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Kidney Disease Treatment – Visualization To Solve Kidney Pain, Disease & Failure


What you think and meditate on can heal your body, kidneys, and even provide an effective natural kidney disease treatment! And often when one part of the body is not working as well as it should, then we tend to think of that part of our body as “broken” or “diseased”. In advanced conditions, sometimes people will disconnect themselves mentally from the poorly working body part.

To improve one’s health, one of the most important things to do is change the thoughts in one’s mind. Seeing the body as a whole with all parts working together is exceptionally important for a kidney disease treatment. This is something that more and more researchers are confirming with their work.

Relaxing and thinking very specific thoughts about how the body works is enough to start improving your health as well as the health and functioning of your kidneys! That’s exciting because it tells you there is actually something you can do other than take medications to heal your kidneys!

Napoleon Hill, author of As a Man Thinketh was right!

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Gain A Deeper Understanding Of How Your Kidneys Work

The more you know about the optimum functioning of your body, the greater you can control and guide it to maximize your health and provide a kidney disease treatment.

As an example to illustrate this concept is if you were tasked with solving a mechanical issue in your car. Perhaps you know how to do this (which would be great), however most people (myself included) are not yet very knowledgeable about how the things inside my car work. As such, I look at the car from a superficial level, and if something goes wrong, have little knowledge yet on how to solve it.

However, if you were to be trained by an expert mechanic (or learn by any other means) how the car’s mechanical system works, and what to do to solve issues, you would get much better results and most likely be able to solve it.

The same holds true with your body. Right now, if you are like most people, your knowledge of what is going on inside, how your organs work, how your kidneys work, and so on, likely can be improved.

And the great news is that the more you improve your knowledge of your kidneys, the greater positive influence you can have to maximize its functioning, with the ultimate goal to provide you an effective kidney disease treatment!

IMPORTANT: As you watch the videos on how your kidneys works, allow the information to grow in your mind naturally. E.g. since likely many of these concepts are new, congratulate yourself on watching them the first time. Then the second, notice how you have learned new concepts. Then each subsequent time you watch them, congratulate yourself on having done so as well as be thankful for the additional knowledge you have naturally gained.

With all this in mind, let’s get started. Since today we are rebuilding your kidneys and providing a natural kindey disease treatment, the first step is to watch a few videos on the topic of how they work. The first few of these are videos created for kids so they are very easy to understand. They are guaranteed to make you smile as well!

Video 1: This one shows you how you experience your kidneys every day:
Chloe and Nerb

Video 2: You’ll learn a little bit more with this one:
Kidney functions in human body

Video 3: The previous two built up your knowledge on the kidneys to a high level. Now you’re ready for a little bit more information:
Kidney Anatomy Song for Children/ Kidney Anatomy

Video 4: Renal Bloodflow

Video 5: Blood Flow in the Kidneys

Video 6: Renal Blood Flow Presentation Anatomy & Physiology

After you have watched the previous videos and feel you have internalized the concepts, then watch these videos:

Video 7: Renal Blood Supply – Blood Supply to the Kidneys

Video 8: Urinary System, Part 1. Crash Course. (Warning: He talks fast!)

Video 9: Urinary System, Part 2. Crash Course (Warning: He talks fast!)

Now that you’ve seen what the kidneys look like in the body, plus all of their associated parts, you can imagine them in your own body. You’ll see some pictures here as well to help you recall what they look like.


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Relax – and Enjoy This

It’s a great time to sit back and relax and let your mind be at ease. Find the most comfortable place you can find right now and go to it. Maybe it’s a reclining chair or a rocking chair in your living room, or even your own bed. The location is different for everyone.

Make yourself really comfortable and feel your worries and concerns leaving you the minute you sink down into that chair or your bed. You’re in a protected place right now, somewhat like a bubble but the bubble has strong walls. Nothing can get through the walls to hurt you. It’s a unique bubble though and those strong walls allow good things to come in – and whatever you want to let out of the bubble, you can do at will.

Think about this bubble that is surrounding yourself right now. Feel yourself relaxing inside the bubble, and when a worry or concern arises in a thought you have, capture it like you would capture a feather floating in front of you. Your thought becomes a feather.

Toss the thought (feather) towards the walls of the bubble. The bubble recognizes it as something that has to be let out and ejects it out of the bubble. Watch the thought disappear into thin air the minute it gets outside the bubble.

