the receptors give the messages of what’s happening in the body.

They monitor what’s happening as the music is played and then relay the information. They will go whisper messages to parts of the body they are connected with. Some receptors are sitting inside the arch of the aorta… in reality in the body.

The rest of the orchestra is made up of the blood vessels in the body. There are additional Receptors located inside the carotid arteries.

See how the arteries make up the whole rest of the body. They are in between all the organs, in the arms and legs, brain, and everywhere else. They are the most plentiful musicians here.

The Creator claps his hands.

Creator: “Show my child what type of music you can play when you’re all in harmony.”

Narrator: Look at that! They’re playing your favorite song! Listen to it! It sounds so crisp and clear and the tones are so pure.

The Creator stands and claps heartily when they are finished.

Creator: Now my child, think of a time when you were merged with me in a state of love – like when you helped a friend or brother/sister by cleaning and putting a bandage on their hurt knee after a bicycle accident.

Do you remember the time when you did this?

Narrator: If you remember a time like this, answer yes. If you don’t know of a time like this, use a situation from the original timeline.

Creator: Go up to the baroreceptors and tell them the story. They will tell the story to the brain in the front of the orchestra. Then watch how the rest of the orchestra changes.

Narrator: You tell the story to the baroreceptors and sit back down in the audience. He tells the brain your story. All the blood vessels in the back and sides of the orchestra begin playing nice melodious music.

The Creator stands up and claps heartily.

Creator: That was wonderful!!

Narrator: He turns to you.

Creator: This is what happens when you have positive thoughts and thoughts of love. Your baroreceptors pick up the messages via their nerve receptors on the blood vessels and on the carotid sinuses.

They send the love message to the brain’s nervous system processing center. This is called the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS. It gets the message of love and sends a message to relax to the rest of the blood vessels in the body.

Narrator: The orchestra is playing harmoniously. And you feel harmony in your body.

Creator: “Now I want you to think of a time when you got very angry at someone. It doesn’t matter what the reason. Select a time you were angry. Then go tell the story to the baroreceptors and sit back down.”

Narrator: You recall the time that your friend betrayed you and you were very angry. You tell it to the baroreceptors who can feel how angry you are. The baroreceptors tell your brain and you notice the music the orchestra is playing is very different.

The sounds from the blood vessel part of the orchestra sound very strained. You look at their faces. They are beet red like they will explode. Wow, their faces match how you feel. And their music doesn’t sound good. They aren’t on the same page.

Creator: (Creator turns toward you.) “This is what happens when you are in a state of anger. This is what’s happening on the inside of you. See all the dissonance? It leads to high blood pressure.”

Narrator: You get a big revelation. Wow, your high blood pressure was happening from what you were thinking and feeling. Your feelings followed your thoughts. And then a chain reaction of events occurred.

Creator: Now think of a time when you gave up on life. Like nothing mattered anymore. You were depressed and thought a lot about how you were in such a pitiful state. You wouldn’t let anyone help you.

Narrator: You think of that time – and then tell the Baroreceptors. The Baroreceptors tells the brain and then the blood vessels change. This time they barely have enough energy to sit in the orchestra chairs. They blow out a tweet of sound here and there. But no music is being played.

Creator: “This is the other extreme. What do you think about it?”

Narrator: It feels like a time in your life when everything was against you.

Creator: Was that reality? Did you have Me in the picture?

Narrator: You answer that it wasn’t reality because He wasn’t there in the picture. If He was, you would have seen how the Creator had to go to extremes to move you out of your current situation. Look back on it for a moment. He was there and your life depended on His input.

Creator: And that’s where you have to always remember Me. I walk with you, everywhere and every day and always in love. It’s a journey we both are taking. A journey of love. So what do you think about this process of love and letting go…?

Narrator: You answer that you are amazed. Here is the chance to see what is really happening inside your body and how what you do makes a difference to you – and of course to those around you, too.

Narrator: “Now you know why self pity doesn’t work and doesn’t make you feel better! And being depressed… It’s what causes low blood pressure. Thoughts and feelings are so connected with what is happening inside the body.”

