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#1 Hack/Advice To Improve & Have A Great, Powerful & Amazing Romantic Relationship

#1 hack and advice to improve and ultimately have a great, powerful and amazing romantic relationship.

Prior to explaining the hack, it is important that we agree on a core foundational concept. When we feel connected, one, as if we were resonating at the same frequency, we feel more love. If you can recall your most incredible moments of romantic connection, likely you felt completely present, connected, and as if you were joined with the other. The hack is designed to address connection on a deep energy level.

When you and your partner’s energies are harmonized, you can experience greater and greater levels of deep connection. And the superficial things that were issues before become less so or disappear completely. You have more fun together and your romantic connection becomes better and better.

Do keep in mind that this is a skill like all others and the more you are self aware, observing yourself and asking how you can do it even better and doing so, the better your results will be.

The #1 hack / advice is to harmonize your energies doing the Power Life System Couple’s Harmonization.

Lay down together in a comfortable place, ideally a bed where you are each on your backs and have some space between you. You can hold hands or touch lightly by the hands.

The more leading one in the relationship can lead the activity, and then once you are both familiar, you would both do it at the same time, independently together.

Relax your body from your head to your feet. Start around your eyes and let the muscles relax even deeper. And allow your relaxation to continue to the next part of your body and so on to your feet allowing each prior part to relax even deeper now. Make sure to continue doing this until your focus and attention is 100% on the moment, and your continuing deepening relaxation.

Give thanks for all things in the spiritual, health, fun/enjoyment, social/interpersonal, and financial areas in this order.

Send great energy, radiating from the heavens in the form of white beams of infinite positive energy to those closest to you, then those farther away, and then you radiate white light, and allow your white light and that of your partner to join together and glow even more vibrantly, radiating to all beings on earth infinite positivity and out into the havens.

Experience all the things you most desire mentally in the spiritual, health, enjoyment, social and financial areas. See yourself doing them in more and more detail..

Now connect with how you would feel, move, act, and think about yourself having realized what you most desire and see yourself, feel, and expand the positive feelings.

Ask each other how you feel, likely you feel more centered, relaxed, aware of your energies, and connected. The more you do it, the greater the connection becomes.


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