Cure For Cancer: Use The Power Of Your Mind To Maximize Your Health


What you think and meditate on can bring about changes in your body as well as can help provide a cure for cancer! And often when one part of the body is not working as well as it should, one may  think of that part of our body as “broken” or “diseased”. In advanced conditions, sometimes people will disconnect themselves mentally from the poorly working body part.

To make one’s health even better, one of the most important things to do is change the thoughts in one’s mind. What you focus on more often is what you get in life. Seeing the body as a whole with all parts working together is exceptionally important. This is something that more and more researchers are confirming with their work.

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Free Guided Visualization MP3 Audio – Click Image To Access

Relaxing and thinking very specific thoughts about how the body works is enough to start making your health even better! You can engage your mind in helping you overcome an illness that you have! This is exciting because it tells you there is actually something you can do other than take medications for your health!

Napoleon Hill, author of As a Man Thinketh was right!

With all this in mind, let’s get started. Since today we are working on maximizing your immunity with the goal of providing you a natural cure for cancer, the first step is to watch a few videos on the topic.

Believe There Is A Natural Mind-Cure For Cancer

Watch these videos to help you grow even more in your belief and understanding that others have and are using the power of their mind to cure cancer (If they can do it, so can you!):

1. Woman Overcame Her Advanced Case Of Lymphoma
This one explains how a woman overcame her advanced case of lymphoma. She gives you hope and explains about cancer and the right frame of mind to overcome it.

2. Cure for cancer and illnesses using the power of your mind!
This video discusses how your feelings – and words – affect your health condition. Check out how one Chinese hospital that doesn’t allow any medicines to be used at all (in Bejing) has doctors trained to eliminate cancer by focusing on the idea that the healing has already been done. (This is also a biblical principle.)

3. Anita Moorjani healed of cancer. 

4. Healing with Scriptures and Soaking
This video is great to allow you to focus on the Lord for His support and love and healing.

Now, rewatch these again. Allow the belief, the hope, the positive anticipation of your cure for cancer to grow more and more. It is possible, and if others have done it, so can you!

Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Your Body’s Immune System Works

The more you know about the optimum functioning of your body, the greater you can control and guide it to maximize your health.

As an example to illustrate this concept is if you were tasked with solving an electrical issue in your car. Perhaps you know how to do this (which would be great), however most people (myself included) are not yet very knowledgeable about how the things inside my car work. As such, I look at the car from a superficial level, and if something goes wrong, have little knowledge yet on how to solve it.

However, if you were to be trained by an expert mechanic (or learn by any other means) how the electrical system works, and what to do to solve issues, you would get much better results and most likely be able to solve it.

The same holds true with your body. Right now, if you are like most people, your knowledge of what is going on inside, how your organs work, how your immune system works, and so on, likely can be improved.

And the great news is that the more you improve your knowledge of your immune system, the greater positive influence you can have to maximize its functioning, with the ultimate goal to provide you a cure for cancer!

IMPORTANT: As you watch the videos on how your immune system works, allow the information to grow in your mind naturally. E.g. since likely many of these concepts are new, congratulate yourself on watching them the first time. Then the second, notice how you have learned new concepts. Then each subsequent time you watch them, congratulate yourself on having done so as well as be thankful for the additional knowledge you have naturally gained.

1. How Your Immune System Works (animated)

2. Immune System – Human Organ Systems (animated)

3. How Your Immune System Works (animated)

4. Video 1: This is how your immune system fights cancer

5. Video 2: Antigens, immune system responses

6. Video 3: How the Immune System Detects Cancer Cells – AJ Lanigan

7. Video 4: Killer T Cell: The Cancer Assassin

8. Video 4: Killer T cell attacking cancer

9. Video 5: example of glycolipid/glycoprotein on cancer cells:

After you have watched the previous videos and feel you have internalized the concepts, then watch these videos:

1. Video 3: Immune System, Part 1.

2. Video 4. Immune System. Part 2.

3. Video 5. Immune System, Part 3.

4. Lymphatic System


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Relax – and Enjoy This

It’s a great time to sit back and relax and let your mind be at ease. There is a cure for cancer. Find the most comfortable place you can find right now and go to it. Maybe it’s a reclining chair or a rocking chair in your living room, or even your own bed. The location is different for everyone.