Creator: “Yes, you are exactly right… I wanted you to see this for yourself and experience it. And now we’re going to go on a trip through your body and heal the damage that occurred from those moments of anger. Are you up to it?”

Narrator: Oh yes! You answer.

The Creator turns to the orchestra.

Creator: “Back to playing nice music please!!”

Narrator: And they start up again. You hear the pleasant sounds once again and feel great. Everything is harmonious and the frequencies in your body are all unified.

It’s now time to leave the movie theater.

Narrator: When you walk out of the movie theater, there’s a limousine waiting for you both. You’re both escorted into the back seat.

Creator: Take us to the aorta, please.

Limo Driver: “Yes, Master. You will be at the aorta in 10 seconds flat. Any particular place of the aorta you want to go to?”

Creator: “Yes, the aortic arch.

This is such a masterpiece! It’s where several main arteries start, like the carotid arteries, which go to the head, brain, jaw and cheek, chin and neck. The carotid is the main artery bringing blood to the head.”

Carotid Artery Credit: staff (2014). “Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014“. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 2002-4436. – Own work

Narrator: Along the way, you notice the roadway to the aorta is composed of blood vessels – arteries and veins. You see a lot of smaller arteries and even capillaries along the way, and the blueness of the veins is amazing to you.

We’re at the arch. It’s magnificent every time I see it! It keeps everyone in a state of awe. And thousands of times better than the McDonald’s Arches on the restaurant!

There are branches of arteries coming off the arch. The carotid arteries in the neck bring blood to the head. Another branch goes off to feed the arms and chest.

Listen and you can hear the beating of the heart. It’s strong and regular.

Oops, there’s an extra beat in there and the rhythm seems off for a second or two.

Creator: Did you hear that?

Narrator: You reply, Yes, the rhythm is off.

Creator: That means we have some patchwork to do. We’re going to get in there and do the healing work right now.

Narrator: You ask the Creator, Where do we go?

Creator: Oh, different places along the way. Our Limo driver will take us to the places where we will repair any damage from emotions, emotional hurts, bad foods, pollutants, cholesterol and other things. We want to get them all back to 100%.

Let’s check the force of the blood pressure against the artery wall. Test it at two different times. First when the heart beats – that’s systole and second, when the heart is relaxing – that is diastole.

Beat – rest – beat –rest. Notice the resting is 2/3 of the time? I like twice as much relaxation time as work time! It’s how I made you!

The Creator laughs!

Get into the heart’s rhythm and tell me what the pressure is at both times.

Narrator: The limo driver gives you a pressure meter and shows you how to measure the pressure.

You then measure the pressure with the pressure meter. “It’s greater than 120/80,” you announce.

Creator: Too high! You always want to keep it below this level. The top number and the bottom number both should be lower. They’re at the edge of normal and too high. Let’s find the areas of the blood vessels that are ballooned out. Limo driver, can you take us to where they are?

Limo Driver: Yes, absolutely. I drive these roads and blood vessels all the time. There are three of them. One in the kidney, one in the abdominal aorta and one of them above the carotid artery in the brain.

Creator: Take us to each one. (to you) When we get there, we’ll do some roadwork.

Limo Driver: From here in the arch of the aorta, we have to go down to the abdomen. The heart is above the abdomen. We’ll take the aorta artery and stay on this “highway” for only a few minutes. Then we’ll switch onto the descending aorta highway. That will take us directly to the abdominal aorta. It’s where the abdominal organs get their blood supply from, so it’s pretty important.

Okay, here we are in the abdominal aorta. See it there, Master? The wall of the artery is weak and looks like it will blow out. It’s thin and ballooned out. This is quite common.

Creator: Yes, we’re getting out of the car now.

Narrator: As soon as everyone gets out, the road crew that was sleeping wakes up.

Road Crew: Master, so glad you are here. What are our instructions today? We haven’t had any instructions for quite awhile.

Creator: Yes, I know. I want you to meet ______, my son/daughter.

