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Cure For Cancer. Address These 10 Emotions & Instantly Boost Immunity & Improve Health

10 emotions that when addressed will instantly boost your immunity and improve your health.

These are 10 strong negative emotional triggers that cause most people to react in such a way that stress chemicals are released in their body, degrading their immune system, and if it continues for long enough, increasing one’s risk of cancer. The solution is to condition oneself to react in positive ways that boost one’s immunity and wellbeing as a result of the same emotional trigger. The more you do it, the more this becomes your new habit.


Number 1: Anger.  

React by increasing the happiness you have. Visualization: something you most most most want. How would you feel. Expand these feelings.

Number 2: Fear.

React by filling your body with an even greater emotion of positive anticipation, relaxation, and happiness. Visualization: what it is you most desire resulting from the situation and connect even more to the positive feelings you would have.

Number 3: Resentfulness.

React by increasing your joy. Visualization: see a point in future when you’ve realized or done something you most desire. Connect with and expand these positive emotions.

Number 4: Jealousy.

React by giving even more love. Visualization: remember a time you really felt loved, cherished, and appreciated. Connect with the positive feelings and expand them more and more. Now radiate these to the person who triggered this emotion as a white light.

Number 5: Hate.

React by filling with even more of all of what you most desire. Visualization: visualize a white light of infinite positive abundance, love, wealth, intimacy, everything you most desire around you. Beams are radiating into you and filling you. Continue repeating until you feel so great and are radiating a white light you feel blissful.

Number 6: Worry.

React by realistically looking at things. Ask yourself what the worst and best things that could happen. If there is a legitimate risk, address it. If not, then be realistic and affirm that you are worthy of a great result and visualize the ideal result you most want, relaxing into it more and more.

Number 7: Sadness.

React by filling even more with thankfulness. Ask yourself and answer all the things you are thankful for right now. Continue until a smile forms and grows on your face.

Number 8: Unworthiness.

React by increasing your confidence from an infinite source. Visualize around you an infinite white light of confidence, worth, value, appreciation, and success. Radiating beams into you and feel how you feel, move with even more confidence and repeat this until you feel even more solid and confident.

Number 9: Unloved.

React by 1) Relax completely and  open your heart chakra with a radiant green light and radiating even more love to others from your heart and your eyes each time you greet them, and 2) Allow yourself to glow even brighter white or green and radiate this light out to all people on earth and universe making them feel even more loved

Number 10: Any other emotion that drains your energy or brings you to a lower emotional state.

Model the pattern and react by filling even more from an infinite source and giving and positively impacting others even more.


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