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Let’s watch this process unfold. Look – more and more immune system cells are coming into the area.

Viruses reproduce by injecting their genetic information into healthy cells. The infected cells speed up their own replication then and are replicating the DNA of the viruses. It’s your immune system’s job to detect and destroy the infected cells.

Right now in your mind, get an image of the herpes sore you may have on your skin. Then imagine the immune system cells coming in and attacking them. Don’t stop the little “movie” going on in your mind until the herpes sore and virus is completely gone. See the skin looking brand spanking new as they say – as if it were a newborn’s beautiful skin.

Then watch liquid love roll over the area, healing it totally and restoring it energetically.

Now let’s have you create your own liquid love. Repeat after me, “I love my skin! I’m sending my love from my heart directly to my skin.  Feel the love start in your heart and then travel directly to your skin. Feel the warmth that is in your skin from the added love.

Then feel the warmth bathe all the skin cells. It feels somewhat like when you are lying on the beach and feel the sunlight from above warm you, every part of you all at once.

Let the liquid love heal and nourish your skin cells during this process. Take a few moments to “bask” in the liquid love that is being applied to your skin.

And now in your mind, zero in on your immune system cells that are patrolling your skin for herpes.

Watch the macrophage cells engulf the herpes virus cells that they meet. The macrophage cells take out the virus cells and remove them from your circulation.

But you’re getting more back up with the elimination of these herpes cells. Your circulation is delivering substances that come into contact with the herpes viruses.

As soon as these substances contact the viruses, they kill the herpes cells that have started to build up a cold sore. See this process happening – the substances contact the herpes cells. It’s as if the substances are like acids that dissolve all the bad herpes cells. Yet the acids won’t dissolve normal skin cells.

Watch the process happen right now in your mind.

And there are other substances your circulation is delivering once they come into contact with these herpes cells. These other substances are weapons – like daggers and arrows and bullets that go straight into the heart of the herpes cells and kill them.

Command your body to increase these substances that go straight into the heart of the herpes cells and kill them.

Now watch this happening.

Wow, it’s amazing isn’t it? Liquid love, acid like substances that dissolve viruses and the herpes infected cells, and weapons that kill the heart of the cells. Three big ways you can actually command to get the herpes virus to die and your healthy skin to return.

Take another minute to see all three of these happening right now. Do this until you don’t see ANY more wart cell viruses or herpes in your mind’s eye that reflects what’s happening in your skin.











Look at this electron microscope picture of the herpes virus



Watch how liquid love rolls over the area first.

The capillaries can help you clear out this virus. The capillaries bring you certain types of nourishment that work against this virus. For example, the capillaries may contain medicinal ingredients from foods or herbs.

Herbs like cat’s claw, Mexican oregano, Prunella vulgaris (self-heal herb), licorice root and Gynura procumbens (African/Indonesian/Chinese) contain antiviral components that go right after the virus in your body. They are attracted to it much like the bacteria send out signals that the white blood cells pick up so they can recognize the bacteria

The herbal components inhibit the replication of the Herpes virus. It’s like these herbs are cutting off the reproduction organs of the virus. These herbs actually have components in them that can identify the herpes virus and go right after it. They inactivate enough of them to reduce the numbers of the virus to such low levels that your symptoms go away.

Small numbers of the virus may hide away in the neurons of the nervous system waiting for a period of high stress you are feeling when they come out again. But the herbs hunt them out and get them, too.

Let’s command this to happen right now. Imagine you have already consumed cat’s claw or Mexican oregano or any other herb that contains anti herpes virus ingredients.

Your stomach just identified that you have consumed something that you need – an herb or food that has anti-herpes virus ingredients. Your cells leap with joy. “It’s here! He (or she) has consumed a healthy substance to help us get rid of herpes virus! Yay!”

See these cells very happy!

Now let’s direct those herb active ingredients to pick up the messages from the herpes viruses a lot faster then before.

The active ingredients are traveling to the sites of the virus in the skin and in the spine and nervous system.