_______(son/daughter), think about the love you experienced when we hugged. When you get the feeling and feel it, then tell the road crew to rebuild the road in this whole area. Right now the damaged area is called an aneurysm. The anger you have felt in the past made it balloon out and weakened it. But now you can have them rebuild it with love.

Narrator: You say, Crew, rebuild that artery with abundant love, please.

Road Crew: Yes, we are on it!

Creator: Now, let’s sit down while they are working. What was it that happened that weakened this road here? Think back to the time.

Narrator: You reply to him: There was a time I was so mad at my spouse/family for calling me names and belittling me. I kept thinking about it over and over again for days. Then weeks. Then months. I’m still mad about it.

(It could be another time…. Give them time to think of something….)

Creator: You know now what happens to the orchestra music when you act in a way that is not loving. Do you want to hear harmonious music or dissonant tunes?

Narrator: But don’t my feelings count? I feel like I was in the right. They were the ones that weren’t loving! It wasn’t me!

Creator: Yes, but you could have melted their hearts with YOUR love just like when we hugged and I melted your heart with MY love. See, what I do transfers to you. Do what I do and they will change.

Was there ever a time when you might have said something unkind to them?

Narrator: You reply sheepishly… Yes… I’m so sorry for doing that to them.

Creator: You are forgiven, my son. Now go and forgive them.

There’s a cycle of forgiveness. When you forgive someone, you are forgiven. Then they can go on and forgive someone else!

Narrator: You are a bit confused because you don’t know how to do it. But tell me how… you ask.

Creator: Remember you are a conduit for love. Anything that doesn’t look like love has to be replaced with love. See yourself as a love giver.

Narrator: You reply Okay, I’m doing that.

Creator: Now think back to when they said the unkind words.

Narrator: You feel yourself getting angry.

Creator: Anger is welling up inside you but if you let love come in abundantly to smother the anger, it will be gone. Do it now. Let the love and sounds of the orchestra playing in harmony come in and mellow out that anger.

Then watch your anger evaporate. What’s left is only love. You’re in the situation and you can choose love. You chose love.

Narrator: You need clarification and ask, But what do I say to them?

Creator: You don’t have to address their negative comment with a negative one back. You can simply say to them, “I’m your friend. Let me be your friend.” Focus on being a friend.

What that does is diffuses their own negative feelings. You heal them too. And you say to me, I forgive them, Lord.

And then it’s done.

Narrator: Now you have the plan. You reply, I forgive them, Lord. I’m your friend.

Creator: Now do it again. Say the words again.

Narrator: You reply, I forgive them Lord. Guys, I’m your friend.

Creator: Do you feel the change inside you when you do that?

Narrator. You feel all that anger melted. Yes, you reply. All the tension dissipated fast.

Creator: Exactly. That means no more road damage on top of what is already here!

The Creator smiles. He’s giving you a hug again.


Creator: Hey, we have the road patched up now. We fixed all the different layers of the road so all the sections of it will be strong. Would you like to check it?

Narrator: You check it and tell him what you find. It’s 120/75. Perfect!

Creator: That is one good job. It’s perfect! Thanks Guys for being there for us.

Limo Driver opens the back door for you and the Creator.

Limo Driver: Time to go to the next location, Master!

You both get in.

Creator: See, I made everything in your world to run on LOVE. When you respond with love, the music is harmonious. It’s heavenly. It’s healing. This music is the music that happens in your body moment by moment. Some people call it frequency or vibrations. The love vibration is my vibration.

Narrator: Yes! It’s so wonderful, you reply.


Creator: We’re on our way to the kidney. We got back on the abdominal aorta road and very close by is the renal artery. This abdominal aorta will continue downward through the pelvis and split bladder.

Where the abdominal aorta branches off to the kidney is the renal artery. We’re taking this road right now. This is where the blood vessels meet and feed the kidney. There’s a lot of pressure there naturally. So by adding extra pressure via thoughts that are not loving, it can weaken the area.

