How To Get Rid Of Acne

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What’s Living on Your Skin?

Attacking the Cause of Acne the Bacteria

All the Nasty Things Inside a Pimple

Now keep looking through the glass elevator and see the middle layer and the top layers of the skin. Do you notice there may be more bacteria there – of the bad kinds? They even look mean! There really are a few types of bacteria that cause pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Watch what happens when liquid love comes into the picture. First it’s above the affected skin and you can see all the normal skin cells longing for the liquid love. It’s like they are reaching for it.

Isn’t that interesting? That’s what happens when we feel the liquid love of our Father, the Creator.
Then the liquid love blankets the whole area. The normal flora then sprouts up like flowers in time lapse therapy that’s sped up. But meanwhile, the bad flora – like all the bad bacteria and their little armies are knocked down dead. All from the liquid love. And the pimples simply go away. Nothing is helping them grow.




Let’s go down specifically to the dermal layer right now by directing our attention there. The liquid love came down to this layer through the capillaries. It’s feeding the cells with extra nutrients – Vitamin L for love. Look at how the cells flourish when they get a big dose of liquid love.

Let’s create more liquid love here, too. Feel the love that starts in your heart and send out this love to your skin once again. Let it feel like you are on the beach one more time and the sun is shining directly on you. The warmth of the sun is felt on your skin. It’s liquid love in its character.

This liquid love is also traveling to your endocrine glands like your adrenal glands that produce cortisol. When cortisol levels increase, then greater amounts of sebum are produced and this can cause clogged pores. Let’s use the liquid love to calm down your adrenal glands so they realize they don’t have to produce more sebum.

Ask the Father now for an extra dose of His liquid love for your adrenal glands.  Father, can I have liquid love in my adrenals?

He has already answered yes. Just lay back and receive His gift of the liquid love. And as you feel the warmth in your adrenal gland area, know that it is calming down the cortisol production and resetting it to normal so that excess sebum is not produced anymore. Feel the “switch off” in the adrenal cells right now.

The other glands that produce sebum are the reproductive organs. Whether it’s estrogen, testosterone or progesterone, they all come from the reproductive glands and the adrenal glands and we’re going to use liquid love to calm them down.



Ask the Father now for an extra dose of His liquid love for your reproductive glands.  Father, can I have liquid love in my reproductive organs?

He said yes again. Receive His gift of liquid love for your reproductive glands. Feel the warmth of the liquid love in your reproductive organs now and know that it is calming down any excess production of reproductive hormones so that excess sebum is not produced anymore. Feel the “switch off” in the reproductive cells right now. They are officially reset.

Now look at what else is happening. There’s a whole load of nutrients coming in from that healthy meal you just ate a few hours ago. They’re headed into the skin from the arteries and through the capillaries. It’s like the capillaries are delivering the nutrients to the cells.

Watch this happening in your mind. See the cells happy to get these nutrients. See them consume the nutrients and the nutrients get them stronger.

And along with the nutrients are probiotics. You must have eaten something that was raw or only slightly cooked – and that’s a good thing. Those healthy bacteria are now being delivered to the skin cells in the dermal layer.

And once they touch the liquid love, they are multiplied. They are forming whole armies to go after the bad bacteria that cause pimples.

Let’s watch this scenario right now.

Command your immune system to go after the acne bacteria. I command you immune system T and B cells to go after all the cells that cause acne.  I command you to remove all of them right now.

Watch the healthy bacteria – the probiotics –  also get into formation to go after the bad microbes. They start their march and locate the offenders. They surround them and take them out.

Watch the battles occurring right now. Imagine them in your mind.


Watch them win the battles.

Now watch this same thing happen as you observe yourself eating a healthy meal. Watch the healthy bacterial cells taking care of the bad bacteria and microbes that cause acne.

See the immune system cleanup crew coming in to remove all the dead cells – and the lymphatic system transporting them out of the area. See the healthy skin that remains.

How exciting to see this happen right after you ate a healthy meal. Good skin needs lots of healthy bacteria that’s for sure.

And a healthy diet means more fruits and vegetables than you can imagine. Some people strive for 5 -6 servings a day but others are going for 12 servings a day. And researchers are even testing the effects of 33 servings fruits and veggies a day – and are getting good results on skin and all sorts of other diseases.

You also need good amounts of protein, which gives added structure to the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. High quality proteins like animal proteins, poultry and fish are excellent builders of the skin.

If you have taken an herb that helps kill skin bacteria or kill fungus or viruses that attack the skin, that herb will be brought to the dermal layer via the blood supply. From the dermal layer, it will be distributed to the cells. Then the cells have a hidden weapon against those bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Command your immune system cells right now to be on the alert for every time you consume an herb or food that will help your skin. I command you cells to extract every bit of goodness from the things I consume that will help my skin.

I command you to operate in your full capacity to deliver good skin. Pretty skin. Healthy looking skin that others compliment me about.


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