From this picture you can get the layout of the nervous system on a smaller scale. You can see that there’s a ganglion in the system. These ganglions may occur in any nerves in the body. This is where the herpes virus lays dormant. When you are under stress, the virus becomes activated and can start to produce the little vesicles filled with fluid that are characteristic of the herpes infection.

The herb ingredients are finding the cells that the herpes virus has already attacked and entering into these cells and attacking the “reproductive organs” of the virus inside the cell.


Technically what happens is the virus makes certain proteins that start building a skeleton of the cell. You can think of this new skeleton as a brand new cell within the cell that was attacked. It’s like the virus is creating a factory inside the cell you’re your body so it can replicate like crazy.

The virus also builds another protein called a glycoprotein that helps the virus attach and enter into the cell. They both make the virus reproduce but the glycoprotein can be considered like a “reproductive organ”. You can even imagine it as a gadget that drills a hole into the cell.

Viruses reproduce by injecting their genetic information into healthy cells. The infected cells speed up their own replication then and are replicating the DNA of the viruses. It’s your immune system’s job to detect and destroy the infected cells.

See the virus die in your mind. See this happening in your mind right now. One by one, the active ingredient of the herbs enter the cells and the virus is killed on the inside of the cell. There is no way possible that the virus can recover.

See the stopping of the building of the skeletons or factories for reproduction inside the cells. See the closing of the glycoprotein drill that got into the healthy cell in the first place. See the dead virus-infected cells.

See the immune system cells that do the cleanup of dead cells that were so infected with the virus rushing to the scene. They’re picking up the dead cells and putting them on stretchers to go to the graveyard. In this case the graveyard is right next to the lymphatic vessels that collect the garbage.

See all this happening once again in your mind. The infected cell sends out distress signs that attract the active ingredients of the herb. The virus itself has changed the cell of your body so that it’s no longer able to do what it is supposed to do. The virus – like bacteria sends out signals that attract the herb and natural ingredient attacker substances.

The attacker substances enter the infected cell and cut off its reproductive organ, the glycoprotein drill. They stop the proteins that are building new DNA and helping replication go faster.  Then the virus dies. The cell then dies and your immune system cleanup crew that is on standby takes these dead cells to the graveyard. The lymphatic vessels pick them up. They are now gone forever.

Command this process to occur. Infected cells, it’s time for you to increase your signs for the active ingredients to recognize where to go. Active ingredients, I command you to go to the site of the herpes infections, wherever they are including the spine, nervous system tissue, and skin. Go to the ganglions too. Enter the infected cells and kill the virus – and the infected cell. Then let the immune system cells like the macrophages pick up the debris and carry it away forever.

Make this happen faster and faster until all the infected cells are gone. See it happening in your mind.

Foods like beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, dairy products, brewer’s yeast and mung bean sprouts are high in lysine and low in arginine. The shift in the amino acid balance of arginine to lysine starves out the herpes virus. Combined with the herbs you can see the virus starving and then dwindling in numbers.

See this happening in your mind’s eye if you have the herpes virus. See the infected cells starving and getting thinner and thinner and weaker and weaker. Then see the medicinal components of the herbs coming in via the capillaries and making contact with the herpes viruses in the cells. See those medicinal components in your mind – you can make them look like little axes – cutting off the reproductive parts of the herpes virus just like before.

The drilling rigs the virus set up on the healthy cells are incapacitated. The proteins that make up the skeleton of the cells are destroyed. The cells genetic material is interfered with and now it can’t reproduce because its DNA replication is cut off.

Major areas that have to do with reproduction of the virus have been cut off permanently.

Then see your cells rejoicing because they are no longer affected by the herpes virus. And finally see the liquid love roll over all your healthy skin cells. Your skin is finally healed!

Take a minute to do this right now.

Command your immune system cells right now to be on the alert for every time you consume an herb or food that will help your skin. I command you cells to extract every bit of goodness from the things I consume that will help my skin.

I command you to operate in your full capacity to deliver good skin. Pretty skin. Healthy looking skin that others compliment me about. It is done.


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