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Getting Things Done – How to Get MASSIVE Amount Of Progress EVERY DAY. How to Enter The Zone – Flow State

7 Hacks To Getting Things Done That You Need To Know

Have you ever felt like you’re working really hard at getting things done, but progress is minimal at best? It’s as if you feel like you are pushing a boulder up a hill. You may even have read a getting things done book but got no results. And at rare moments, you feel like you’re watching a snowball roll down the hill, where the very minimal of effort gets you maximum results.

Maybe you’ve read David Allen’s “GTD”, Getting things done and it didn’t work for you. While David Allen’s GTD method is excellent, there are some deeper concepts that can really help you that I will share.

I’m not going to talk about pumping up your energy and then anchoring it with a certain movement, or other techniques like that. While I think they can give temporary boosts in energy, what truly has helped me achieve the most is going deeper, to what I call a foundational energy level, and that’s where I want you to go too.

These are the hacks to finally get things done:

Hack #1: Get your mission right.

We have two big categories of people; let’s call them group A and B.

Group B, so to say, are focused on themselves. They want more money, more possessions, more fame, etc. To get things done, one must be able to coordinate with other people. Most people are not very motivated by this focus of group B.

Group A, meanwhile is focused on a big mission, normally to make things better for society, the world, others. This is extremely motivational to other people and energizing to you. You accomplish a lot more by overlooking things that might have before “bothered” you by having your focus on something much bigger and for other people, AND you get even greater support with passion from others to help accomplish the massive mission, AND you tap into the infinite energy in the universe even more to make it happen.

If you connect with the phrase, “I’m in a hurry to get things done,” then identify a bigger positive mission for yourself. This will motivate you even more as well as other people to help with getting things done overall!

Hack #2: Get your focus right.

When we talk about your “focus” with respect to getting things done, we can categories people, again, into two main groups; let’s call them E and I.

Group E is predominantly exterior focused. E.g. they are doing to have the approval of others or to get certain results. E.g. the mentality, I am successful when I have the car. The challenge is that any perceived setback is amplified and one finds oneself in a start and stop scenario of being motivated, discouraged and repeating.

Group I is predominantly focused on continual improvement and of taking steps toward accomplishing the mission while upholding an internal set of consistent values. Here, success is 100% in your control and consistent forward progress with continual improvement will likely astonish you on its progress.

To get things done the fastest, focus on success being in the process and on continual improvement. 

Hack #3: Experience success now.

The more you experience now what you associate with accomplishing your most important priorities, the faster you will be at getting things done.

One reason for this is that your reticular activating system will help you “suddenly” see the numerous things already around you that contribute to accomplishing what you want. To illustrate this, many people reflect that the day they decide to buy a car, they suddenly see people driving the exact same model (yet, people were driving it before; it just became visible because of the reticular activating system effect).

A second reason for this is because you tap into the infinite energy in the universe even more. You transcend your human experience even more, and are empowered by this infinite energy that is part of all things to help you get things done.

To do this, relax your body completely. Then visualize what you most desire already accomplished. Continue doing this in more and more detail. Then connect with how you feel To do this, relax, visualize, experience, expand feelings, move/act, think.

Hack #4: Expand your thankfulness.

Relax and give thanks for all the things you do have, focusing on the area you most want to make even better. E.g. desire more money, give thanks for and expand the sensation of thankfulness and connection with the infinite positive energy in the universe.  At each meal, give thanks. Give thanks together with those close to you.

The greater your thanks is, the more you attract naturally what you desire and this helps you get things done.

Hack #5: Prioritize.

Identify all the things you have, and focus on the very top priorities. Often these when solved will have a trickle down affect and solve many other things.

For example, one student was focusing on 5-10 things related to his health and was feeling blocked from progressing. By identifying the 2 things that were the absolute highest priorities, he was able to focus on them while doing the other hacks, make massive progress faster, and incidentally many of the other priorities significantly improved or solved themselves in the process!

Hack #6: Transcend while doing.

This starts with being in Flow or Zone is defined as, “In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

To quickly aid in getting in the zone, do the following steps:

  1. Complete anything that requires your attention so you can relax even more deeply now.
  2. Become even more completely present as you place your attention on your head to your feet, relaxing each part more and more deeply.
  3. Next, visualize an infinite energy and light flowing into you and through you where you are more and more a vessel for this energy to manifest itself through your activities.
  4. Allow the activities you are doing to increase your awareness and connection even more with the infinite positive energy in the universe and guide you to the absolute best outcomes naturally.

The more you transcend while doing AKA consciously connect more and more with the infinite positive energy around you, the easier it will be to get things done.

Hack #7: Believe

The paradox of the law of attraction is that the more you already believe what you desire has happened, the faster it does. E.g. you mentally experience  everything you most desire in such detail that it becomes “real” for you.

This also means that you have released yourself completely from asking, “When will this happen?” because you already experience it happening.

As an example, an online business owner had a big drop in sales. He continued doing the prior hacks with a focus on getting things done as well as solving the issue. Two days later, an idea came to him, he implemented it, and sales were great again.

In summary, believe and experience now the positive feelings you associate with having everything done. This will help you feel a lot better and get a lot more done!


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