How to get your ex back. Learn the 7 steps.

What I am going to share with you while simple, is not easy. It does require looking at things in likely a new way, and doing things differently, and changing old habits and thought patterns. I know that none of these are what most people want to do. However, I have complete certainty that by doing the steps I share, you will benefit in numerous incredible ways. Including helping to show you how to get your ex back.

Step 1 is to address an issue if you did or did not do a specific thing the other person wanted. Do you need to apologize?

When focusing on how to get your ex back, start out by sincerely apologizing and opening a dialogue. For example, if you have not treated the other person in the way they desire, this is something specific that can be addressed. Truly make the changes the other wishes. You can also reach an agreement with what you can do.  This can allow you both to have an opportunity to create even greater experiences together. When we apologize and show appreciation our positive energy is felt.

On a deeper level than the things we do is the energy and connection you had with your ex. I believe that there was a deep attraction and connection because you were together and that it can be made even more incredible. To do, we need to focus deeper, on an energy level starting with understanding the paradox of connection.

A paradox is something that appears contradictory, but upon investigation is proven true. The paradox of connection is that the less you need the other to feel good about yourself, the more they are drawn to you and likely to do the things that contribute to your feeling great. When we solve this, many of the myriad of things we do, say, or communicate naturally solve themselves and attraction increases. Steps 2 to 77 help you harness the power of this paradox.

Step #2: Identify what qualities your dream partner would have and the dream activities you would do together.

What would your ideal partner be physically, personality wise, interests, things you would do together and so on. Allow yourself to choose any and all qualities and activities as long as they are positive for you and others, based on what you most resonate with, not necessarily just what society suggests we should want.

Step #3: Experience already having what you most desire when your focus is how to get your ex back.

  1. If you are doing something that requires your attention, stop doing it. Then, either lie down or become comfortable sitting. Close your eyes only as quickly as you are ready to relax even deeper now.
  2. Place your attention on each part of your body from your head to your feet. Allow each part to relax even more completely while the prior parts relax even deeper now. Continue doing this until the only image in your mind is that of you and your energy. The only thoughts are those of you relaxing even deeper.
  3. Now visualize yourself with your dream partner you defined in step #1 doing the activities you most enjoy. You see, hear, feel, smell, and engage all of your senses. Perhaps you are walking hand in hand at the beach. Or are at a club dancing together. You have an incredible energy connection, vibe. She or he is doing all the things you most want and treating you as you most desire. Continue expanding in more and more details in your ideal choice of places.
  4. Expand your incredible feelings you have. You feel loved, attractive, sexy, confident, powerful, able to do anything, connected and even more of the feelings you most desire.

Step #4: Connect even more with the infinite energy in the universe

  1. White light around you.
  2. You radiating white light.
  3. Beams of infinite positive emotions are filling you with more and more positive energy.
  4. Affirm: I connect with the infinite positive energy in the universe and feel greater and greater continuously. And I can and I do this whenever I desire to feel even more positively.

Step #5: When focusing on how to get your ex back, Go to places that you show appreciation and enjoy that also are likely to have the type of ideal partner you defined in step #1.

Repeat step #3 to connect even more with the infinite positive energy in the universe to feel even happier, more positive, connected, and radiating a white positive fulfilled light.

Where you are in this place, focus on feeling great and enjoying yourself. For example, if you like dancing at a club, go to the club, dress for yourself where you feel the best. Go connect with the music. Dance for yourself, feeling the vibe. Look around. Identify things that you like or are curious about and bring you even more positive feelings. If you feel drawn to interact with other people, do so from your fulfilled core, with complete acceptance of whatever others do or say. And continue enjoying yourself.

Step #6: Take pictures or ask a friend to take pictures of you where you are out at the places you most enjoy, fulfilled from the infinite positive energy in the universe, having tons of fun and manifest in the moment.

If you are comfortable with, upload appropriate ones to facebook and/or instagram. If you find yourself watching how many likes or hearts the pictures get or notice any sign of looking to others for approval in your photos repeat Step #4 and Step #5 again. You are ready to continue when you don’t care what people comment. If you don’t care how many likes/hearts/approvals you get and your pictures show you connected with an infinite source of positive energy, completely in the moment having fun, and with zero approval seeking from others.

Step #7: Do you really want to know how to get your ex back? Decide if you want to meet her again or perhaps the breakup was for the better and there is a much better person awaiting you.

If you decide to meet her again, contact her and set up a time. Make it casual and allow her to perceive the energy dynamic. You don’t need her to feel good about yourself.  Yet you want to share positive experiences and make even greater ones together. You are completely fine with any result to the interaction. You are completely in the moment and fulfilled from the infinite positive energy in the universe.


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