Want to manifest money and attract money yet feeling blocked?

Have you ever felt frustrated by the seeming lack of progress in your bank account manifesting money despite how hard you work? Maybe you see others who apparently are working less “hard” than you. However they have a lot more financial abundance to show for it. This could be because you are actually doing many things right to attract money, BUT you are BLOCKING your money and the law of attraction from working in your life.

To help solve this, make sure you  review the following 4 things and if you are doing any of them, STOP immediately!

First: Speaking or thinking focused on what you do not want.

It is very common to see an individual who is struggling financially talking about negatively. They may say, “How hard it is,” “How the government is corrupt,” “How there isn’t enough money,” and “How stressed they are.”

The issue with this is despite how “hard” they work or effort they exert, the universe will bring them more of what they have been thinking and speaking (which is going to block them from attracting money.)

How to attract money: speak and think based on what you desire. For example: “I am making more and more progress,” “It is easy to earn more by helping more people,” “I create my own future and it is getting better and better,” “I continuously have more and more money,” and “I make more and more money and am more and more relaxed!”

Second: Hoping it’ll happen on it’s own.

Manifesting money is tapping into the law of attraction, using your mind power, so you can attract money. It ALSO includes your doing something.

Everyone who has achieved financial success that is lasting has exerted a continual effort. They seem to know how to manifest money.

This effort is not just to “make money.” It is to grow as a person so that you deserve the income you receive. It is also so that you gain the infinitely valuable benefits of being a person with greater wisdom. You will experience, comprehension, understanding of others, and personal growth. What may appear as work is actually helping you grow and transcend your human reality to merge it with the infinite positive financial energy in the universe.

So, if you are hoping money will come without putting in personal effort, then increase your effort. And do so not just for the money, but to help more people as well as to grow personally.

Third: Looking at challenges as obstacles for how to manifest money the fastest.

Many people start a project, business, or endeavor and when it doesn’t go perfectly as initially intended, they stop.

Just one example of hundreds, I started an online store. The first one sold nothing in months. The second sold one item in a similar time period.

Yet, I kept the idea alive and changed the theme, store name and focus. The third store grew by 20-50% every month!

Again came challenges and we made adjustments and continued to solve issues.

The mindset to have is that if something doesn’t flow forward exactly as initially expected, adjust and see what will work better. Your your manifestation meditation. Focus on developing your “solution finding” muscles and empower all in your growing teams to do the same. Create enjoyment as you find solutions and attract money. This skill benefits you and all in the team. You can grow personally as is the key to how to attract money.

Fourth: Focusing on “more money” thinking that’s the key to manifesting money.

To be manifesting money the fastest, you need to have money and the law of attraction working for you. To do this, you need a mission greater than “more money for you.”

You need to focus on a greater mission that is going to make the lives of others even better. Incidentally, by doing this, everything is easier. Challenges become easier to solve.  People want to join your cause, and you accomplish much more and attract money easier!


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