Weight Loss Motivation

This is Eric Michael from the Power Life System and in this post, you are going to learn how weight loss motivation is very important. You will be able to recognize how to use self motivation and stay motivated to lose weight.

When it comes to the area of weight loss motivation, I really had a challenge in that I have since solved.  I remember when I would get a box of truffles as a gift. Five to ten minutes later I had eaten every single one. I went to Round Table for a pizza, got an extra large pizza, double crust, extra cheese, and ate it all by myself. I would buy donuts, twinkies and pastries and consume them like there was no tomorrow.

The reason I did was that I associated more pleasure to eating these than to having my ideal weight, body and achieving my fitness goals. By doing some simple steps I was able to use weight loss motivation.  I found what could motivate me was I associated greater pleasure with eating things that I find very tasty.  That resulted in making my health, body, and energy more and more of what I desire.

How to be yourself

However, the great news is that you can do the same without having to force it.

Who you are today, and especially your habits in terms of eating and activity likely developed over an extended period of time. Maybe something happened. Maybe  you ate something, and then felt better.  This could have made you associate eating food with bringing you joy. Perhaps you went to the gym and someone made a sideways glance.  After this, you felt bad and started associating going to the gym with embarrassment. While these are examples, we have all had experiences that were either positive or not so much so that we have linked to the activity. These all happened more or less naturally, without any conscious effort.

The great news is the best way to lose weight is using the same process that brought us to where we are today. Our thoughts about losing weight are an improved thought process where losing weight is much easier and more natural!

Self Motivation


Step 1: Stop comparing yourself with anyone else, as a result, you will learn how to be yourself.  Be the best version of you. If social media is negatively affecting you of the pictures of others portraying their incredible lives, get off it.

Step 2: Recognize that only your thoughts have been holding you back and that by changing your thoughts you can be motivated. Using self motivation, agree that your thoughts were brought to you how they are today in a natural manner.  They can be adjusted where weight loss is easier.


Step 3: Commit to doing the visualization and mental experience focusing on the body you desire at least one time daily for 30 days because you will naturally adjust your thoughts to best way to lose weight and get the results you want naturally.

  • If you are doing something that requires your attention, please complete it and then continue.
  • Feel a gentle wave of relaxation from your head to your feet. As you breathe in and out 3 times, allow yourself to relax 10x deeper with each breath.
  • Now, visualize yourself with the body you most desire. Add in as many details as possible of what you do, with whom, what clothing are you wearing and the activities you are enjoying.
  • Identify and experience how you feel, move, act, and think about yourself as well as the world now that you have achieved your weight loss goals. Likely you feel great, happy, attractive, sexy and confident. When doing this myself, I fell it motivate me. Expand these feelings more and more. Likely you move with even more confidence, act in even healthier ways and think about weight loss as easy. Now that you have used your self motivation, you can personalize these even more for yourself. You have now achieved your weight loss goals.
  • Ask yourself, “What is one thing I could do that’s in my comfort zone that would bring me in the direction of achieving my weight loss goals?” Regardless of it’s perceived size, it is great. You are here because of weight loss motivation. Well done!
  • Go do it!


Step 4: Congratulate yourself ideally with rewards for activities in your control. E.g. go to gym, 5 minutes of exercise, eat the apple instead of apple pie, eat a little less, speak even more positive about your body, and so on. Focus 100% on the activities and feel better and better.

Additionally, continue doing these 4 steps for 30 days, for at least once per day. Due to imagining and experiencing already having the body you most desire, the faster the law of attraction will bring this to you. It is important that you connect and experience the positive emotions you associate with having accomplished your weight loss goals. The more you connect the more motivated you will be.

To help you get even faster weight loss results using these 4 steps, I have created a free guide, How To Visualize And Mental Experience. It is FREE and you can click here to get it now. Again, download it now and apply for even faster results.

Lots of love and speedy weight loss results and look forward to seeing you on a future video.