We’re in the renal artery and coming up to My kidney superhighway right now. Look, there’s the area of damage right next to the glomerulus. The cells are called juxtaglomerular cells and they are crying out for help on the side of the road.

The limo driver stops the car and everyone gets out.

Road Crew: Our road crew – you can call us the juxtaglomerular cell crew – gives signals to the kidney when the fluid levels are low in the kidney or if the salt content is high. Then the kidney releases renin …

… but what we really need is to stop the ongoing damage and fix the roads.

You see, the renin goes to the liver and makes a hormone conversion.

Oh look – there’s the hormone right now. It’s called Angiotensinogen. Remember Angiotensinogen in the orchestra?

Angiotensinogen is the hormone in the liver.

Then Angiotensinogen travels to the lungs and converts angiotensin 1 to angiotensin 2 in the lungs.

Angiotensin I (with 5 ring structures)

Angiotensin II (w/4 ring structures)

This is our big dilemma. This conversion causes a huge increase in BP. “Can you help, Master?”

Creator: “Yes, your suffering has come to an end.”

He turns to you.

“Think back to the first time the damage occurred here on this road. It will come to your mind.”

Narrator: You remember the time that you felt betrayal from a friend who told your friends to bully you. They ganged up on you and beat you up.

Creator: That’s a difficult situation and I know the feeling! You have to step out in faith here and know that love is greater than the negative feelings you felt. The love is well worth it in the end and you don’t need temporary satisfaction of getting even. They did not know love. You can turn the situation to everyone’s favor if you forgive them. Leave a little room in your thoughts for the idea that just like you had to learn about love, they did too.

I forgave you for not knowing, and now you can pass on the forgiveness to them.

Narrator: You are recalling the incident and say, “But I hurt so much from getting beat up!”

Creator: Yes, but did you see my love in the situation – how I healed all your wounds? See your focus was on you – shift your focus to how I help you in EVERY situation and forgiveness is easy.

Narrator: You are coming to a new revelation. I was focused on self-pity… I didn’t see how you healed me…

I forgive them! I give them forgiveness because they did not know what they were doing – just like I did not know what I was doing when I spoke badly to others. I forgive them. I send them love from my heart – and your heart – to heal them in the dark shadows of their soul.

Creator: Great job! Say it again – and as many times as you have to in order to feel the sting of the situation gone.

Narrator: You plunge right into the forgiveness. I forgive them! I forgive them! You guys didn’t know what you were doing. I send you what you need the most – love. Let this love heal the darkness in your soul. I move on with the music playing inside me harmoniously.

Oh, I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW. Thank you so much!

Creator: You are most welcome! Okay, you are ready my child to go to the next location.

Carotid Arteries

Creator: Next let’s go to the carotid arteries. I know it’s all the way up to the head – and right now we’re in the kidney. We’ll take the superhighway of the kidney and go back through the renal artery to the abdominal aorta and take it upward, pass the heart and pass the aortic arch and hop on the common carotid artery.

Narrator: Everyone gets back in the limo and off you go to the common carotid artery which then branches off in the neck to one side and is called the carotid artery.

On your way to this next location, you feel so much more at ease. You’ve been releasing these emotional issues that were “stuck” in your arteries for the last several years. Now they are gone and you feel free of them. You feel lighter and you feel like laughing and having a good time. So much of your stress is gone.

You tell the Creator you had no way of knowing that holding onto hurts could be so damaging…

Creator: It’s something that all my children have to learn in their life. Once they learn it, they only move forward. I’m glad you are learning it today with Me!

Narrator: You are grateful and want Him to know. ..You are the best teacher! Thank you!

And then you ask Him if He wants to arm wrestle.

Creator: I will never turn down a challenge at arm wrestling, son!

On your mark, get set, go.

Narrator: Well, you lost that one. Try again… On your mark, get set, go.

“I won! I won!”

Creator: We’re one for one. Who will win the next round?

Limo Driver: We’re here now.