Let’s spend a few more minutes waiting for more thoughts and concerns you have to come up. Let them all go outside your bubble.

Now you should understand that if you ever want to give those thoughts and concerns some of your time and energy in the future, all you have to do is think of them. They will return. For now, we want them as far away from us as possible.

Take another minute and allow more thoughts and concerns to disappear easily and naturally through the protective bubble walls.

Next I want you to scan your body for areas of tenseness. Do you feel tightness in your neck or your back? Do your knees or any part of your body feel inflamed and hot to the touch? Identify those body parts right now…

Relax Even Deeper With The “Mad Driver Reaction to Rag Doll”

There’s a quick way to relax them. I call it the Mad Driver-Rag Doll Move. Can you relate to feeling aggravated when someone swerves in front of you when you’re driving? Your body tenses up quickly. You grip the steering wheel tight and your back and neck tenses up. Even your leg muscles get tight, as you brace yourself. That reaction is what I call the Mad Driver Reaction.

Try to feel the Mad Driver Reaction right now – but for only one full second. It’s easy to do if you think back to what it feels like when you’re driving.

Then let your body feel like a Rag Doll right afterward.

Mad Driver Reaction. One thousand one… hold it – muscles tight. Now let it go and feel like a rag doll. Free of all the tension.

Good job.

We’re going to repeat this – it’s a way to make your body more relaxed.

This time I want you to do the Mad Driver Reaction but feel only half as much tension. We can call it the Mad Driver 50% Reaction. Yes, the other driver did make you mad but it’s only half as bad. Feel your back and neck muscles tensing. Your fists forming. Your leg muscles tensing – but only half as much.

Hold it for one full second. Good!

Now become a Rag Doll.

Breathe a full deep breath . . . and let it out. Again… a full deep breath. . . and let it out.

Good job!

We’re going to do this two more times to take your body stress levels down to 5% or less.

Ready for the Mad Driver reaction? Decrease the reaction another 50% more than last time! This is the Mad Driver 25% Reaction. That other bad driver is not going to get the best of you! Your body only tenses a fraction of what it used to! Hold for 1001. . .

Now let your body go into the Rag Doll position. Whew! What a relief.

Take a deep breath and let it out. And another deep breath. And let it out.

One more time!

Imagine you are out driving… a driver cuts you off. This time you simply react positively to move your car out of the way of harm and only tense your muscles 10%. Mad Driver Reaction 10% Reaction. Ready? Go for it. Mad Driver 10% Reaction. Hold for 1001 and then go right into the Rag Doll position.

Wow! That’s even more relief! Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

And another deep breath and let it out…

Okay, the state you are in now in this protective bubble is really incredible. All the stress mysteriously escaped through the bubble walls.

You Have A Gift… Releasing Hurts is the Next Step

Hey did you notice there are little mini bubbles inside the bubble you are in? It’s like soap bubbles you used to play with as a child… Look at that! One just landed on your nose and broke! How funny is that! Take a moment to playfully pop some of those bubbles! You need a little fun!

Now look over to your right. There’s a really big bubble there. But look closely. There’s a present inside that bubble! It’s wrapped in gold wrapping paper with three bows – a gold one, a red one and a purple one.

Would you like to open up the gift?

When you’re ready, pop open that bubble and bring the gift to your lap.

Open it up. See what’s inside…

Wow, it’s a brand new kidney! Take it out of the box. Feel its texture. It’s a bit spongy. That’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s live tissue that has 100% working parts.

And the new kidney has some tags on it. What do the tags say?

One tag says, “Love me! I’m your kidney!”

Did you ever think of loving your kidney? Most people haven’t. But your kidney is asking you to do so. Give it a kiss and say, “I love you, Kidney! Thank you for serving me for my whole life! I wish I had thanked you before! You’re so worth your weight in gold for all the things you do for me!”

The gold bow reflects the new kidney that is worth its weight in gold for you.

Kidney Purification

Let’s look at the next tag. It says, “ Clean me! Give me a bath!”

Okay, when you get this tag, it means your kidney is asking you to mentally do some purifying of the kidney cells. This is something most people never think about doing.

There are certain emotions and thoughts that hurt the kidney. They shut down the functions of the kidneys. And your kidneys want to work at full capacity. That’s why the tag says Clean Me. Give me a bath.