Make yourself really comfortable and feel your worries and concerns leaving you the minute you sink down into that chair or your bed. You’re in a protected place right now, somewhat like a bubble but the bubble has strong walls. Nothing can get through the walls to hurt you. It’s a unique bubble though and those strong walls allow good things to come in – and whatever you want to let out of the bubble, you can do at will.

Think about this bubble that is surrounding yourself right now. Feel yourself relaxing inside the bubble, and when a worry or concern arises in a thought you have, capture it like you would capture a feather floating in front of you. Your thought becomes a feather.

Toss the thought (feather) towards the walls of the bubble. The bubble recognizes it as something that has to be let out and ejects it out of the bubble. Watch the thought disappear into thin air the minute it gets outside the bubble.

Let’s dedicate a couple more minutes waiting for more thoughts and concerns you have to come up. Let them all go outside your bubble.

Now you should understand that if you ever want to give those thoughts and concerns some of your time and energy in the future, all you have to do is think of them. They will return. For now, we want them as far away from us as possible.

Take another minute and allow more thoughts and concerns to disappear easily and naturally through the protective bubble walls.

Next I want you to scan your body for areas of tenseness. Do you feel tightness in your neck or your back? Do your knees or any part of your body feel inflamed and hot to the touch? Identify those body parts right now…

Relaxation to the Next Level With The “Mad Driver Reaction to Rag Doll”

There’s a quick way to relax them. I call it the Mad Driver-Rag Doll Move. Can you relate to feeling aggravated when someone swerves in front of you when you’re driving? Your body tenses up quickly.

You grip the steering wheel tight and your back and neck tenses up. Even your leg muscles get tight, as you brace yourself. That reaction is what I call the Mad Driver Reaction.

Try to feel the Mad Driver Reaction right now – but for only one full second. It’s easy to do if you think back to what it feels like when you’re driving.

Then let your body feel like a Rag Doll right afterward.

Mad Driver Reaction. One thousand one… hold it – muscles tight. Now let it go and feel like a rag doll. Free of all the tension.

Good job.

We’re going to repeat this – it’s a way to make your body more relaxed every time you do it.

This time I want you to do the Mad Driver Reaction but feel only half as much tension. We can call it the Mad Driver 50% Reaction. Yes, the other driver did make you tense but it’s only half as bad. Feel your back and neck muscles tensing but only half as much. Your fists forming but only half as much. Your leg muscles tensing – but only half as much.

Hold that tenseness for one full second. 1001. Good!

Now become a Rag Doll. Let your body relax totally as if you are a rag doll.

Breathe a full deep breath . . . and let it out. Again… a full deep breath. . . and let it out. Feel those arteries relaxing too!

Good job!

We’re going to do this two more times to take your body stress levels down to 5% or less.

Ready for the Mad Driver reaction? Decrease the reaction another 50% more than last time! This is the Mad Driver 25% Reaction. Any driver on the road will only make you relax even deeper. Your body only tenses a fraction of what it used to! Hold for 1001. . .

Now let your body go into the Rag Doll position.. Whew! What a relief.

Take a deep breath and let it out. And another deep breath. And let it out.

One more time!

Imagine you are out driving… a driver cuts you off. This time you simply react positively to move your car out of the way of harm and only tense your muscles 10%. Mad Driver Reaction 10% Reaction. Ready? Go for it. Mad Driver 10% Reaction. Hold for 1001 and then go right into the Rag Doll position.

Wow! That’s even more relief! Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

And another deep breath and let it out… Good job!

Okay, the state you are in now in this protective bubble is really incredible. All the stress mysteriously escaped through the bubble walls.

Start The Visualization

Click Here To Access the Guided Visualization MP3 Audio

Free Guided Visualization MP3 Audio – Click Image To Access

Since your diagnosis of cancer or other type of growth in the body, you’ve been doing a lot more soul-searching. You’ve been asking for help from the God of the universe to provide you with your cure for cancer. He’s here now to give you that help and will give you more each time you repeat this imagery session.

Close your eyes now. You’re in the protective bubble where you feel safe and secure.

Connect with these feelings of safety and security right now.

In just a few moments, you’ll feel that something is a little different inside the bubble.

Let’s wait for God now to show up for you.


There He is! He’s inside your bubble. Your eyes grow wide. Yes, the Maker of the universe has shown up for you!

You may “see” him inside the bubble in your mind. Or you may feel a presence inside the bubble with you. It’s a calming presence, a warming presence. A feeling as if you are loved dearly, you are secure, and you are in the presence of a king.

