“How soon will I see results? How soon will I have what I want?”

This is an excellent question. The fundamental concept of the Power Life System is that you already have that which you desire on an energetic level. You already have the “material” possession that you desire, so to speak. And you also already have the feeling that we have when we achieve or have something. As a result, you already have everything that you desire.

The focus of the system is to focus on your optimum daily habits.

These are common sense habits that in the full course I walk you through the steps on how to identify which ones are going to get the best and the biggest results. The concept basically on a simplified level is, let’s say that you visualize or your desire is to have, let’s say, a flat belly. You already visualize it. You already feel the emotion that you have when you have that flat belly, which is going to be that you feel greatYou feel confidentYou walk around with an aura of confidence. So you already have that. You’ve already realized the experience you associate with having what you desire.

In addition, to manifest that in the here and now you’re going to do your habits. Common sense habits could be to, little by little, have more nutritious food entering your body. It could be to replace, let’s say, a candy bar with an apple. That could be your initial habit. And you would start with small habits and add ones that will bring you even greater progress. Another habit could be to do more activity and movement. For example, instead of watching TV for an hour at night it could be to go for a walk for five minutes to start and then ten minutes and fifteen.


So to answer the question, again, “How soon will I see results?” there’s a trick – or if you want to call it something that – is the way things work is that you already have that which you desire on an energetic level since we are all connected energetically with everything else. At the same time, you are doing optimum habits, meaning activity, to create what you want in the here and now. And you’re putting in this activity with absolute faith that you already have what you desire. So there’s a detachment from the results. And by doing this the fastest manifestation of what you already have energetically happens in the here and now.

When Will I Have All I Want?

As humans, we have an incredible desire to want more. This drive is also fueled by media encouraging us to buy the products or services to “enhance” our lives or to solve the “problems” they present (whether real or not). The suggestion is to align the desire you have with making each day as fantastic as possible by wiring your brain (increasing the strength of the synaptic connections/myelin)  to focus on experiencing the positive things you associate with having achieved what you want more and more. This is 100% in your control.

The second is to shift the reward to the habits, e.g. instead of having the _______, the mental reward (your body releases certain chemicals that make you feel great) to having done the things that progress you toward achieving what you desire. This is also 100% in your control.

As a result, everyone who has done the course feels and experiences each day even more positively. And as a side result, we have numerous testimonials (practically everyone who does the course consistently) of people who also have achieved their initial desires and with their increased self-confidence set new greater ones.



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