How can you achieve greater success by modeling how Dwayne Johnson / The Rock used the law of attraction?

To help you accomplish your goals, desires and dreams and ultimately to even more positively impact other people, we are going to look at how to use the law of attraction, with examples from Dwayne Johnson’s life.

In Forbes, 2018,  Dwayne Johnson was named the highest paid actor with earnings of $124 million, nearly double that of the prior year. So what principles of the law of attraction did he use to achieve this incredible success? And how can you use these same principles?

How To Use The Law Of Attraction Principles

  1. Connect with your deeper passion and mission that is based on making a greater positive impact for others. The law of attraction will work the best for you when you are focused on connecting with your deepest why, your passion, and your mission. This authenticity and congruence are key.  1:05-1:28 9:27  Not being yourself blocks everything as Dwayne affirms. 9:57 -10:09 11:30 – Dwane continues affirming that it’s critical to be yourself, be you, whether in the entertainment area or public. An excellent book to help expand on this principle is “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.
  2. Be nice. The law of attraction will work much better for you when you are nice. Since we are all connected on an energy level, the more one is kind and nice to others, the more one is going to attract abundance for oneself. Dwane is clearly at his core operating congruently with this principle. 3:31- 3:56
  3. Have faith in the best outcome and that things will be great. This is a core element of the law of attraction. 12:24 – 12:29  13:28-:31
  4. Put in inspired effort. Dwayne focuses on the process by working hard. This is a key to the law of attraction, as while the law of attraction will attract what one desires, one has to put in effort. And this is effort focused on the most one can do, not on results or exterior acknowledgement of others.
  5. Gratitude. The greater your gratitude, the more the law of attraction will bring you abundance in all areas of your life. Dwayne talks about how he remembers his hard times right before doing anything new that is big. He does things that work for him to help him connect with the moment, be even more present and appreciate the moment. The appreciation of the moment, the gratitude attracts even more abundance through the law of attraction.
  6. Belief in yourself. The law of attraction will work the best for you when you have a complete belief in your desires as being sure to come true and that you are completely deserving as well as capable of having them. You can do anything you put your mind to.
  7. Keep focused on the mission. The more you focus on the massive mission you have, the more the law of attraction will step in to make it happen. Dwayne talks about how he avoids having external successes distract him.

Dwayne is an incredible actor and person inspiring more and more people every year. When we talk about how to use the law of attraction, identifying and doing these 7 things can help you manifest more into your life, faster and easier.

  1. Connect with your mission.
  2. Be nice.
  3. Have complete faith.
  4. Inspired effort.
  5. Gratitude.
  6. Belief in yourself.
  7. Keep focused