So, as an example, “I don’t have enough money.” Okay. We’re going to go toward not having enough money. Probably the reason why somebody said that is that they desire to have more money. One can enhance the statement and say, “I have some great opportunities to go help some more people and earn some more money as a result of it.”  Or, “I’m putting in the effort and in every way I’m going to have more and more financial abundance.”

Another phrase one could say is, “Gosh, I’m overweight. It’s hard to lose weight.” Well, that’s going to take the person towards that which they spoke which likely is not what they truly desire. Probably, they desire to be more slender, fit, muscular, and feel even more positively about themselves. So the new statement that could be said is, “I’m putting in the investment and every day I am more and more fit and healthy.” Or they could say, “I have an opportunity to enhance my health, to become even in greater shape than I already am.” We can always be more flexible as well as more healthy internally and externally.

So I’ve given you a couple of examples in the financial and the health arena. This applies to everything that we are speaking.

A simple step that you can do is listen to yourself and the words you speak and ask the question, “Is this where I truly want to go?”

This holds true in terms of communication with people in all situations. A suggestion is to focus on enhancement.  For example, “It looks great. Let’s see how we can make it even better.” Or, “It looks great as it is. How about doing this to improve it even more?” Focusing on the improvement angle because we can always improve things for the benefit of all.

Place awareness and attention on what you speak and then consciously speak that which you desire.

For example, “We have an opportunity to recharge our batteries,” “We have an opportunity to find ways to serve more people, to reach more people. And we have opportunities to even receive more financial abundance,” or “We’re completely financially abundant and we’re enhancing it even more.” However you feel most comfortable with is the key.

As you speak or write even more in this way, you may notice that at first it’s a conscious process. With repetition, it will become a habit. You may even notice others in your organization or close to you doing it too.

Next Steps

I hope you’ve enjoyed the answer to this frequently asked question and I invite you to do the Free Power Life System Quiz which will help identify areas of your life that have the greatest opportunity for improvement and then I give you a free results video and manifestation toolkit where you can help improve those areas. So with that said, I wish you a wonderful day.


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