So now we’re going to ask your body to bring up any fears or thoughts that have collected in your kidneys over the years that are stuck there. They’re interfering with your kidney working at full capacity effortlessly and naturally.

Your mind will bring you a fear or thought of this nature. When it does, let’s put it in the form of a feather. Let’s collect four or five feathers then.

The fear could be anything – fear of seeing the doctor.
Fear of talking to a family member.
Fear of a snowstorm.
Fear of taking a test when you were in grade school.
It could be anything.

It could be an emotion like anger. Or desperation. Or frustration. Or sadness.

Take a minute or two and collect those thoughts and emotions. Put them inside the open and empty present box. Then cover the box and tell those thoughts and emotions to change into light and fluffy feathers.

Open the box. Look! There’s a feather in there for every one of those thoughts and emotions that were hurting your kidneys. What would you like to do with those feathers?

Let’s get them out of your protective bubble right now. Toss them to the walls and instantly they will be sucked out and will vanish. Your protective bubble knows what belongs inside itself and what doesn’t.

Next take a few deep breaths. You’ve done a lot so far! Your body is vibrating at a higher frequency now with all those toxic emotions and thoughts gone. Feel how good it feels to be purified from them!

There’s one more tag hanging from that new kidney. It says, “Rebuild me! I want fresh new cells!”

This is going to happen in two different ways.

Anatomy of the Kidney – Heal the Different Parts of the Kidney with Love and Forgiveness

Let’s take a minute to zero in on your kidney now. Look at your kidney in your mind as if you were looking inside your body.

Your kidneys are tucked away under your bottom ribs. They’re located in the back of your abdomen. Your stomach and intestines and liver are in the front.

Your kidneys have to get blood from somewhere and they get it directly from the artery that comes down from your heart called the abdominal aorta.

Notice there is an artery going right into the kidney. It’s very red because it’s carrying oxygen and blood to nourish your kidney.

The blue one is the vein and it’s blue because the blood is in a vein. It doesn’t have oxygen and is traveling back to the heart to get oxygenated.

That artery comes directly from the artery that feeds the heart. They are closely connected.

The blood is going to enter the different parts of the kidney, get filtered, send some of the blood back to the heart via the veins, and send the rest as urine to the bladder.

The urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through a tube called the ureter. There’s one ureter for the right kidney and another for the left kidney.

Then the urine is collected in the bladder. Once it’s in the bladder, you wait for the signal from your brain telling you that your bladder is full – time to go urinate.

When you urinate, the bladder empties completely and then deflates like a little balloon without air in it.

Think about it as if you’re riding in a boat on the bloodstream. You start out in the heart and when the heart beats, your boat is catapulted out of the heart and into the abdominal aorta. There’s a sign up ahead and it says, “Right Renal Artery, Turn Right”. Underneath that sign, it says, “Left Renal Artery, Turn Left.”

You decide to take the Right Renal Artery road. You’re entering the kidney. You see the walls of the artery and they look smooth. They move, expanding and contracting rhythmically.

That’s an overview of the system but we’re going to take each part of it and look at it in more depth.

You’re going near a tunnel first which is actually called the hilum of the kidney or the renal pelvis. The tunnel connects to other parts of the kidney.

The hilum is where all the blood vessels meet. It looks like one big intersection to you. Once you get in, your boat has a choice to make as to which way to go. You look out your window and see large columns of tissue that surround structures that look like pyramids. It looks quite impressive, but it’s an inverted pyramid. There are several pyramids you can visit. Beyond the pyramids is the edge of the kidney.

The edge of the kidney is called the cortex. The inside of the kidney is called the medulla.

The renal artery has subdivided into smaller arteries now and you’re following the edge of one of the pyramids. You notice there are veins going in the opposite direction. That’s because the arteries feed the renal pyramid and the veins drain it.

The pyramid is made up of a glomerulus at the edge where you are entering. It does all the filtration in the kidney.

The bloodstream you’re traveling on is now inside the beginning part of the kidney. The sign on the road says, “Entering Bowman’s capsule”. It looks like a round structure with a glistening outside.

You can see there’s a wall of the capsule, and inside is a combination of blood vessels – like a super highway. It’s a high pressure speedway. Just like when you are driving on a busy highway. You’ll leave the boat now and take a car, which will travel the same as a boat in this environment.

The sign on the side now says, “Entering the Glomerulus”. The Bowman’s capsule contains the glomerulus. This is where all the blood filtration of the kidneys is happening. The blood comes in through the renal artery and is filtered in the glomerulus.

