What is the Law of Attraction and Why am I Experiencing Law Of Attraction Blockages? Do this with Facebook, Instagram and social media.

If you are reading this, you most likely can answer the question, what is the law of attraction. Do you ever feel you have everything aligned to have your greatest and deepest dreams become a reality in your life. Yet for some reason you have law of attraction blockages, and it isn’t working as it should for you. You feel stuck.

This could be the one thing you need. Let’s start with a quick self-analysis to remind yourself, what is the law of attraction, and to see what is blocking the flow for you.

law of attraction blockages and social media

How many times you check facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media accounts may be blocking the Law Of Attraction from working in your life.

  1. How many times per day do you check social media for new messages?
  2. And, how many times per day do you check social media for likes, comments, pins, etc.?
  3. Rate how emotionally affected you are by the feedback you get (or don’t get) in social media?
  4. If someone posts something you perceive as negative or critical of you, how bad do you feel?

If you are checking social media more than 2-3 times per day and are emotionally affected by what others say (or don’t say), then you are blocking or at least hindering the Law Of Attraction from manifesting what you most want in your life.

Why Do You Have Law Of Attraction Blockages?

  1. Interrupts Flow State. Each time we check social media and return to what we are doing, we are interrupting our flow state. It takes time to return to the flow state and studies demonstrate that multitasking degrades performance.
  2. Affirms Lack. While many do not want to admit it, many seek social media to feel good about themselves. It’s like a drug. Studies have even demonstrated that the feel good chemical, Oxytocin is released when we get a new message, like, or positive comment. However, by focusing on others to feel good about oneself, it is affirming lack and causing the Law Of Attraction to bring more need to feel good from others. Think of it like a drug addict, no matter how much drugs they get, they need more to get the same feel good high.

What Is The Solution To Solve This?

  1. Be honest. Just like in alcoholics anonymous, the first step is to be honest with oneself and admit that one needs to solve this area of dependency to check social media.
  2. Connect with an ever greater source of positive energy. A quick way to do this throughout the day is to identify and go to a quiet place. In nature is ideal. Get comfortable. Relax even deeper, give thanks for things in all areas of your life, send great energy to others, visualize what you most desire already realized, and connect even more with the positive feelings. Expand each time you do it.

    woman meditating law of attraction blockages solved

    The more you meditate doing these steps, the more you will fill with infinite positive energy and the law of attraction will attract what you desire faster and easier. Remove Law Of Attraction blockages.

  3. Each time you feel a desire to check your social media accounts, connect even more with the infinite positive energy in the world to fill even more with the emotion you want. E.g. a common emotion is to feel happy, recognized, loved, acknowledged, and liked. Visualize yourself as a glowing white light, already filled with these positive emotions. Now visualize an infinite white light around you radiating beams into you of these and you feel even more of these emotions. Continue until you feel a smile radiating on your face and the desire eliminated or significantly reduced to check social media.
  4. Check once or twice a day to keep in contact with people with an emphasis on already feeling great regardless of whether you get what you perceive as positive comments or not.

Ask and Observe

Ask your self as a reminder, what is the law of attraction? Observe how you feel and how much easier it is to manifest what you most desire. Notice how much calmer your mind is. And notice how your Law Of Attraction Blockages have been reduced or completely solved.

The more you do these steps, the easier it will be and the greater your results.


Peace and love,

Eric Michael