Creator: Wow, that was fast. My child, look around in the environment. You’re entering what’s called the carotid sinus in the neck where you can feel your pulse. It’s like a small cave inside the carotid artery.

There are a lot of nerve fibers here. They make up my Autonomic Nervous System. It’s a 2-part system that runs your nervous system. One part is for survival and the other for everyday functions.

Some fibers here are for the sympathetic nervous system. Others are for the P/S nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is for when you’re in a survival mode and you have to do something right now. The P/S system is for when you aren’t in survival – you’re doing normal everyday things. You can gain control over this P/S normal everyday functions but I have control over the S/ system. I programmed what you need to have happen in the S/system when you’re under stress.

During the day, the more time you spend in P/S time, the better your BP is. But every time you imagine something is a stress to you, your S/ nerve fibers will kick in and they will raise your BP. So the more time you spend stressed out, the longer that you will have high BP during the day.

That’s why I tell you in my book to meditate on my word. When you meditate on my word, you lower your BP and don’t get stressed!

When you’re stressed, this resets the BP higher than the BP I built your body to have.

Narrator: You are understanding why stress is a killer. I get it now! This is why everyone says stress is so bad for us….

Creator: Yes! The baroreceptors in the carotid sinus look like little buttons or
targets. All the receptors look like this – the oxygen receptors called chemoreceptors look like this.


The Brain

The baroreceptors will perceive the amount of stretch that is occurring in the carotid artery. They send the information to the brain where the autonomic nervous system is centrally located in the medulla oblongata.

The brain acts fast and chooses what fibers to activate. In other words, if there’s a stressful situation, then the S/ fibers are activated. If no stress, the P/S fibers are activated. This way you get the right response no matter what happens.

That stretch in the artery occurs because I made the inside of the artery to be elastic. This elastic fiber layer allows the artery to stretch bigger – called vasodilation – or squeeze smaller – called vasoconstriction.

If you’re in normal daily activity mode or P/S nervous system mode when no stress is happening – then your arteries are open and dilated to a normal amount.

And then when stress happens, the arteries close down. They are constricting and it’s harder to pump blood through them. High blood pressure occurs.

Narrator: You are starting to put two plus two together. You think about diet.

You reply: We can get high blood pressure if we eat a lot of salty foods, too.

Creator: Yes, wherever sodium goes, water follows. So the sodium goes through the bloodstream and drags a lot of water with it. This ends up making the arteries swell up and that increases blood pressure.

One thing I have to ask you, my son/daughter is to eat the foods I created for you. These have natural plaque dissolvers in them. My fruits and vegetables in their raw states are the real healers. When the vegetables are juiced and drunk over time, then all their medicinal constituents clean out the plaque.

And then there are my herbs that increase circulation in the body like cayenne that help clean out the plaque. And one handful of raw nuts daily like almonds and walnuts will lower cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol Molecule

Cholesterol Molecule

Narrator: You realize you could eat more of the foods God created for you – and that’s a big part of the problem with your blood pressure and the plaque in the arteries.

You’ve been good at avoiding a lot of fried foods because you know that the type of fat found under the microscope in plaque is unsaturated fats from soy oil, safflower oil, vegetable oil and canola oil that are heated to high temperatures. You knew that this type of fat acts like a magnet to get more fats to pile up on top of each other!

You vow that you will make great choices with your foods and eat more of the ones He has created. It makes good sense. “You’re the Creator,” you say, “ and You would be the one that knows what foods our body needs – and then supply them.

On the other hand, we think we are the smart ones – that we can eat anything we want and it won’t affect us. I ask for forgiveness for this type of thinking and the actions that followed.

Creator: (smiles to you) My food does taste good, you know!!!

Narrator: You nod your head in agreement. I’ll do it your way, you say.

Creator: And there’s one more thing that will help a lot…

Narrator: You just got an idea – give up smoking!

It’s to give up smoking, right?

Creator: That will help! Glad you thought of it!

I have another method for you. You’ve heard of intermittent fasting, right?

Narrator: You reply no.