You can think of it as a giant car wash. Washing away any pieces of dirt that have accumulated. Everything that is squeezed out of the blood in this location is called filtrate. It will get sent along another road of twisting tubules.

Looking at it, you are looking at it from a different set of eyes. You see, traveling on a busy highway doesn’t stress you out anymore. You know how to go from Mad Driver Reaction to Rag Doll instantly.

Now imagine you’re a builder of the superhighway inside the Bowman’s capsule. You have the opportunity to rebuild sections of the superhighway so there is only free flowing traffic that is easy and natural.

Looking down at the sections of this superhighway, you see parts of it that are in need of repair. In healthy people, the superhighway roads look good. In people who need kidney disease treatment, a few parts of the superhighway need fixing.

If you needed to heal your kidneys, your superhighway will now be totally repaired.

The road damage could be potholes, pile ups of dirt or rocks obstructing the road, places where the road caves in, and places where the road somehow gets far too narrow. All these correspond to different types of kidney health issues.

For example, there’s a pothole where something you ate actually killed some cells.
It could have been heavy metals hidden in foods or supplements. Or medications like aspirin, painkillers, or acid reflux medications. Or illegal drugs or even legal drugs like caffeine and chemotherapy drugs. Or maybe you were exposed to insecticides your grandparents used to combat mothballs.

All that was in the past – but now you have the future – and excellent health to look forward to. See, your body was made to recover totally from illnesses.

The potholes can be fixed. The pileups of dirt and rocks can be cleared away. The places where there was scarring can be replaced with brand new tissue.

Remember that your kidneys may have suffered damage in the past from any or all of these things but your body will heal all those areas And you did get that bright and shiny new kidney gift, right? So all that damage is getting fixed.

The dirt and rock pileups on the superhighway could be the accumulation of toxins that aren’t filtered by the kidneys because there were too many to filter in the past. These toxins come from the intestines as your body is processing the foods you eat. They built up along the highway and are waiting for the cleanup crew.

There may be places where the superhighway is very constricted or narrow. This could have happened from inflammation that was in the kidneys in the past and led to scarring. Scarring makes the road buckle and it’s tougher to pass through that part of the highway. But it too is fixable.

Potholes, pileups and narrow roads are symbolic of what can happen to many of the different types of cells in your kidneys.

Again, all these things – potholes, pileups and narrow roads are now in your past because there’s a change happening today and every day hereafter. Your body has been made to heal itself and that’s what you are doing today. You are helping it heal itself.

Want to know the easiest way to fix those potholes, pileups of dirt or rocks, and narrowed roads on the superhighway? It’s with forgiveness.

You see, every time we perceive that someone hurt us, it leaves a change in the superhighway. This correlates to damaged cells that aren’t doing their job as they should. The hurt can be physical from all those reasons mentioned before – or emotional.

For some people their damaged superhighway is in the heart, not in the kidney. Or it’s in the blood vessels or somewhere else. Whenever a body part hurts, there’s a good chance there are potholes, pileups or narrowed roads there that are from perceived hurts.

The hurts can also be stressful situations. Like you feel shock from something happening. Shock makes potholes, too. Perceived hurts from damaging and nasty remarks other people make. Perceived hurts from actions people do to us. Perceived hurts from things we do or don’t do to ourselves.

Take a few deep breaths now and while you’re doing this, your mind will bring forth some of those perceived emotional hurts that have caused the potholes. And some of the shocks you felt in life, too.

When they come up in your mind, imagine each one forming into a rod. These hurts are tough as a rod.

Collect all your rods in a pile next to your body.


Do you have a pile of rods?

Look at those rods – they are all your hurts.

What would you like to do with them? You have a choice to make. You can carry those rods inside your body – and they will make your heart hardened because they are unyielding. You may not have tried to pick them up yet, but I can tell you that each one of them is very heavy. Like lead.

Do you want to carry them around with you?

Or do you want to ask God/the Creator for His love to burn them up?

Think about it for a moment. Make a wise decision.

Did you decide to burn them up with God’s/the Creator’s love? If so, that’s a great decision because often we can feel like we don’t have enough love to do all the forgiving. We need supernatural love to do this.

