Whether you’re writing your New Year’s resolutions, or even better, goal setting for self motivation along the way during the year, it’s very important that your desires/goals match what you most deeply resonate with – that you connect with your desires and goals in life on the deepest level. This will encourage you even more and make every moment more fantastic as you’re accomplishing what’s most important to you. The following are 3 tips to identify your most important desires.

1) Determine the ultimate outcome of what you most desire when your reflect on goal setting.

Ask yourself the following question, “When I do (desire/goal), what will I get or achieve?” Keep asking this question until you identify the deeper desire behind what you originally wrote down. Then write down your updated desire.

For example, you may have written, “I earn $5,000 extra (by specific calendar date).” Upon reflection, you realize that your true desire is to earn the money to go on a family vacation to the Bahamas. So you would update your desire to, “I have $5,000 saved and pay cash for my family vacation to the Bahamas (by specific calendar date).”

2) Focus on personal goals, what is most important for you.

What society, family, friends and others want for themselves is fine. Respect what they suggest and understand where they’re coming from and the positive intention behind it.

However, for this exercise for personal motivation, write down what YOU want. Accept your desires and let the creativity flow. You can always go back and update your plan to reflect new insights along the way.

3) Do a quick future projection exercise.

Future projection is where you project yourself into a future point in time when you have attained what you desire.

    1. Relax yourself completely from your toes to your head. Allow your awareness to be in the present.
    2. Identify the things that are really important for you right now in the areas of finances, health, social, spiritual, and enjoyment.
    3. Now, project out 10 years in the future when things are even better. Every day, in every area, everything is enhanced and improved.
    4. Ask yourself, “What things are important to you and what have you accomplished in each area of your life?”
    5. Write those accomplishments down as your motivation.

What is it like when my desires resonate with me?

When you write down your goals in life and every detail of how to set goals, your desires are precisely aligned with what you most deeply desire, you will feel that inner motivation, like pieces of a puzzle are coming together, that inner wonderful feeling that everything is right. And it’s as simple as adjusting the things that you wrote-how to set the goals. So you are controlling your life.

You can liken it to all kinds of things. It’s as if you’re painting a masterpiece and you look at it and you say, “Wow!” Or you get that dessert served in front of you and you say, “Wow!”

How can I use self motivation for even faster progress?

When you’re writing down your desires, use the proven process that’s outlined in the Power Life System Course to guide you to identify and word your desires in the optimum way. It is an excellent example of showing you how to set goals and to make even faster progress to accomplish what you desire and make every day even more positive.

Then, you’re going to find that there is an acceleration in the goal setting of the desires you have identified. You can call it magic, coincidence, the power of attraction, or the universe conspiring – however you want to define it is fine. But you will find that your goal setting is coming into place in a natural way that lines up with your deepest desires, and you will feel your personal goals, career goals and desires connecting.

It could be literally minutes or hours from when you write it, or it could be a different time period, of course. As you accomplish and achieve your desires, you can start identifying new and greater desires and add them to your plan.


I’ve given you 3 tips to help you clarify your desires. The more your desires or personal goals match what you most deeply resonate with, the faster and easier you are going to create your goal setting and accomplish them.

When you realize your desires, it’s wonderful because you are making this life experience one of the most fantastic and healthy experiences that you can have.