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Sales techniques – 10 easy and proven techniques from the “trenches”

Want to earn more money with proven sales techniques?

Recently we made a few minor adjustments in sales techniques our call centers (for the two financial services companies) and massively improved the conversions. I think these will be beneficial for you if you are in sales, management, or just want to make more money.

What we did to improve the sales techniques

We made a spreadsheet of the key points that each call needed to have. I’ll list what I feel are the most important ones below.

  1. Get excited. People follow people who have a stronger belief. Regardless if it’s a box of candles you’re selling, get EXCITED about them. Understand that most people buy because of how they feel and justify it with logic later.
  2. Be human. E.g. listen to the other person, connect with them. Speak in a way and using words they will understand. If you notice things in the background or about them, in an appropriate way, connect on a human level.
  3. Gain trust. There are great things about your company (and you). Share them or allude to them in an appropriate way. If the person already knows, great, however in phone sales this is very important. Include why you are better than everyone else.
  4. Benefits. Benefits. Benefits. Your product or service has many benefits. Explain them so that the person understands focusing on the ones most important to them.
  5. Urgency. Every product has some type of urgency that if one doesn’t get it, things will get worse for the person.
  6. Make sure your new client understands the benefits. A good way to do this is to ask. Then re-explain focusing again on what’s most important to them.
  7. Overcome objections. E.g. overcome the person going elsewhere, doing it themselves (if appropriate), or other options they may have.
  8. Micro-steps. Don’t close anyone. Lead them to the next step and then the next step. For example, fill in the application, then schedule a payment date, then sign.
  9. Downplay price. A great way to do this is to mention a much higher price that others charge, that is normally charged, etc. and then the price you have.
  10. Understand what they say means. Understand that “I want to think about it” or “Email me some info” means they need to understand the benefits more so do your best to explain or overcome objections they have and guide to at least do a micro-step forward.

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