7 hacks to get through a heartbreak or get over an ex.

Before I start into the how to’s, I want to say I understand. The feeling of jealousy, of seeing the woman or man you love with someone else. It’s literally a visceral physical pain. As if someone punched you in the gut or was physically torturing you. The good news is that there is a solution to it that incidentally when you do it increases the chance that whoever was doing something that was causing you heartbreak flips 180 degrees and starts doing what you most wanted.

In order to get the best results from these methods, you need to do 2 things.

FIRST, have an open mind and test these out with complete confidence they will work for you.

SECOND, understand and recognize that we feel bad when we are depending on someone else to make us feel good about ourselves and this is something we need to change in ourselves. It’s not about what they did but how we interpret and/or depend on them for our feeling of self worth which should be infinite and filled from a source greater than ourselves or them.

HACK #1: Communicate your honest feelings.

For example, “I felt sad when you said … because connection with you is very important to me.” This is important because the other person may not have intended for you to feel the way you felt and very well could instantly do something more in line or exactly what you desire!

HACK #2: Be clear on what you truly want.

For example, if you are heartbroken because of a breakup, ask yourself, “What would be my dream relationship?” E.g. what qualities both physical and personality traits would be ideal for you. Be really honest about what you truly want on the deepest level and respect that it may or may not align with what society says “should be on the list.”

HACK #3: Feel even more positive by experiencing what you most desire now.

To do this, allow yourself to become even more present by placing your complete attention on the now. Relax your body by focusing on one part at a time.  Give thanks for all things in the interpersonal part of your life: you can see, hear, move, clothing, from the smallest to largest. Continue until your mind is present, and you have increased your sense of thankfulness for all you have. Now, visualize and mental experience what you most want. E.g. the ideal relationship you just defined or whatever caused your heartbreak going exactly as you most want. Then identify and amplify the positive emotions you feel when this happens. Expand these positive emotions in your body by choosing a color and then making it more and more intense, brighter, radiating even greater. Add sounds, tastes, textures, and more and more details and repeat as long as you would like. 

HACK #4: Connect with and experience the infinite positive energy in the universe.

Visualize around you a white light of infinite positive energy of joy, connection, love, intimacy, passion, fulfillment and connection with all. See yourself as a radiant ball of light glowing and rays from the infinite source of what you most desire being radiated into you and filling you. You glow even bright and brighter feeling more and more of the feelings you most desire. Continue this activity until you feel more fulfilled in the emotions you most want than you wanted to feel from the ex or the person or thing that caused you heartbreak. As with any skill, the more you do it the greater your new even more positive feelings will be.

HACK #5: Do something that has a good probability of meeting people who have the qualities you want. 

Go there already feeling fulfilled and happy by doing these hacks, first focus on enjoying the moment, and then flow based on what you feel drawn to do.

HACK #6: Separate the negative emotion from the experience.

Visualize whoever or whatever gave you heartbreak or your ex. Now scramble your eyes, moving your eyes in all directions. Keep on doing this , repeating it until the emotional connection with this event or person is lessened enough where it is just another memory.

HACK #7: Cut the energy bonds the person or event has on you.

Visualize the energy linking that was causing you to feel these emotions in the past. Now take a pair of scissors or in another visual way, sever the energy links with the other person. See your energy 100% independent from theirs. Now become present and connect even more with the infinite positive energy in the universe, you glowing even whiter, and more positive.


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