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12 Supplements I Use To Help Turbocharge My Vitality, Immunity, And Energy

12 supplements that I use that have helped turbocharge my vitality, my immunity, and my energy

This is dedicated to a close friend of mine, who shared that the next day she was going to go in for surgery to remove a growth in her brain. She wanted to explore all possible types of supplements that could boost her body’s immune system so that it would resolve this naturally.


This is not medical advice. It is for informational purposes only. For medical advice and guidance, please seek that from your primary care physician.

I’m going to share the 12 supplements that I use that work fantastic in a moment. What I want to do is emphasize to you it’s really important to test things out on oneself, because what may work for one person may give even better results for someone else. Or maybe it’s not as effective. So testing one-at-a-time, observe the results. If they’re working, great, by all means continue. However if not, then I would recommend just not using that specific supplement.

#1: Super Lysine

Super lysine has vitamin C, calcium, lysine, odorless garlic, echinacea, propolis, and licorice root. All of those have been shown in scientific studies–and go google them. There’s a lot of information and research to help boost one’s immune system to do all kinds of phenomenal things. This is one. This is a staple one that I use consistently and I find that it helps my immune system consistently and I highly recommend it.

#2: Vitamin D3

This is also called the sunshine vitamin because you can get it by going out in the sun every day. Also, depending on how much time you’re in the sun, or your levels, if you do a blood test. You can supplement it using a supplement.

I find this one was excellent. It was really highly rated and it has a high content of vitamin D3.

#3: Omega 3s

Omega 3s have been proven to do so many good things for your health, your overall immunity, and your heart.

I’ve chosen this one. It’s a vegan source. Why did I choose that? Well, it’s because so many different studies have shown that fish oils sometimes have become rancid and actually become carcinogenic. That means they can actually increase one’s risk of getting cancer.

Ultimately the fish are eating the algae, so why not just get it straight direct from clean algae. That’s what I’ve chosen to do. This has DHA, EPA, and DPA. I highly recommend this and I do take this pretty much daily.

#4: Plant-based Multivitamin

I also take this periodically, depending on what other things I’m consuming. It’s a comprehensive plant-based multivitamin.

There’s a big difference when I say plant-based. If you look at the pill, you can see that it’s green, right? It has pieces of plant in it. I believe that, well just common sense is, that it’s going to be a lot better than one that’s white, that’s been so processed. Because there’s so many micronutrients in plants that you get those as well.

It also is very comprehensive. It has a long list. Vitamin D, it has kale, spinach. It has digestive support enzymes any many nutrients. It’s very, very comprehensive.

One really important thing to do is this: if you’re going to be consuming, for example, another vitamin in a certain day, then maybe don’t combine it with this because you don’t want to get too much of certain nutrients. That can actually have a negative effect as well. So if you’re going to take this, maybe don’t take the D3 supplement that day.

If you’re going to have some of the other supplements that I show you, for example, the greens, look at what’s in it. Just do a quick comparison, because you don’t want to overlap and get too much. It’s really quick to do. I think I have this periodically. Maybe on a date I don’t have some of the other things.

#5: Mushrooms

I did a lot of research and I bought numerous numerous books on how to cure cancer. I read them and I studied this for a period of time, thousands and thousands of pages. There were consistent demonstrations or studies done on the powerful effect of mushrooms on actually combating, reducing, and in some cases, eliminating cancer.

I recommend getting the actual mushrooms. You can get Portobello–usually it’s available in supermarkets. Shiitake too. Then if you go into some of the rarer types, sometimes you can get them, sometimes you can’t. So I highly recommend this.

I take this every single day. This has all types of different types of mushrooms: reishi, shiitake, maitake, the list goes on. I encourage you to google these and you can research the benefits of them.

Combining them all together is absolutely phenomenal. I believe this is a credit to why a lot of times people around me will be sick and I’m not. So I highly recommend this. The power of mushrooms has been backed by studies and and I take this pretty much every single day.

#6: Turmeric with black pepper

Turmeric has been shown in studies to do so many great things: improve joint health, overall well-being, overall health, as well as boost your immunity. I chose this one because it’s really important. For a while, I would actually take tumeric in the raw form. Generally speaking, raw is good. However, your teeth will turn yellow and that’s not a good thing.

I find this has a high content of turmeric. For turmeric to be the most absorbable, it needs to be mixed with black pepper which is already done. This is a fantastic product. I use this supplement every single day and I highly recommend it.

#7: Colloidal Silver

It’s a liquid. It doesn’t really have much of a flavor to it. It’s not very strong or anything. I just pour it in and then I drink it, about a tablespoon once per day.

It’s been shown in studies to boost one’s immune system, kill bacteria, kill viruses, and help combat cancer.

