Want to increase your wealth and life happiness?

Today you are going to learn the most important rules of money to help you get rich that I have learned from personal experience and through 2 of my companies where we have financially counseled over 200,000 people.

Before we start, I send you fantastic energy, peace, love, joy, and happiness. Feel the positive energy. Feel even happier now. Smile, Stand up. Be even more energized. The universe is conspiring to make you rich.

Interesting statistic: “According to the OECD in 2012 the top 0.6% of world population (consisting of adults with more than 1 million USD in assets) or the 42 million richest people in the world held 39.3% of world wealth.” I believe you are watching this now because you are destined to be in the top .6% or higher.

Having a shared clarity on the words we are using is essential to the most effective communication. To start, we will use the definition of “money” by Merriam-Webster of “a current medium of exchange.” This is important because by viewing it as such, we can think of money more as a value exchange instead of physical paper or gold (which outside of the perceived value we put on it, has little true value). You’ll discover why this is so important momentarily.

And we will use the definition of “rich” by Merriam-Webster of “having high value or quality.” And we will extend it beyond money to all areas of your life. We have all seen the individual with a lot of money and poor health, or poor relationships, or social anxiety and none of these are very inspiring. The individual who has all areas of their life getting better and better and they are excited in the process seeing continuously more incredible results. That is rich.

Rule #1: Money is a measure of the value we give to others.

This is one of the most important rules of money and means that if you desire more money, you just need to help more people. This starts with asking questions such as, “How can I provide better value to other people today?” or “How can I improve the lives of my teammates, coworkers and clients?”

In the companies I lead, I am asking myself this daily question, listening for ideas, prioritizing them, and doing my best to guide the implementation of them. As a result, things get better and better over time.

You could think of it that money does grow on trees. When we water, tend to, nurture, care for, send loving energy to, our endeavors flourish. They give fruit. They grow tall and strong.

When ideas come to you, write them down, and test them out and evaluate the results.

Rule #2: What you think and speak really matters

The more we are in alignment with the natural laws of the universe, the more things naturally flow to you. What we think and speak, we move toward.

When I listen to the counseling calls in my companies, with individuals having financial challenges, a majority of them speak in the form of “I have problems…,” “I can’t make my payments,” or “I don’t have enough money.”

The more one speaks this way, the more we will have more of what we are speaking, money problems.

The rule of money is that we speak in the form that things are getting better and better, “I have more and more money” or similar. We can extend it to, “I am earning $_____ by [a future calendar date].”

Rule #3: The internet truly has changed the game

One of the most important rules of money you have to understand is that the concept of a career or profession is a thing of the past. In a recent conversation, I commented, “Today one can be and do practically anything. One has to think outside the box. And it’s normal to do a variety of things.” And there was complete agreement.

I grew up being taught that to be successful one should be a professional, lawyer, doctor, go to the University and get educated. If that’s your calling in life, fantastic, but likely you have an interest or creative pursuit that will make you money as well as allow you to express yourself fully.

Consider starting whatever ideas you have, learning, and using the iterative approach where you do the best you can today. Then, you learn, improve and continually improve with a minimal monetary investment. You very well may see incredible success.

The theme here is that you can and do practically anything as there is a worldwide market that can be reached in potentially minutes. Allow yourself to really dream and accept things you may have put aside with the ass-u-mption that they would never work. They likely will.

Rule #4: All Life Areas On Go

This rule of money is critical. If you find that your activities to increase your financial wealth are causing a decline in your health, happiness, or any other area of your life, this is a message from the universe to rethink things.

I say this from experience as I had periods of time that I put all my focus in the businesses to a detriment of my other life areas.

In retrospect, this was a mistake. And one needs to ask better questions such as, “How can I make this financial endeavor a success AND have all my life areas getting better and better?”

Additionally, as one’s health improves, one will have more money to make more money. As one is happier, this enthusiasm is transmitted to all and results in more money. A greater spiritual connection allows for more inspired ideas and inspired guidance that also results in more money. And most importantly, the rule of money is to make your life rich, not to just have you have a pile of paper or metal.

Rule #5: The Time To Start Is Now

You’ve likely heard that now is spelled backwards is WON. You have won when you start now. Whatever your idea, now is the time.

I have various companies in different industries and when I have an idea, I start getting some more information, evaluating it’s viability. I go slowly AND I do something in the direction. For example, I had an idea of a better value nootropic. So I contacted manufacturers and am getting a quote on a proposed formula. 1% of improvement or progress daily over the prior day results in exponential results.

Rule #6: Love Others But Follow Your Heart

I was having a conversation over dinner last night talking about when people do or say things that are not beneficial to others. Instead of anger, I talked about how I feel sad for them. Because only someone coming from a place of scarcity would tell someone not to follow their heart or do anything that harms them in any way.

People will say all types of things, both good and bad. They will say it’s a great idea. Some will say it will fail and show you the ways it will. Listen to people, but follow your own heart.

There are countless stories of people who followed their heart and succeeded. From experience, do your best to evaluate and expand ideas with a minimal of monetary investment, growing in the process, learning and expanding your ideas. This way, even if you decide to go with another money making idea, you have grown personally.

Rule #7: Love The Process

I used to focus on milestones. I recall one month when the company made a net profit of a high 6-figures and the next it was a lower 6-figures, I was depressed. I taught at myself with love now. The universe was teaching me a lesson to focus on a greater mission and of delivering greater and greater value over some number in the bank account.

Today, my focus is on doing even more greatness, doing all I can to share inspired ideas and improve your life, the lives of customers, give more happiness, and make the world a better place. I’m fired up.

I start the day with the first words, “Today is an awesome day.” I do my meditation. Do a detox. Have most often a plant based breakfast. Then I write and film and lead the companies. Later I train. And go to different planned activities during the week.

I put in focused, dedicated, and serious effort. And while I keep my eyes on our mission and the fantastic positive impact we are having and will do even better, I am happy.

Do things always go as I most want? Not at all. However, each time there is a challenge, I confidently visualize it solved exactly as I want. And I relax knowing it is so. I also earnestly look for the greater positive benefit in every challenging situation.

Rule #8: Give

This is a subtle rule of money. The more we expand our compassion for others, help others, and give our money, the more you will find that your wealth increases.

This starts with yourself. As you start seeing positive results from your efforts, treat yourself. Then do for people who need as well. The more you adopt the mindset that there is more than enough, the more you will find that your financial success grows too.

Rule #9: Focus On Gradual Increments

The most important activity to increase your wealth, bring you to the “rich” standing, is continual sustained effort with a continual improvement. What most people do, however, is start and stop.

Akin to the story of the fast by not consistent hare and the slow but steady turtle, slow but steady wins every time.

If you need to make $300 more a month, start with $50, then when you’ve accomplished that, set a new objective for $100 and so on. This makes things so much easier, builds continually greater momentum, and results in more consistency and results.

Rule #10: The Universe Is Conspiring For You

This perhaps is the most important rule of money. The universe IS conspiring for you. The universe does want you rich financially and in all areas of your life. Believe this. You can. You are doing. And you have the money and are rich now.


Light, love, and riches,



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