In this post, I’m going to reveal 5 things you may be doing to be blocking yourself from being in the zone and a flow state.

When you are in this state, you have a heightened sense of concentration and find that results come naturally. Buddhist and Taoist teachings refer to this state as “action of inaction” or “doing without doing.” You can also think of it as a state where you are fully focused on your activity while also tapping into the law of attraction to naturally manifest the things you most desire.

Let’s get started with the 5 things you may be doing from blocking the flow state from happening and what to do instead:

  1. First: Criticizing others or engaging in an argument with another.

    When one places one’s awareness on any type of conflict, one’s body releases numerous chemicals that cut off the ability to get into the flow state or zone. When one criticizes another, one focuses on the negative item that the other was perceived to have. This causes one to attract more of what one doesn’t want, blocking one from entering in the zone (which results by focusing on what you desire).

    To solve this there are several methods. First, expand the habit of mentally experiencing what you most desire and how great you would feel when you had accomplished it. Second, expand the habit of recognizing how we are all interconnected and part of one planet and human race. Third, observe how when you send love, are patient, and accepting, you feel even better, accomplish more, get faster results and enter the zone / flow state even easier.

  2. Second: Not believing.

    Your beliefs will dictate your thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your actions. And your actions will allow you to enter the flow state and zone where results come naturally.

    To solve this, expand the habit of speaking positive about yourself. Affirm that you can do what you desire. If you read or listen to anything that is alluding that it is hard to achieve, stop and listen to or watch content that empowers you instead. If you have been using your current situation to elicit sympathy from others, stop and instead achieve so you don’t need to get from others; you give instead. Repeat after me, “I can do anything and everything that is humanly possible, including be in the zone and flow state whenever I desire.”

  3. Third: Lack of balance.

    This means that by only focusing on one area, one will accomplish, but to truly experience the ultimate in flow state, one needs to engage all life areas.

    To do this, consciously identify what you most desire in the spiritual, health, interpersonal, enjoyment and financial areas. Then do something in all daily even if you focus more in one area. This will tap you even more into the infinite positive energy in the universe and help you enter the zone and flow state easier and faster.

  4. Fourth: Lack of a massive mission greater than yourself.

    When you have your eyes on a mission that is much greater than yourself, you tap even more into the infinite positive energy in the universe. This in turn allows you to enter the flow state and zone easier and faster.

To help even more people accomplish their goals faster by entering in the zone or flow state, I thank you ahead of time for sharing with at least one person. 

May you be even more in the zone and flow state, and I look forward to seeing you in a future video.


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