First, say out loud, “I forgive you…” You can add the names of the people who you have to forgive. I forgive you, David, Michael, Mom, Dad, whoever…

When you say it the first time, it takes a little courage. But after that, it’s easier. Say it again. I forgive you, Mom, Dad, even yourself …

Now is the part where we need God/The Creator. Let’s ask God to light those rods on fire with His love. Forgiveness and love simultaneously.

Do you see them igniting with fire? They are quickly turning red hot… Watch them burn. And feel the love being released inside your own heart. God/ the Creator is transferring His fiery love to you.

What’s burning is all those emotional hurts from the past you were carrying. They are burning up only because you made a choice to ask for help removing them.

That’s another gift! Thank Him…

His love is right in your heart and it’s pouring over to the blood that is coming from your heart going directly into your kidneys. As it goes into the segments of the kidneys, it rapidly and instantly heals all those potholes. Done.

Wow, you feel a sense of relief. Take a few deep breaths and just bathe in the feeling that a major miracle of love has just occurred.

Every time you do this exercise, you will experience greater and greater feelings of love and forgiveness – and any parts of your kidney – or even other parts of your body are instantly healed. This is how your body was made to heal itself. It heals from love! This is what divine love looks like. . . and you received it.

You will receive love in this way more and more times for the rest of your life. . .
This love is reflected by the purple bow that was on the gift you found in your protective bubble.

So the next time you perceive that someone hurts you and you feel the sting of it, ask for the love to come and purify the cells that are already affected. It only takes an instant for the hurt to form rods. Choose the love to melt the rods.

Choose the Purple Bow for this process. The purple bow corresponds to your gift of forgiveness. It’s your gift and you’re entitled to it.

You have to choose to receive it.

The red bow is the fiery love gift.

Now take a moment to feel the fiery healing love to go beyond the Bowman’s capsule deep into the kidney.

After the superhighway is the impressive nephron part of the kidney. Each kidney contains a million nephrons.

You’ll next enter into a nephron. It looks like a huge distillation piece of equipment that might be found in a laboratory.

There are four parts of the nephron – two spaghetti like shapes with a loop of Henle in the middle and a collecting duct for the urine. The top part of this distillation equipment is located in the cortex of the kidney but a lot of parts of the loop of Henle are located in the middle part of the kidney called the medulla. Middle = medulla.

The spaghetti like shapes are called tubules. One is close to the glomerulus and the Bowman’s capsule. It’s called the proximal convoluted tubule or PCT for short. This one is where the kidney reabsorbs ions, glucose and water.

When you look at the cells here, they look like a big cube. On top of the cube is mitochondria that make ATP energy. This energy source is needed to take the sodium out of the filtrate.

The cube cells in the PCT are covered with fingerlike projections called microvilli. This increases the surface area to make sure that all the good things come back into the bloodstream.

Farther away from the Bowman’s capsule the other loop is called the distal convoluted tubule and it’s closest to the collecting duct that carries out the urine to the ureter.

In between the two tubules is the loop of Henle. This is where the urine gets concentrated and different ions and nutrients are reabsorbed back into the body to be reused.

When the filtrate first enters the loop and flows downward, water flows out into the surrounding area. Most of this water is picked up by the bloodstream pretty fast.

Look along the part of the loop that goes upward and you’ll see salt piles. The salt is pumped out of the filtrate here. This is also the area where urea (a nitrogen-containing substance normally cleared from the blood by the kidney) is taken out.

Now imagine that wave of fiery love going through the glomerulus inside the Bowman’s capsule to the proximal convoluted tubule, to the loop of Henle, then the distal convoluted tubule and finally to the collecting duct.

The collecting duct is where you have 100% urine.

As it goes through like a wave, it heals all the cells along its path. Anything not working properly is instantly healed with the love.

The fiery love doesn’t stop there. It’s in the collecting duct that is taking the urine to the ureter and then down to the bladder. There is urine stored in the bladder. The fiery love purifies and heals all the walls of the bladder and the cells inside too.

And the fiery love continues. Feel it go through the ureter to the bladder to the urethra. All the surrounding areas of the urethra are healed by the fiery love as well.

The wave of fiery love that you feel through your whole urinary system leaves you with a warm feeling. Take a few deep breaths and feel that warmth.


You may have noticed something else happening to you…

Did you feel how the warmth of that fiery love has extended itself to other parts of your body? This is the next part of that gift and it’s reflected by the red bow on top of the kidney gift you received earlier.

