Energy & Your Amazon FBA Business – The Surprising Connection

I’m going to share with you how to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level with the power of energy without struggle or frustration.

My goal today is that you earn a lot more money with your Amazon FBA business, have more fun while doing it and feel a lot more in “flow.”

Make sure to read until the end as I have a special offer to take your skills with energy to the next level which will ramp up your Amazon FBA business even more!

What makes this different than anything else out there is that instead of just focusing on more techniques based on what you can see and touch, I share how to tap into the non-visible force around us, called energy.

Before we start, my name is Eric Michael, founder of, several other companies as well as an innovative health products brand on Amazon (and also in a Shopify store). The company has a 5-star rating by shoppers and various products with happier nad happier clients as well as growing sales.

I did a lot of things right with the store – design new products, patent the design, take professional photos, use product placement ads, do keyword ads, trademark the brand, create long page product descriptions, send follow up emails with a manual and asking for feedback, do everything possible to ensure customers are overjoyed and more.

But I did a lot of things wrong too – in fact, from the day I had the idea to start an Amazon FBA business, it took me over 2 years to actually get my first product done and listed. For a period of time, i was very stressed over the sales and what would happen tomorrow. I was frustrated and felt things were out of my control if a customer wrote a bad review. And I felt like my fulfillment was only in making more and more sales. In summary, the business wasn’t fun nor contributing positively to my overall lifestyle.

What I discovered is that there are two aspects to running an Amazon FBA business (and in fact any business). One is the logistical or physical aspect. These are all the things we can see and touch. E.g. the ads, product, reviews, product information, manual, insert, customer happiness follow up emails and more. Then there is an even more important second aspect – our energy.

This physical aspect of your business, you can think of as operating under Newtonian Laws. Newtonian Laws teach that the greater force one exerts, the greater results. So, if you are making $10,000 in sales and want to do $100,000 you will need to work 10x more or 10x harder.

But I discovered a shortcut.

It’s by harnessing the power of energy and applying the laws of quantum physics.

Most people are stuck running their business the hard way. Buy you can now cheat and do things the easy way.

Most people wake up in the morning with anxiousness that their store is still active, they have good reviews, and there was profit the prior day.

Then, they feel like they’re pushing a boulder of the hill to increase the sales and profit.

And when it comes to finding new products they feel stressed because of supplier, Amazon and other issues.

Want the easy way that eliminates the stress, anxiousness and struggle?

In the past 6 months of applying energy to my Amazon FBA business, I’ve watched the sales grow continuously, even more positive reviews come in, and new product ideas to realization start to flow naturally.

I have to add a disclaimer that results are not typical, and that I can’t predict what results you will get in the future as I don’t know if you will apply what I’m teaching or do anything at all.

The first secret is that our world really is controlled by quantum energy.

When I was in High School and then entered the University Of California At San Diego, my entire reality was based on Newtonian theories. If I saw it and could touch it, then it existed to me.

In the degree I chose, computer Engineering, we had classes on programming as well as chip design.

Most of the classes were hard, dry, and I looked forward to surfing at Black’s beach a lot more than lugging around the 25 pounds of textbooks. I affectionately joked that there was no need to go to the gym after rollerblading around campus with the backpack full of Engineering books.

But there was one professor who stood out. You’ve ever had one who really positively impacts your life?

He was the quantum physics teacher and instead of making the material dry and intellectual, he made it fun. I still remember the physics parties he had after class. We had Coke, chips, cookies, pizza, and would laugh, listen to music, and solve complex quantum physics problems. But instead of being forced on us, it was like playing.

I learned in those parties and it grew in my heart the wave theory of quantum physics. Basically, it means that our particles are vibrating and they are mostly where they appear solid. But according to quantum theory, our particles are also everywhere else (just not all the time).

This created a new reality for me where I realized that we are all connected by our subatomic particles or energy.There actually is a mathematical quantum mathematical equation we used to determine the probability of our particles being in us versus somewhere else in the universe. Isn’t that cool?

The second secret is that you’re already influencing energy without being aware; the change happens when you consciously do it in the right way.

When I was living in Livermore, many of the friends of my parents were Physicists at the Livermore Lawrence National Laboratory. So, it was a common occurrence for my parents to share the latest experiment they had heard of being done at the laboratory.

This one was particularly fascinating and was repeated in 1998 by a laboratory in Israel.

The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of “watching” subatomic particles, the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place. Since everything is comprised of subatomic particles, logic has it that we can influence physical reality. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

At first, it was challenging for me to accept this into my frame of reality, but I started to do so on faith. After developing my skills with energy, I started seeing results. The more I practiced them, the more consistent the results were, and I started to see with my own eyes that we actually can influence physical reality.

I started using these methods with my Amazon FBA business – to project the desired reality of the number of new people being helped by the products for the Amazon (and Shopify) stores into time space to influence physical reality. Not only did sales increase, but I started feeling a sense of flow, peace and joy about everything related to the business.

And this lead me to having even more ideas come to me that further are taking the store to positively impact more people.

The third secret is that your friends and family will likely start coming to you for advice when they notice the new you.

When I first started learning and applying energy methods, I was afraid of what people would think of me. I thought they might think I had gone off the deep end and was a bit crazy.

So, for a long while I didn’t talk about what I was learning and applying, nor about the fantastic results I was getting.

But, then one day when things were going very great for me, I had an inspiration that I needed to share with more people to help them transform their lives too.

This lead me to creating a course teaching step-by-step the methods.

I also accepted myself and started sharing my true identity and about what I do with energy with others. Yes, for some people, they were uncomfortable. But for another group of people, we connected at a deeper and more fulfilling level than I had ever had before. And yet others turned to me for guidance and to help them transform their lives.

As a result of being open to, embracing, and then sharing the skills that were transforming my life, my life has taken on an incredibly new level of happiness and meaning.

I’ve covered an overview of the topic, but I can’t cover everything in this short article. To take your knowledge to the next level, I invite you to a free masterclass to discover 4 powerful energy methods to transform your life and Amazon FBA business.

To your success,

Eric Michael

Founder Of
Computer Engineer BS From University Of California San Diego


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