Connect with these feelings now.

You can also use your imagination to see Him, too. He has given you the capacity to imagine for times such as these.

When you look at Him, you see His eyes are filled with love. You’ve never seen or felt such love before but it is there for you right now.

He says hello, _____(your name)____. He gives you a wide smile that melts your heart.

You feel as if you have the favor of God right now. You have the Creator’s divine and focused attention. You reply hello and you’re wide-eyed, so full of anticipation and what will happen in the encounter today.

The Creator tells you He has been waiting for you to call out to Him. He says He is glad you did.

You feel vulnerable – you’re with the Creator of the Universe. That’s okay though because He’s here to help you with a cure for cancer.

He says you have been asking for healing and He’s here for that. Healing comes on many different levels. Sometimes health conditions are set up from things people do or don’t do, things people say, and things people believe.

You may feel that you want to change things that people said to you in the past. You recall a lot of hurts from the past.

God asks you to imagine that tumor that’s inside your body right now. You can think of it as a collector of garbage. It’s a way to protect the rest of your body from the garbage, but the garbage is best dealt with in other ways.

God says He built very specific ways for your body to “take out its trash” – your skin removes toxins, your colon removes a lot of toxins, your liver detoxifies the whole body, your kidneys help you eliminate a lot of toxins through urine, and your blood is filtered daily.

On top of this detoxification system in the body, I built every cell with the ability to clean itself of its waste products that are collected by the lymphatic system. Let’s go on a tour of the lymphatic system now through your body.

Lymphatic System In Woman's Body

Lymphatic System In Woman’s Body








Lymphatic System In Man's Body

Lymphatic System In Man’s Body

God says it’s time for you to get into His limousine and go for a ride. A limousine appears and it’s really plush in the back seat. It has everything you ever wanted in it – a television set, speaker system, refrigerator with your favorite beverage, and your favorite games. The limo driver escorts you and the Creator into the back seat.

You feel privileged to be here in this position. You ask the Creator what He watches on television. He says He has his favorite shows – ones that His people have created with His aide. Those are the ones that make Him smile. Limo Driver asks if you would you like to see different pictures of the body on the television set?

The Creator asks the Limo Driver to take you on a tour of the lymphatic system. Start with the tonsils. Check out the television screen and you’ll see a picture of your body in a translucent form. It’s like you can see through your skin to the inside. But not everything that is inside your body is showing up; only the organs of the lymphatic system. Notice in the head you have tonsils and adenoids. The adenoids are a type of tonsil tissue. Both are in the region of the back of your mouth/throat.

Moving down the body, you’ll see the bone in your upper arm that is lit up. This is to emphasize your bone marrow, which is responsible for making cells for immunity and important for the lymphatic system.

Your lungs light up, too because of the lymphatic tissue that is right next to the bronchial airways in the lungs. This lymphatic tissue is in the form of lymph nodes and channels. You’ll see that the lymph nodes and channels extend out to the armpit.

In between the lungs is the thymus gland. Then – following the lymphatic channels downward, you see that they converge at a point in your abdomen but then split off into a branch that goes down the right side of your body and another down the left side of your body.

The branch veering off to the left is also connected to the spleen, another lymphatic organ. When the branches go through the intestines, they come across areas of lymphatic tissue called Peyer’s patches. The appendix is also a lymphatic organ. There are more lymph nodes and lymphatic channels the rest of the way down to your feet.

The lymphatic system is a complete network found in the body. It actually consists of up to 600 lymph nodes at strategic places to filter out waste matter, lymph vessels that connect the lymph nodes, the tonsils, the adenoids, spleen, and the thymus gland. It’s a masterpiece of creation!

You ask about the lymph fluid that is all around you.

The Creator tells you that the lymph fluid is made from plasma that delivered nutrients to cells and removed debris. Most of this fluid returns to the circulation via tiny blood vessels KA venules and continues as blood in the veins. The rest of it becomes lymph fluid.

The Limo Driver says you’re at the tonsils now.

You can see the tonsils now. They’re on the sides of the back of the throat and look like rounded spongy areas. In this picture (above) the tonsils have enlarged and there are white spots on the tongue to match the person’s infection. The picture simply shows you how the tonsils enlarge when exposed to infectious organisms. Once the infection is gone, the tonsils will shrink down to normal size.

What’s the thing hanging in the middle? You ask.