Creator: This is where you don’t eat anything when you get up in the morning until your body tells you that it’s hungry. Then you stop eating early in the evening, increasing the number of hours you aren’t eating or drinking anything at all.

Narrator: You ask if that helps clean the arteries?

Creator: Yes, absolutely. Fasting is a way you can accelerate all the healing processes in the body. It’s the same reason why your pets stop eating when they are sick. Their bodies heal when fasting, too.

Narrator: You agree. “This is something I can do at least a few days a week! It’s pretty easy!”

Creator: You won’t get hungry when you fast this way…”

Narrator: You smile to Him. Then you get an idea and ask, “What about the macrophage white blood cells? Can they eat up some of the cholesterol in the arteries?”

Creator: Only recently did I release witty ideas to my favorite scientists about the white blood cells and cholesterol. The monocyte white blood cells scramble to the plaques that are regressing – like from those medicinal constituents in vegetables and fruits. The monocytes turn into M2 macrophages (Ly6C high monocytes) and control inflammation and prevent the plaque from rupturing and going through the blood vessel as a clot.

It’s the Ly6C high monocytes that are the healers here. They see there’s a need to heal the area and do that instead of cause more inflammation.

In fact, let’s direct this process right now. Limo driver, take us to a place in my son/daughter’s body where there is plaque in the artery.

Narrator: The Limo Driver starts driving to a plaque in your arteries. It’s nearby and you don’t have to go far. You look out the window and see it. It looks like about 2 feet of fat globules piled up. The artery wall is a little inflamed too.

Creator: Look, there are Ly6C high monocytes are in the area. Ly6C high monocytes, come here to my feet.

Narrator: Look, all the Ly6C monocytes are congregating at His feet.

Creator: I’m redirecting your mission. Instead of inflammation here, your job is to start the healing process. You’re becoming healers. No longer will you cause inflammation in this plaque.

Narrator: These Ly6C high monocytes are patching up the area! And the HDL good cholesterol is removing the fatty cholesterol from the plaques. Look, the HDL is putting the cholesterol in the dump trucks headed to the liver.

Creator: Yes, the liver will destroy the cholesterol there, disassembling it.

Narrator: You watch the whole process happening and are amazed. You turn to the Creator, “You are the genius of all time to have designed all this! The dual function of the Ly6C high monocytes is astounding! And now I have one less plaque in my arteries to deal with. Thank you.”

Creator: You’re welcome. Now let’s guide the HDL cholesterol in the rest of your body to go to many more locations where there’s plaque. He pulls out a harmonica and blows a note, then turns and smiles at you. That’s my HDL alert note! Wherever they are, they hear the frequency and stop whatever they are doing and listen to my instructions.

HDL, it’s time to pack up the cholesterol in plaques in dump trucks that will take them to the liver. It’s a day’s work.

Narrator: He blows the harmonica again.

Creator: Consider that done! Now let’s get back to the topic of high blood pressure again. There’s another thing that causes high blood pressure. A higher pulse rate also increases blood pressure.

Let’s watch the process happen here in the carotid sinus. Think of the situation that caused the damage here at this location. Do you see how there’s a buildup of plaque in the arteries?

Narrator: You look and see it. It’s about 5 feet high. You see the HDL cholesterol particles shoveling out the plaque. And you see the Ly6C high monocytes there too, patching up the wall.

Creator: That plaque is your body’s way of repairing a tear in the wall that happened during one of those angry outbursts. Your body detects the tear and wants to patch it up. It does this by sending in the white blood cells – the Ly6C high monocytes (also called macrophages). They cause inflammation unless they are directed to heal the area. Then the extra cholesterol in your arteries is attracted to the area, too and starts building up, piling itself on top of the area.

Our cleanup crew is going to have to shovel it out of there into the dump trucks. It’s not going to be needed anymore.

So let’s get the cleanup crew going on this right away.

Narrator: You know it’s your job to get them working. You signal to them to get started. Then you sit down with the Creator.

