Chakras for beginners with quick steps to open and balance your chakras

Today you are going to discover how to open and balance your chakras, designed especially as a guide for chakras for beginners.

Have you felt perhaps blocked from the law of attraction bringing you the things you most want, a little unbalanced, perhaps too much in your head when you want to feel things, or that you have a lot more potential than you have been realizing?

It could be that your chakras are blocked or not balanced.

Let’s do a quick self analysis. From 1 to 10, ten being the most, how much do you feel centered in your body with a calm mind and flowing forward with equanimity?

Regardless of where you are today, my goal is to help you improve, even if 5%, 10% or make a big positive impact in these areas.

Chakras are energy or spiritual centers in your body. When your chakras are in balance and energy is flowing easily through them, you feel happier, more energized, more connected, can connect even better with others, new ideas come to you, you feel even more inspired, issues in life roll of your back like water off ducks’ feathers, and you make more money.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

I’m going to explain (and then demonstrate in video) a very simple chakra balancing method that helps you balance and open your chakras.

Opening chakras for beginners

And when all your chakras are open and balanced, you’ll be able to receive more and more of the benefits I listed.

For myself, while the first time I do this for myself (or others), one notes an increased sense of peace, balance, and clarity, the more one does it, the greater the benefits grow. Think of it like playing any sport, the first time you go out, you’re at one skill level and the more you practice and perfect, the greater you get.

Let’s balance your chakras

Start by becoming even more relaxed, breathe in and out. And as you do, allow your body to relax even more completely.

Young woman doing yoga meditation in lotus position with activated chakras over body

Now you will pinch your fingers together over each chakra. When you separate your fingers, you will visualize a glowing radiant circle of light of the color of that chakra.

Start by pinching your fingers together over your groin, now separate them and visualize a red circle as this chakra opens and balances too.

Next, pinch your fingers together over your belly button, separate them and open a orange radiant circle as your chakra opens and balances as well.

Continue by pinching your fingers together over your solar plexus, open them and see the glowing yellow circle as this chakra opens and balances too.

Next, pinch your fingers together over your sternum, separate them and visualize the glowing green circle as this chakra opens and balances as well.

Continue by pinching your fingers together over your neck and opening the green radiant circle. It also opens and balances.

Repeat over the center of your forehead as you open a purple circle of radiant light as this chakra also balances and opens.

Finally, repeat over the top of your head to open a purple circle as this chakra opens and balances too.

Congratulations. You have balanced each of your chakras. Breathe in and out and place your awareness and identify how much better you feel. If your eyes were closed, you can open them now.




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