#8: Veggie mix

It’s a veggie mix which has numerous different organic green veggies, super berries, and probiotics, and chia all mixed together. What I love about it is that I think the value is very good.

It’s really important to take greens, however some greens are so expensive you might as well just get the greens for free. You actually get the greens and make it yourself. But this I found this is very economical. The berry flavor tastes great. My parents love it, everyone I’ve shared it with loves it, and I love it.

It’s going to help boost your immune system because there’s so many positive and beneficial things in these veggies. What I recommend is to mix this with some fresh veggies. For example, maybe you have kale, or broccoli, or some other type of veggies.

A lot of times when we go to the grocery store, we’re limited, meaning we only happen to be 5 or so different types of veggies we can get. So by mixing with this, you get the benefit of numerous different other types of superfoods and vegetables, and you get some fresh ones.

The berry flavor really is so tasty. Mix it with purified or distilled water, a little piece of banana will make it a little thicker. It’s a wonderful smoothie. I find it helps boost my immunity, the way I feel, and I highly recommend it. Especially for the price value. I find that it’s fantastic for the quality.

#9: Veggie Protein mix

This one actually tastes so good. It actually tastes better than some of the the whey based proteins that I’ve been using. This is the the best veggie protein I’ve found.

There’s a certain amino acid ratio that ultimately maximizes your immunity, and I find that it has the best one for a plant-based product. It has numerous different types of seeds and sprouts. It has stevia, so the carbohydrates are 2 grams, very low. The protein is 22 grams, and this is just for a one scoop serving.

I love the taste. It’s not going to taste exactly the same is whey, but I find it’s thick, it’s rich. I’ll blend it up with a little bit of frozen banana and water and I find myself wanting another one afterwards which it’s great that it tastes great, has high protein, and is high in all kinds of different things.

It has a great amino acid profile. When you look at these ingredients like sprouts and chia and lentil sprouts, seed sprouts and pumpkin seed sprouts. You’re getting a lot of wonderful fantastic micronutrients as well in addition to the protein that these things have. I highly recommend it and I find it’s phenomenal.

#10: Apple Cider Vinegar

This has been shown in studies to do so many wonderful things and improve your heart health, your blood sugar ratio, help ward off or kill bacteria, and actually help also protect against cancers.

What I do is I simply take a tablespoon first thing in the morning. Sometimes another time in the day, I vary it. I’ll have a glass of distilled water with some of this in it, about one tablespoon. Then I’ll drink it. I actually like the taste. I’ve gotten used to it. But I also know the positive benefits, so I get excited about those benefits.

When I go to the gym, I often take a glass water bottle and I put it fill it with water and then maybe I put in one one capful. You can get this at your grocery store. Really important: when you do get it, get it where it’s 100% pure and it’s not flavored as apple cider. It is actually apple cider. This one here has eggplant mixed in it, which is something new I’m experimenting. Studies show that when it’s mixed with eggplant it’s actually been shown to get rid of let’s say skin cancer. I mean, imagine that. So I’m testing that out on myself.

I’ve used the apple cider vinegar without the eggplant mixed into it for quite some time and I’ve had fantastic results from it.

#11: AREDS 2

It’s called AREDS 2. I recently went in for an eye checkup and what I found was that my vision is getting better. In other words, 2 or 3 years have passed and the prescription they just wrote for me is less than the prior one that I had on my glasses. I’m going to contribute it a lot to this.

It has lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and copper.

Again be sure you look at the how much you’re getting, let’s say for vitamin E, and make sure you’re not overdosing. In other words, if you’re going to take this one day, maybe limit something else that has vitamin E in it. Or if you’re taking a vitamin D supplement, keep that in mind. It’s important to have a good amount, not too much.

My vision is getting better. I continue to use it. I’ve gotten it for my parents as well, and I give it to other people and I find that they get great results on it too.

What I’m also doing–and this will be a topic of another video–is there’s actually exercises that one can do. I started doing them for 2 days and I notice an incredible improvement in my eyes. Where we start to do exercises that help activate cells that may have been a little bit more dormant, and that we can actually improve our vision.

Even while doing that, this would be the dietary solution and I highly recommend it.

#12: Amino Acids

For a period of time, I was really skeptical on taking amino acids. However, there are certain amino acids that your body does not produce. I thought, well technically you can get these from, for example, consuming some yogurt, but I’ve also recommended not to have so much milk or at least to test it in another video. And for myself, by doing that, I’ve had a lot more energy.

So I’ve been taking the essential amino acids. What I found is that I have faster recovery time, I have increased strength. I do train practically every day, but I vary different things–from yoga to weights, to some martial arts, boxing, a little Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I highly recommend it to increase one’s energy and vitality and overall health.

We’ve got a fantastic start with these 12 supplements that I use and have done phenomenal things for me.

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