You tell Him what you have discovered. I know what caused this pileup. I felt a lot of rejection at one particular time. Like I was being rejected for no reason at all. And prejudice. And anger about everything that happened to my family in past generations.

Creator: Rejection will do it! It can make you angry and then start the cycle of raising the blood pressure, making those tears in the arteries and piling up plaque.

Narrator: You plunge right into the forgiveness again. I forgive the person who rejected me. I see that they couldn’t see me for who I really was and they didn’t know me. No wonder why they rejected me. I forgive them and send in your love and my love to them. Forgiven. Just like that.

Creator: See how easy it is to operate out of love now? There are other things you can do to make sure the plaque doesn’t gum up the arteries. I gave vitamin C one of these functions. It causes the repair of the artery quickly along with vitamin E. And fruits and vegetables will always help you keep the arteries clean. They contain medicinal constituents that will do the work for you – polyphenols and antioxidants are the key players here.

You can also make sure you don’t have any teeth infections. Get your dental hygiene cleanings regularly. But what you do daily matters most. Cleaning your mouth with a water pick and electric toothbrush works really well to cut down the bacteria count in the mouth. And taking probiotics helps too.

The bacteria from the mouth can go to the heart and travel through the blood vessels causing little micro-infections. These micro-infections can tear holes in the blood vessel walls and then attract plaque.

The HDL cleanup crew here is working really fast. All the plaque is out of the way. The artery is clean. Each layer of the artery is now being rebuilt by the Ly6C high monocytes that were redirected to stop causing inflammation and start healing the area. The inner elastic layer and the muscular layer and the wall are healing as well. All three parts of the artery wall had to be rebuilt so the weakened part of the artery could have blood flowing easily now through the artery.

Think of some good loving thoughts and let’s check the pressure.

Narrator: The most loving thoughts you had were from earlier today… You say, I’m thinking of the loving feelings when I hugged you. The pressure is 115/75.

Creator: Perfect! Your blood pressure is now reset. The repair is permanent.

I see the P/S fibers activated from the loving thoughts. They are helping keep the BP normal.

And look at the baroreceptors now. They’re sensing the artery wall diameter and sending the messages to the brain, right? Remember it goes in sequence – Baroreceptors send the message to the Autonomic Nervous System in the brain –and the brain sends its response via either the P/S or S/ n fibers out to the artery wall to make changes.

Narrator: You reply Yes. The artery wall is contracting like it should in a normal state. The stress has been removed. The feeling I have is love and forgiveness.

The Other Stress Organs in Focus When asking How to Lower Blood Pressure

Creator: The arteries are all fixed. The blood is flowing as it should now. We have one more step. There are some major organs that are in need of support. They were compromised in the past. They were the organs that were in the symphony. The liver, lungs, adrenal gland, kidney and heart.

These organs all have S/ and P/S nerve fibers that respond instantly to your feelings of stress. They each produce different hormones that help increase or decrease BP levels.

Limo driver, we’re in the carotid artery. Let’s now go to the places in the body where my son/daughter may have any additional plaques or damage in the arteries to repair.


Creator: Let’s wait here for a few minutes and then focus on healing the area with the cleanup crew. Then we’ll move on.


We want to get back to the arch of the aorta and to the descending aorta and detour at the liver first.

Your liver is a major filtration plant. It filters out toxins. It also is responsible for breaking down emotions such as anger. When you keep thinking angry thoughts and ruminating on them, your liver needs help cleaning out toxins.

Narrator: You want to get the cleaning crew on this asap. You ask the Creator, Can I ask the cleanup crew to do it?

Narrator: He says Yes. You say out loud, Cleanup crew, shovel out all the dirt and toxins please.

Limo Driver: Hey look at them go. They are doing some heavy cleaning there.

Creator: You can keep up with the daily cleaning by drinking more water, saying no to alcohol, eating organic foods, and exercising. You can drink some of my well known teas like milk thistle, too.

Narrator: This is something you’ll want to remember so you tell him you will keep that in mind.