God says that’s the uvula and smiles. He put it there in His design of your body so you won’t snort your food! It helps close off the airway while you are eating and swallowing. (He laughs) It also helps you speak properly and keeps your throat well lubricated.

But back to the tonsils. You also have adenoids – another part of the lymphatic system system. These are made of the same material as the tonsils. They act as guardians of the throat. When they come into contact with germs, they activate the immune system. They are located in the back of your throat. Let’s get them up on the TV screen.

The Limo Driver asks, Where to now, boss?

The Creator tells him, Let’s ride on top of the lymphatic fluid now. Let’s go down to the lymphatic vessels in the foot.

The Limo Driver agrees.

You notice that the direction of the lymphatic fluid is only one direction. There’s no other roadway going in the other direction. Why is that, you ask.

The Creator answers. He says the lymph flows in only one direction – up toward the neck. The lymphatic vessels are powered by muscle movement in the body. This is why it’s so important for you to walk and move around every day.

The lymph is pumped back to the two veins located on either sides of the neck near the collarbone. Here it re-enters the circulatory system.

The Limo Driver says, “We’re coming to the thymus now, Boss.”

The Creator answers, “Yes, it’s a beautiful site. Close to the lungs. Here the cells are always standing ready to create active T cells from baby lymphocytes. The activated T cells help destroy infected or cancerous cells.”

He also tells you that your thymus is under your breastbone and it’s one of many strategies He put in your body to destroy tumors, cancers and infections.”

You thank Him for doing this.

Your thymus is made of spongy material similar to the tonsils.

The Limo Driver tells you where you are now in your journey. He says you’re traveling down the lymphatic channels against the current. It’s a bit slow.

You’re now in the lymphatic channels that are along the sides of the spine.

You ask the Creator, What are those round things – they look like soft plush piles?

The Creator answers, “Those are your lymph nodes. Their purpose is to act as filters for harmful substances. They filter the lymph fluid as it passes through them. Then the B and T cells attack any bacteria or viruses they find in the lymph.”

You recall that your doctor said some people have lymph nodes that become enlarged if cancers spread.

The Creator says, “When cancer cells break away from a tumor, they may become stuck in one or more of the nearest lymph nodes. By checking the lymph nodes, the doctor can determine how far a cancer has grown or spread.

He continues and says “We’re going to clean out all the lymph nodes right now. Give them a whole new start. I’m bringing each one up on the TV screen in bunches of 100. Let’s both scan them and then I’ll command them to be clean.”

100 lymph nodes come up on the TV screen. Underneath each one is its location in your body.

The Creator says that all of them are looking pretty good but they need daily filtration. Filter yourselves! Remove all toxins! You are clean!” he says with power in His voice.

Look at the screen. The nodes look clearer and it happened instantly.

The Creator then brings up the next ones on the screen. He spots one of them and points to it on the screen. “See how this one looks overloaded? It needs help. You are clean! Remove all toxins! Clean! Now the rest of you, filter yourselves! Remove all toxins! You are clean!”

You watch the Creator systematically review the rest of your lymph nodes in your body and proclaim them all clean.


Feel the effects of the power-cleaning in your body.

The Creator then tells the Limo Driver to go to the spleen next.

You look through the car window and view the amazing network of lymphatic vessels along the way. The lymphatic vessels are not as thick as arteries or veins. They’re more like suspension bridges, connecting different lymph nodes together. The Creator is finishing up the lymph node cleansing process.

The Creator asks you if you feel any different from all that power cleaning.

You internally scan your body and feel as if a weight has been lifted off your body. Your head feels clearer and you feel happier, too.

He says that’s a good way to know you are getting healed. It happens with spiritual healing, too.

You thank the Creator and feel so honored in many ways. Here He is spending time with you because you asked for it. He is cleaning your immune system so it can work more efficiently. You are now in the process – right here and now – of healing and becoming well.

You look outside the car window. There’s your spleen! It’s under the ribs on the left side of your body.

The Creator points out that it’s red and white – those are called pulp areas. The red pulp filters out worn and old damaged red blood cells from the blood and recycles them.

The white pulp contains many B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. These fight infection. As the blood passes through the spleen, these cells survey for signs of infection or illness and start to fight it.

Your spleen filters the blood and looks for infections. If infectious microbes are found, then white blood cells called lymphocytes get to work, killing the infectious organisms by producing antibodies.