The gold bow was for the new kidney you received.

The purple bow was for the forgiveness gift you give to yourself and get from your Creator.

The red bow is for the fiery hot love gift.

It’s red because it’s fiery hot. It’s fiery love. Fiery love can’t be contained and consumes everything with healing along its path. There’s no stopping it. You can’t help it. Your whole body is being healed by this fiery love.

Do you accept it? Let yourself feel the fiery healing love in every part of your body.

Take a deep breath… and let it go. Feel the love.

Let this whole experience be cemented in your memory as the day your life changed. When you repeat it, the healing will go deeper and deeper and extend into your soul, too. Your life changes every time you use it.

Now it’s time to clean out anything that remains in your protected bubble. Look around and see if there are any additional rods or feathers or anything that needs to be picked up and thrown out of the bubble.

Gather them now and toss them out. Watch them disappear completely outside the bubble.

Look back inside your body inside your urinary tract system and see everything flowing completely as it should.

There are a few more things we have to do today.

All the cells in the urinary system need some nourishment. They have very specific needs on a daily basis. They love purified water. They hate tap water because it contains a lot of chemicals and even drug residues.

Your kidney cells love a little bit of potassium and sodium – not too much and not too little. They love probiotics because these helpful bacteria cut down the waste products from the intestine – called the uremic toxins and other toxins – and save the kidney from doing extra work.

Your kidneys really don’t like a lot of prescription medications, and as you get healthier and healthier, you will be making your kidney cells happier and happier.

Your kidneys love lemons because they help it restore the proper pH in the body. And vegetables, too. Your kidney needs protein to function, but not too much and not too little.

Your kidneys don’t like high levels of blood sugar or diabetes. Or lots of sugar. Or lots of processed foods.

Knowing what your kidneys love and giving it to them is part of loving them. Will you take care of them in these new ways? Can you make a commitment to do so?

Maybe you can commit to start forming new habits that will support your kidneys in every way possible. It doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect. It’s like in a relationship – you do everything you can each day to make it work. If you get off track, you apologize and then get back on track fast.

Same thing with your kidney. That’s why it’s easy to commit to forming new habits that will support them.

Will you commit to forming some new habits, one by one, to help your kidneys live a long and healthy life?

I’m so glad you did!

Now we’re going to do something that is really fun. I want you to imagine you are the passenger in a car. The Creator is driving the car – so He said you can choose whatever car you always wanted to have.

Maybe it’s a corvette or a Bentley or a Lexus… you choose one.

Did you select it?


In the back seat of the car is a big burlap bag with seeds. The bag connects to a pipe that delivers seeds right into a bucket on your lap. It’s got an automatic dispensing mechanism in it so the bucket won’t overflow.

The Creator wants to take you for a drive. You’ll start up at your aorta, inside the artery and the trip is going to take you through the superhighway – the nephrons – the collecting duct – the ureters – the bladder – and then the urethra. You’ll end up in the toilet!!

How funny is that?

What he wants you to do is throw the seeds out the window to cause new cells to sprout up.

As you already know, He created your body with stem cells. What these smart stem cells do is go to the area where there needs to be new cells growing – to fill in the gaps – and help build new tissue.

The stem cells change into whatever type of cell is needed in that area – all because they are programmed by God to do this.

God wants you to throw out new stem cell seeds along the entire route you are driving. And He says once you throw them out the window, a whirlwind will take them up into the air and let them land exactly where they are needed.

After you get into the car, you will be instantly miniaturized and find yourself in the aorta. This is going to be quite an adventure. Are you up to it?

Let’s go.

God is smiling at you and saying He is glad you’re on this journey with Him. He loves you and has been waiting for this for your whole life!

Do you want to say something back to Him? Now’s a good time…

He asks you if you like the car …

Okay, get in … Buckle up!

Take a deep breath. You’re about to be miniaturized!

Whoa! Did you feel that shockwave? You’ve instantly entered the molecular dimension. Look around… can you hear that thumping? It’s from your heartbeat.

God says that He’s the one that determines how many times your heart beats in your lifetime. He controls it all.

You might thank Him for different things along this journey… How all the new stem cells will be healing every one of the blood pressure regulating activities in the urinary system.

How all the fiery love and forgiveness is correcting any tendencies you may have to form stones or other obstructions in the urinary system. It’s changing them on a genetic level.

How the kidneys are functioning so well that they can now totally participate in red blood cell production so you will not have anemia.

