I have had my share of financial challenges and I can understand where you may be right now with your personal finances.

Challenges and Clarity

About 5 years ago, I had to solve a major issue with my personal finances caused by a CPA I had hired to do the taxes for my businesses. Due to the financial challenges, it ended up costing, in penalties, fines and other related, about $750,000. When I used financial visualization on these issues, the more they seemed bigger and closer, resulting in even more stress and blocking the ability to think clearly and not see my key to happiness.

Opportunities and Blessings

Today, there are 4 operating and growing businesses (one being the Power Life System), that thanks to the team working in them, continue to help more and more people. The more I focus on the blessings as the key to happiness, the better things get when it comes to personal finances.

Showing Thankfulness For Everything

I was recently in Brazil in a beautiful beach town (where I had 2 liters+ of fresh coconut water daily). Many of the people I met while exercising on the beach had very little by “Western” standards.  However, they were happy, outgoing, smiling, and showed thankfulness for all they did have. I remember one who had a stand selling food and was helping me learn how to do muscle ups (it’s a pull up where you then push yourself above the bar).

It’s Always A Choice

This in contrast, to where I was living in Carmel Valley in San Diego, California, where often neighbors were complaining about their finances (living in million and multi-million dollar homes), their vehicles (driving BMW’s and Mercedes), and comparing their vehicles to mine. I said I wouldn’t be like them; then I looked in my driveway and saw I was driving a BMW too. Association is VERY powerful.

State of Mind’s Affect on Personal Finances

Today’s activity is focused on increasing our thankfulness. The more we are thankful (and focusing on what we do have and how great it is), the more we will see new opportunities. This opens the ability for change in our personal finances. We will be in a receptive state of mind to accept them.

Increase Thankfulness and Find Key to Happiness

  1. Relax your body from your head to your feet. Do this for as long or as short of a time until you feel yourself even more relaxed and present. Ideally, close your eyes while you do this.
  2. Give thanks for everything that is financially related. This includes the clothing you are wearing, your shoes, socks, your extra clothing, food you ate (or will eat), etc. Go from the “smallest” to the largest.
  3. If you notice you have a smile on your face as you do so, excellent. Continue doing this for at least 20 items.
  4. Open your eyes and notice how you feel.

Scientific studies also support the benefits of this quick activity.

What Effect Can Financial Visualization Have on Your Life?

The more you do this, the more you will feel happy leading you to your key to happiness.. The happier you feel, the better business goes (or sales), the closer you will be to financial independence.

As an example, one of the top salespeople in a different business (not Power Life System), occasionally gets frustrated for different reasons. The days he is frustrated, he makes often zero sales.

I encourage him to use financial visualization to focus on what he wants. The more he does so, the more he is happier AND gets fantastic results. He can make 4-5 sales in one day (each sale being a lifetime value of $2,000 to $4,000 on average. If you are asking, “All I need to do is be thankful to improve my finances and help with financial challenges?” The answer is it is an extremely important fundamental aspect that allows the Full Power Life System to get you the financial results you want.

— Eric Michael



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