You are awed by how amazing He is to have figured it all out and created such a wonderfully operating body.

“Thank you, God for creating this whole system!,” you say.

The Creator smiles and nods. “You are welcome! It delights me immensely to create and when I look at you, I see My handiwork. I see you as complete and whole!”

You thank Him again…. “But sometimes I don’t feel so whole.”

He says, “You will from this day on. You will feel whole and complete more and more. You are healed today, and every day more and more new cells are created and old cells are replaced. It’s a continual renewal.”

He says He wants to talk to you about your emotions.

You tell Him you want to discuss it.

He says He made you to have emotions and to use them to your advantage. Your emotions can collect in the body. He built your liver to recognize emotions as chemicals and it breaks them down as needed. This is why every night before bed, it’s a great idea to bring me all your emotions about different situations and place them on His altar. This way, your liver will break them down and you will stay healthy.

You wonder if He’s talking about anger and frustration, too. It’s like He reads your thoughts.

The Creator continues talking about emotions. “All emotions have to be broken down. Then your body can restore itself during the night and you can wake up refreshed. When the emotions are not broken down, they recirculate throughout the body. The negative emotions that are not broken down can start to attack different organs or cells, and that’s one way that cancer starts.

The happy emotions won’t harm your body in any way. It’s only the negative emotions that carry with them negative energy.

You’ve felt hurt and offended in the past – and with no one to help show you how to forgive and get past these hurts, these emotions have been accumulating. Are you willing to eliminate some of those hurts right now?

Each time you do this exercise, you may find new hurts from the past. It’s good to go through the process and eliminate them, one by one. You can even put them in bundles of three or five or even 12. The key is to eliminate them all and to live free of them and the damage they do.

You’re ready to move forward on this.

The Creator asks you to think of a time when you were hurt by what someone said. See the situation in your mind and feel the dagger going into your heart or other organ. Decide that this is one of the hurts you will give to Him to take care of.


He says He will pull out the dagger and when He does, it will instantly heal up with brand new cells replacing the old cells.

It’s time now for you to select a hurt and start the process.

Step 1. Choose the hurt. Feel how it hurt you and where you felt it in the body.


Step 2 is to make the decision to give it to the Creator.


Step 3 is to feel Him pulling out the dagger of each hurt and the instant healing of the whole area.


You notice you feel different. Like you are lighter and freer.

The Creator wants you to go forward another step. He is asking you to now in your mind, hug the person who caused you the initial hurt. See a repaired relationship.


You are imagining a repaired relationship right now and a smile comes to your mind. Your friendship has also been repaired. It seems a little awkward at first but the more you do it, the easier it is.

You see that you are doing fun things with this person and you are the best of friends.


The Creator asks that you now think of two or three relationships that need repair at a time. Let’s go through the process again. Select the hurts.


Decide to give them to Him. Do you really want to hold on to them?


Then feel Him pulling out the dagger of each hurt and the instant healing of the whole area.

This is a process you can come back to each day to get more and more healing. The Creator is always there to help you.

The Creator said that now it’s time to heal the immune system and wake it up even more. Whenever a tumor starts growing, it sends out signals to the cells of the immune system to shut off. In your mind’s eye – the theater that exists in your mind when you imagine things – let’s go to the area where the tumor is.

You do this and zoom in on the area where the tumor is. But when you see the tumor, it already looks different. It looks like it’s tired and is starting to break down. Like it’s shriveled a little.

The Creator says that your tumor has already started the dying process. Once the cause of its existence is removed, then it starts to die from the inside out. That’s why you see shriveling. It’s imploding on itself. You started a chain reaction that will continue. When you hugged the other person that harmed you, the accelerated the process.

The Creator asks you to feel His love for you right now to make the process go even faster.


He asks that you let His love for you go right into your heart and then get pumped out to all the cells of your body via your bloodstream. Feel it go everywhere in your body. See the love melting any areas that are hardened by hardened emotions.


The Creator says He wants to work with specific cells of the immune system.

The Limo Driver says you’re at the lymph nodes and will park here for awhile.

Inside the lymph nodes you have T and B cells. Let’s activate those cells and let them reproduce themselves.

The Creator says, “T and B cells in the lymph nodes – Helper T cells and Memory T cells, Killer T cells and Natural Killer T cells and B cells, go forth and multiply. Go to where you are needed. Killer T cells, you are called cytotoxic cells because you kill any damaged cells you run across.”