Creator: Your liver is what produces the Angiotensinogen that ends up as the big backup to all the other blood pressure regulating systems in your body. It’s one of the hormones that control blood pressure. Its job is to raise the blood pressure.

Job done. I pronounce this area healed. Limo driver, off to the lungs. The Angiotensinogen then activates the conversion of angiotensin 1 to 2 in the lungs.

Angiotensin I and Angiotensin II

Angiotensin I and Angiotensin II


Let’s go watch the wonders of breathing there.

Narrator: You watch the breathing of the lungs. They fill up with air and expand and then with exhalation the air goes out of them. The process repeats automatically.

Creator: I pronounce this area healed. Limo driver, off to the adrenal gland.

This gland sits on top of your kidney. It helps you coordinate your actions when you’re under stress. It has P/S and S/ fibers like the other organs. When you are perceiving something as stressful, the S/ fibers will release the hormone aldosterone and once the cells perceive it is there, the BP increases.

Narrator: You ask if what you are thinking is correct. It sounds to me like part of the solution here is not to perceive situations as stressful.

Creator: What could be stressful when I’m around? And I’m with you ALWAYS. Just look for me, call to me and I’m with you.

Narrator: You reply, That’s so easy. You made it so easy for us. Call to you for help. Don’t depend on ourselves in stressful situations when you will help us every step of the way. Smile, laugh and love.

Creator: Yes, exactly! I pronounce the adrenal glands healed and reset. From this day on, the cells will stay healthy.

Limo Driver: Off to the kidney?

Creator: Yes.

Let’s heal those juxtaglomerular cells where renin is released. The renin was sent via the blood to the liver to release the Angiotensinogen hormone. This is a powerful hormone and that’s why I made it a reflex in the body. Then the Angiotensinogen went into the lungs where it converted the Twins – Angiotensin I is converted into Angiotensin II. I reset this system. I pronounce them healed and reset back to normal.

And on to the other parts of the kidney where the nephron is. This includes the loop of Henle, the tubules and the collecting duct. These areas were overworked from sodium and water reabsorption. I pronounce them healed and reset them. From this day on, the cells will act healthy.

Limo Driver: And now the heart?

Creator: Yes. The heart. My favorite organ. It’s connected with My love. When you are overstressed or overworked, your heart chambers can enlarge. This then affects how the heart works. The stretch receptors are stretched too much when the heart enlarges. And you know what happens next…

Narrator: You reply, Yes. A message is sent from the receptors to the brain and BP changes are made.

Creator: Yes. With the heart there’s a hormone called ANP that is released to make the BP changes. Looking at your heart, there’s a bit of enlargement. Let’s heal it. I pronounce this heart healed and everything reset.

Narrator: You realize something else….Wow, I’m all healed right?

Creator: Yes! Your BP is back to normal. You have learned how to cope with daily stressful emotional situations. Your internal organs, blood vessels and heart are healthier on many levels. You now operate out of love. And love can only go forward and produce positive things in life for you.

Be my love message bringer to your world now…

That present you got in the beginning is a momentum of today’s work.

It’s a brand new heart and blood vessel system! It looks a little bit like a new train track system with a control center station. Take it out of the box.

Narrator: You hug him. Thank Him for this special moment in time.

Creator: I will wait for you to ask to repeat our journey together as needed.

He smiles. Back to your protective bubble….

Narrator: He is now gone.

You are so excited about your encounter. You learned so much about your blood pressure, your body and about love and forgiveness and how it’s all connected.

Now it’s time to emerge from the bubble. Healing has occurred. Your heart, blood vessels, liver, adrenals, kidneys and blood pressure are healthier. New cells are replicating every day to carry this out continually. You are made whole and feel calm. You have a deep sense of joy and feel a connection to your Creator.

Step outside the bubble and greet your new world. It’s a world you can deal with. A world you want to live in. A world you can flourish in. A world that gives you opportunities that are to your advantage. It’s a world you can function in more easily than before because of the love you have.

Open your eyes now and see how much brighter your new world looks. Welcome to life – and love! The life and love you will experience now is endless. Just grab it!

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