Do you see the inside of your arteries? They have all been healed with His fiery love. Don’t they look strong and healthy?

He says you’re about to enter into the renal artery that goes to the kidney. He says He has chosen your right kidney for this journey and that everything you do on this journey today will be duplicated automatically in your left kidney.

He wants you to start throwing out the stem cell seeds. Do you see how the seeds have filled the bucket you are holding?

Now open the window and start the process. Start throwing the seeds out the window. Do it with gusto. You won’t run out of stem cells.

Now the car has made it inside the kidney. You’re about to enter the superhighway inside the Bowman’s capsule.

Wow, look at the amazing handiwork of this superhighway!

I created it all, God says to you and smiles.

Keep throwing those seeds to seed the path… Do you notice they are getting caught up in the whirlwind? Turn around briefly and look out the back window. See how the seeds are falling evenly? Isn’t that amazing?

God wants to stop the car for a second or two. He wants you to take a good look at those seeds that have fallen evenly to the pavement and to the sides of the road.

He wants you to see that they are instantly sprouting the second they land. You are helping Him create a whole “crop” of new healthy baby cells in your entire urinary tract system!

The cells are all lined up perfectly. Their structure is perfect. There are no flaws in them. They give off a high vibration of health. You can feel their vitality – and you feel younger just being around these healthy cells.

Do you want to get out of the car and inspect for a moment?


Feel that vitality from all those new cells! It’s like your aging has been turned back to the age of 12! Wow, how amazing is that!

Thank Him for these precious moments with Him.

He says you are welcome – and He’s willing to show you many things more in life…

Now get back in the car. Seed the rest of the superhighway inside the Bowman’s capsule.


Do you notice how this activity is energizing you in so many ways?

Great, now the superhighway is ending. You’re approaching the proximal convoluted tubule. There are a lot of really windy roads, so throw more seeds…


Now we’re hitting the Loop of Henle. It will feel as if you’re in a roller coaster ride and you’re rapidly falling. God says He will slow down the motion to 1/10th the usual speed so you can successfully seed the whole area. Do you notice all the salt along the sides of the road here? This is where salt balance occurs and the kidney takes back some salt and excretes some too. It has to get the right balance of sodium for your body. Seed the area – and do it with gusto!

Now it’s time for the uphill road. God says He will make it feel like you’re in an elevator here. Keep seeding. Let’s get those new cells to sprout.

You’re now at the top of the Loop of Henle, going into the Distal Convoluted Tubule. More really windy roads… keep seeding.

What’s that you are thinking? That you want to seed the area with gratitude, too? Great idea, He said. He’s smiling!

You can tell Him a joke or two if you want… or ask Him a burning question you may have. He’s open to answer anything that is on your heart.


Keep seeding!

You’re approaching the collecting duct and headed for the ureters and then the bladder. Keep seeding.


Now you’re in the bladder and it looks like a big pool. Keep seeding!

The level of liquid in the pool keeps rising.

Whoosh! It’s like someone flushed a toilet. The car is being sucked down into the urethra. You’re almost done so keep seeding!


What a supernatural trip this has been!

It feels like you’ve been catapulted out and are traveling through the air.

God says Hold on, I’m changing dimensions. (He didn’t want you in the toilet!)

You’re back in your own driveway now. You used up all the stem cell seeds.
God just got out of the car. He’s going to open your door for you.

Job well done, He tells you!

He has a gift for you. It looks exactly like the gift you saw inside the bubble but it’s twice as large.

This is for you, Son (or Daughter).

Open it up! What’s inside?

It’s a pair of kidneys and all the plumbing that goes with them.

It’s your momentum of our journey, He says.

Hug Him! Tell him thank you for this special moment in time!

He says He will wait for you to ask to repeat the journey as needed.

And just like that, He is gone. You’re back inside your protective bubble.

Smile because you are almost finished for today.

And it was easy.

Now it’s time to emerge from the bubble. You are healed. You are whole. You feel calm. You have a deep sense of joy and feel a connection to your Creator.

Step outside the bubble and greet your new world. It’s a world you can deal with. A world you want to live in. A world you can flourish in. A world that gives you opportunities that are to your advantage. It’s a world you can function in more easily than before.

Open your eyes and see how much brighter your new world looks. Welcome to life – and love! The life and love you will experience now is endless. Just grab it!

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