See the Killer T cells in your mind killing tumor cells now. (Pause)

The Creator is commanding the Natural killer T cells to launch an attack on any cells that don’t look right. Don’t ask any questions. Simply get them out of the way.

What He wants is for the
recruited natural killer cells to activate the destruction of the tumors.

He says, “I command that cells are recruited. They will eliminate any damaged cells.

See the natural killer cells doing this in your mind.


They are lining up to go out and kill the cancer cells. They are leaving now.

Follow the path of a few of them in your mind. Watch the natural killer cell spot a cancer cell. Then watch that cell take out its weapons and kill the cancer cell.

You see another killer cell do the same thing. You feel great relief every time this happens. Then you see a clean up crew coming to remove the dead cancer cell bodies.


The Creator wants to show you more of how He created this process to work.

Look at a normal cell, one that doesn’t have cancer. On the outside of the cell is a stick like device that is poking out of the cell. This is called the MHC1 site. It holds peptides. It’s like a flag.

Immune system cells come and attach onto the MHC1 site. Let’s say there’s a foreign protein that shouldn’t be in the body. It attaches onto MHC1. It makes the cell abnormal. The immune system then gets the flag signal to go to that cell. Macrophages or natural killer cells or cytotoxic substances will come to kill that cell.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. But cancer cells have fewer MHC1 sites so that the immune system cells won’t kill that cell.

This is one of the most important mechanisms for your body to fight cancer.
Right now, let’s give your immune system extra sensors to detect all the cancer cells with fewer MHC1 sites on them.

(The Creator blows a shofar three times.)

The Creator just blew the shofar sound. Did you hear it? He’s activating the immune system cells. Giving them special extra sensory perception to identify the cancer cells.


See the immune system cells perk up and hear the Creator’s sound. Wow, you even feel different when the shofar is being blown – like you want to join in on the battle!


Watch the cells become very activated and motivated to go out to find the hidden cancer cells. You’re getting excited about this process! You’re cheering them on from the sidelines.


Watch them in your mind’s eye as they begin finding and killing the hidden cancer cells. You’re superexcited as you start counting the dead cancer cells and observe your immune system cells removing them from the “battlegrounds”.

What a great battle! Your cancer cells are being destroyed. What a good day it is indeed.

You turn to the Creator and thank Him. He gives you a hug and you both smile widely. You say to Him, “You make this so easy!” He acknowledges your appreciation.

The Creator says that Cancer cells also have MHC2 “sticks” or receptors on them. The macrophage engulfs the cancer cell. It “eats” it, chopping it up to bits inside its “belly”. The bits and pieces become antigens. The macrophage wants to show these bits and pieces or antigens to the immune system B cells as flags so they can recognize the cells that have these antigens on them and destroy them.

But cancer cells have a way of lessening how many antigens show up inside the macrophages so this can’t happen.

Let’s repair this process right now. Ready to watch another battle?

In your mind, go to the location of the cancer in your body. Let’s wake up your immune system cells in that area so they can start doing their job again.

Wakie, wakie! Call out to them! They are your cells and hear your voice and what you say to them!

Now go to any other locations in your body where there may be cancer starting and do the same thing. Wakie! Wakie immune system cells! Feel the love!

The Creator blows the shofar three times with the sound of pure love once again.

Love is what wakes them up! There’s a frequency of love – and it comes through in sounds. When the shofar is blown with love in your heart – even in your imagination – you are sending out the frequency of love. It’s God’s frequency.

Whenever you are feeling like you need a pick-me-up, go into your mind and start blowing the shofar in the frequency of love. It will activate your immune system cells. They love the frequency of love. Just as you feel good when you’re around someone who loves you, they feel the ramifications of that love. And when you blow the shofar with the love frequency, the cells of the immune system become happier and more active.

So right now, blow the shofar in your mind! Blow it with love for them and what they are doing and to show your gratitude. Blow it and feel them wake up. Keep blowing it until they are all woken up! Not just in one part of your body but everywhere.

The Creator is getting ready to make an announcement: “Calling all B cells and macrophages. You are hereby notified that the veil has been removed. You can now see the cancer cells with even the least little bit of tumor antigen on them. You’re like a shark in the water that smells a drop of blood from a quarter mile away. “

You watch the B cells and macrophages move in after they hear the sound of the shofar. You actually see that there was a little “veil” or cloak around them that prevented them from seeing the cancer cell antigens. You’re right there on the scene with the Creator as this is happening. When the cloaks come off the cells, you collect them and put them in a big pile.

