“What happens for my friends and my family? I’m becoming so positive that my friends and family are making fun of me or treating me differently.”

First of all, I congratulate you. You’re enhancing your abundance and your manner of speaking to be in alignment with attracting that which you desire which means you’re speaking positively. You’re speaking in the paradigm of abundance. I congratulate you. That’s phenomenal.

At the same time, let’s recognize that as human beings, we have a certain nature that once we get into a habit or a way of doing things, it becomes natural. We leverage that in the Power Life System where we create habits and get into the consistency of the abundance paradigm and that becomes reality and it keeps getting better and better for yourself.

With that said, let’s recognize that, in terms of other people, they have their habits and they’re used to you acting a certain way. So that’s another positive, right? It’s a positive message to say keep on doing what you’re doing.

What are some things that you can do?

One of the things you can do is meditate. And in the Power Life System, I give you a meditation that you can follow. And let your light (one of the aspects of the meditation is where you have a radiant white light of pure abundance and radiate it out to positively affect those people who are around you) positively affect them.

Another action you can do is to treat them as individuals who are absolutely supportive of you. Leverage any opportunity that makes it socially appropriate to say, “You are super positive. You are really supportive of this. You speak positive. I’m really impressed. I like that about you.” You are creating a more positive and beautiful place for them to step into. And, as a result, people are likely to do more of what you are affirming.

Third, invest time with individuals who are progressing in similar areas as you are.


In summary, you may identify that the feeling you get when certain people say certain things, is a message to you to love them, send them wonderful energy, and to make sure you dedicate sufficient time to yourself to do your meditation, visualization and affirmations that are taught in the Power Life System course so that you can continue to progress for yourself and make an even more positive effect on the world.


Next Steps

I’ve given you three different ideas and I’ve also congratulated you because you’re on the right path. I hope you’ve benefited from the answer and the suggestions and the tips I’ve given you. And if you have, I invite you to do the Power Life System Free Quiz. It will help identify areas of your life where you have the greatest opportunity for improvement and then I’ll give you meditations to help improve that area of your life. The assumption is that you are already perfectly fine where you are and we’re looking at ways to increase and make every single area of your life even better (starting with the areas that the test identifies as having the greatest opportunity for enhancement). I wish you a wonderful day and I look forward to talking with you soon.


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