Do you ever ask what supplements should I take, or maybe you are already taking some, not sure if they are doing what they are supposed to do? Or are you concerned that you may be wasting your money on supplements that you don’t even need? Even worse, did you know that one supplement that is designed to improve one area of your physique or health could actually be causing harm in another area?

My name is Eric Michael, and I am going to help simplify this “supplement” universe for you so you know when you walk in, what supplements should I take, what to get and can save money and ultimately accomplish your specific goals related to why you initially wanted supplements.

What supplements should I take?

I personally have taken supplements to build muscle, weigh more, have more energy, boost my immunity, and many more things. After spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years and finally reaching a point with clarity regarding supplements, my goal is to save you time, money, and contribute to your healthy living. I want to answer your question…”what supplements should I take?”

As a foundational concept, before supplementing, we need to do all possible to accomplish what we want regarding our healthy living with real foods we can obtain organically locally. Then, we need to be very cognizant that everything we ingest is going to have benefits in one area but also affect things in other ways.

When asking what supplements should I take, remember the supplement could very well block the absorption of something else your body needs. This means increase cancer risk, contain dangerous contaminants, cause skin issues, damage your liver, or contribute to a myriad of other serious issues. In summary, that bottle of supplements to help with ABC could be helping with ABC but inadvertently contributing to very negative DEFGHIJKLM…. The 8 steps that follow when you follow them will help prevent that.

Step 1 is to start out with your goal.

When asking what supplements should I take, remember, supplements can potentially be better fuel for our vehicle however we need to have precise clarity on where we want to go first. Do you desire to improve your energy, immune system, skin health, bone health, solve an issue, or r? If your goal is to lose or gain weight, identify why.

Ideally it is to have the greatest health today and tomorrow. If it is to be “big” or “slim” to get approval from others, let’s turn our attention to your health as the most attractive quality is a man or woman who is vibrant, looks youthful regardless of their birth date, and looks the best for their body frame.

Step 2 is how to eat healthy

75% vegetables, predominantly leafy greens. 15% protein. 10% fruits. Rotate what you eat as often as possible. Notate what I did not include: cake, pizza, processed foods, potato chips, etc. If you’re saying, “Eric, I can’t do this,” then make one improvement at at time, and go to step 3. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And when you feel you must have one of your favorite foods, enjoy it to the max. Being really happy is very positive for healthy living.

Let me share about my own eating plan based on my goals. While my goal is not to be extremely big, being fit and strong is important to me. I love martial arts. So I target approximately .8 grams of protein per pound of my body weight, with a good percentage after I exercise.

The amount of protein ranges based on the expert and their study.  All our bodies are different. Experiment with what works best for you. There are vegetable, grains, nuts, legumes, and other non-animal sources of protein or there are cleaner animal sources. I HIGHLY recommend that you google what you are eating or considering and look at the health issues of it. Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised, however when I did this I decided to stop eating many things that studies had shown were harmful.

Step 3 is to intermittent fasting.

As simple as 14 to 16 hours or from 7 pm one night to 10 am the following day does numerous beneficial things for your body. You can start at 10 hours and build up.

Step 4, if you’re like most people, you’re going to continue making gradual changes in your diet.

That’s fine. However, start googling the foods you are eating to identify the benefits of them as the “harmful effects of eating …..” For example I googled harmful effects of eating shrimp. The list is rather long especially for farmed shrimp. So I asked the manager in a restaurant, where the shrimp came from. He replied, “from a shrimp farm.” I opted not to get the shrimp platter. Educate yourself and help protect yourself from potentially harmful bacteria, antibiotics, contaminants or worse.

Also, google the foods you are eating and understand how some things block the absorption of essential nutrients from other foods. You want to know how to eat healthy. For example, if you are low on energy, it could be an iron issue. Did you know that even if you are eating iron rich foods, you may have the absorption of iron blocked? This can happen if you have coffee around the same time you have the iron-rich foods.  Learn what blocks what so that you can plan what you eat appropriately.

Did you know that, for example, papaya seeds (that most people throw out) have numerous beneficial qualities. So, google all the different parts so you’ll know you’re eating what is beneficial.

Step 5, get a comprehensive blood test.

If you choose to get one out of the USA, you can get for about ⅓ the cost. If in the US , it’s well worth it.

Step 6, under the direction of your physician and your own scientific study backed research, make lifestyle changes before supplementation.

Focus on the biggest issue and then when solved continue to the next. You may find as I have that by focusing on and solving the biggest thing first, many other things solve themselves.

Step 7, supplement with things you could not easily get locally or were cost prohibitive or could not be substituted for other things.

Step 8, do a follow up blood test and make adjustments.

In summary, it is very important to identify what your desired outcome is for your healthy living, body, etc and then based on that maximize your results from what you can get locally. Get your blood tested so you know what’s going on and then get supplements. Always be aware of the affects more of one thing can have on another area of your health by educating yourself. And as such, you have the greatest likelihood of continual forward progress in your excellent healthy living.


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