The Creator tells you to burn the pile now. He hands you a long match and a striking plate.

You burn the pile of cloaks. All the cells of your body cheer for your help in the process. You smile at the cells and they smile back!

The Creator tells you, “Now go out and take care of business!”

They rapidly leave the scene and you see how quickly they detect hidden cancer cells. More killing begins and there’s another big battle. You’re cheering them along from the sidelines. Do it now! You yell…


One by one your immune system cells that have been unveiled are taking down cancer cells. You’re so excited about this process. It’s working and the Creator is cheering them along, too.


Now this battle is coming to a close. The immune system cells are picking up the dead cancer cell bodies and eliminating them.

The Creator says there’s another battle to fight, (your name). Are you ready for another one?

You nod your head and say, “Let’s do it!”

The Creator says this one has to do with a process called antigen masking and antibody masking. The cancer cell masks its antigens on its surface so the immune system can’t find them. And when the B cells chop up cancer cells and present them to the immune system with their anti-tumor antibodies, the cancer cells will mask all the antigens on the macrophage surface so that the antitumor antibodies won’t find them.

That may seem a little complicated but basically what’s happening is that the masks have to be taken off. I hate masks of any kind – in people or in cells! So we’re going to have a mask party type of battle.

(The Creator blows the shofar three times) Macrophages and B cells and cancer cells you must show up now.

The cells come to the “party” – the battleground. (You look around and the Creator has hundreds of new masks for the cells that came to the party.) Every one of you is officially given new masks today! (He directs His angels to give them out appropriately. The B cells and the macrophages get the appropriate new antigen or antibody masks they need. The cancer cells get a new mask that will dissolve in 1 hour, and leave residues to prevent any new masks from being added by the cancer cell.

You stand by with the Creator watching the cells delight in their new mask. Some of them even join hands with others. It’s like you’re watching a show at football halftime!

Hey look, the Creator has gone out there. He’s kicking up His heels with the B cells and the macrophages. Why don’t you join them in the celebration?

The cancer cells are off in their own corner and there’s a big timer in the middle of the “field”. The timer is counting down. It started at 60 and it’s at 45 now. So you have about 45 minutes to have some fun.


You put on your gym shoes and go out there with them. You’ve never seen the Creator laughing and having a good time but why can’t He do this? After all, why should He be serious all the time? So you join them and it brings out the little kid in you – the one that used to laugh a lot and have a good time.

It’s therapeutic for you!

Keep on dancing!


Hey, there’s only one more minute to go. The Creator wants you to stand next to Him. You make your way and He puts His arm on your shoulder and told you to watch what’s about to happen.

The clock is now at 0 and the shofar blows again. All the cancer cell masks start dissolving and the cancer cells are crying out. They are dying. There was a poison in their mask and it’s dissolving them from the inside out.

The Creator says that the B cells and other immune cells are rejoicing and the mop up cells will remove the bodies of the cancer cells.

Everyone cheers and there’s even more dancing! Your cancer cells have dwindled to an even lower number in your body.

This time you ask the Creator if you can blow the shofar! He says yes.

The Creator wants to show you how the natural killer cells work in the body. These are the T lymphocytes that are not like normal T or B cells. They touch and massage every cell they contact. They sense the level of MHC1 in the cells. Remember that cancer cells do their best to reduce MHC1 in the cells affected by cancer so the killer cells will lose their ability to kill them.

The Creator made the killer cells to be quite amazing in how they act. When the killer cells are active, they attach to the cancer cell. The killer cells spew out chemicals called perforins into the cancer cell. Perforins perforate the cancer cell first. They make holes in the cancer cells. Then the killer cells make granzymes. In the holes of the cancer cells goes the granzymes. These granzyme poisons go right down the holes the perforins made. Once the granzymes are in the cancer cell, the cell starts dying.

See the process happening right now in your mind. The natural killer cells touch and massage every cell they contact. They find one that has low levels of MHC1 in it. The killer cell has been woken up by love and recognizes this low MHC1 cell. Then it spits out perforins that bore the hole in the cancer cell. The granzymes go down the hole and kill the cancer cell.

The cancer cell is dying much like the Wicked Witch in the West in the movie the Wizard of Oz. It’s collapsing into almost like a puddle. And the rest of the immune system cells come over to mop up the puddle.

See this happening everywhere in your body where your doctor said you have cancer.

You are really astonished about how complex and intricate the whole body is to do all this. You tell the Creator how wonderful of a plan this really is and thank Him for thinking about you many eons ago when He first conceived of you.

The Creator says you are most welcome! And while He tells you that you are welcome, you feel something new. You feel that you are free from cancer.

Your cancer is gone, (your name).

You feel tears welling up in your eyes. This is what you have wanted. You have waited for this day for a long time. This is what He has given you. You have seen His true nature and how He has only had good intentions for you.

Each time you listen to this recording, you will keep up the process of killing new cancer cells that have tried to take you down. Each day new cancer cells will be killed because your immune system is unmasking the strategies of the cancer cells and overcoming them with the Creator’s brilliance.

All you have to do is continue to follow His lead.

It’s time to tell the Creator goodbye for now.

“Will I ever see you again?” you ask Him.

Oh yes! He says, I am in your heart and with you always. Listen for my voice and I will always guide your steps.

It’s time to make some decisions now. There are foods you could eat that will disrupt your immune system and others that will help wake up your immune system so it can do an excellent job.

The foods that disrupt your immune system and cause inflammation include sugar, alcohol, and GMO foods. Any foods you are allergic to or sensitive to would also be on the list.

The foods that wake up your immune system are ones that are pure and wholesome, such as meats and poultry raised in such a way where there aren’t any added chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics. Your body would have to expend extra energy to remove these things from the foods if they were there. When the toxins aren’t there, your body can use the food as a whole pure food that can actually do a lot of good in your body.

Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds are next. These also should be pure and wholesome so as not to burden the body with toxins. Pesticides and chemicals added during growing are a burden on your body and detoxification systems. Juicing fresh vegetables and some fruits is also helpful for turning around cancer. Juicing floods the body with hundreds of medicinal constituents that heal all parts of the body.

Dairy products are good if your body likes them. Grains that are non-GMO and used in small amounts are good.

Your body is full of wisdom and it will talk to you daily. Just start listening. It will tell you what to choose for each meal of the day, when to go for a walk or exercise, how to calm down in the midst of stress. God will fill in the rest for you.

Now take a moment to focus on your future. Since your healing has been finished and you are well, remember that your healing can be renewed on a daily basis, as you have new cells that are being created every hour of the day.

Imagine what your life will be like. You get to choose. Will you choose more communication with others in relationships? Spending more time with family and friends? Laughing more and dancing more? Giving back to your community? What will your new daily life be? Will it be to inspire others every time you meet and greet someone? Will it be to pass on the love you felt today from your Creator?

You can choose to walk out of love. You can essentially blow the shofar of love every day wherever you go. No one will make you do it. Your choices affect other people’s lives in many ways. So choose wisely, say I’m sorry as often as I forgive you, and keep your smile! You are healed and others want to hear your testimony.

Take a moment for gratitude. Something big has happened here today. Stay in the feeling of gratitude and love for as long as you can. Feel this love from the Creator inside you and even moving you around, flipping you over, and filling you until all cells in your body are healed perfectly and you feel healthier than you’ve ever felt before and vibrant. The white light from the Creator has done remarkable things inside your body.

And there are a few other things to think about right now. How you speak can affect your health. When talking to others, they may not understand how this visualization can be quite powerful and contribute to your healing. They may not know that what you imagine in your mind can cause a string of events to occur in your body.

You can direct them to positively influence you. Ask them if they can ask the Creator to send you great healing energy. Do this instead of tell people you have been diagnosed with cancer, as that was past tense and now the Creator has said you are healed.

What you read or watch on television or hear on the radio also makes a big difference. When you read, see or hear positive things, the positive energy gets transferred to you. It connects with you and goes out through you. The positive energy from the Infinite builds strength, vibrancy and more of the positivity. You can then transfer it to others. You become a conduit to other’s healing, too.

This experience – this health challenge you suffered in the past is setting before you some new opportunities. It’s been a chance to learn something new and also make a positive impact in the world. It’s a chance to leave a legacy. It has now become something positive – and is a positive force in your world.

Repeat this visualization as often as possible. Create your bubble of health, your bubble of positivity, and your bubble where you are safe and secure with your Creator. You can discuss anything at any time with Him, no matter what.

Then get up slowly, take your first step into your brand new life. You’ve been transformed.

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