Have you ever found getting things done throughout the day to be overwhelming? Have you ever felt like time is going by really fast? Have you ever felt like you wake up in the morning and you have a million things in your head? Like you are constantly trying to figure out how to organize your life? Ironically, you might even have so many things that you enjoy doing and want to do yet don’t have time to do them all and feel stressed over it. Maybe you’re thinking about what you need to do at work when you should be enjoying your fun time, and when at work thinking about what you’re going to do later for fun.

My name is Eric Michael and today I am going to share tips that are based on deeper energy methods for you to learn how to organize your life and how to be more productive.

Let’s start out with a brief self analysis. How organized do you feel from 1 to 10? How about how much are you getting things done that you most want, e.g. how do you rank your results from 1 to 10? My goal is to give you tips to help you improve. And if it’s by 1% or 5% or even an incredible breakthrough, I will be blessed.

To get the best results, let’s agree that when we go deeper, e.g. to the foundation of things, that this solves many potential symptoms. E.g. if you go to the doctor for a sore throat and get a gargle that numbs the pain, a much better solution is a doctor who helps you boost your immune system and overall health. Your throat would likely resolve itself even faster and you would reap numerous other benefits. The same holds true with regards to organization and productivity. Here’s how to organize your life broken down into 6 simple hacks.

Hack #1: Flow/Transcend.

You exist in a simultaneous reality of our human senses as well as that of your infinite energy core or soul. In the infinite energy perspective, you have access to everything and anything you want from ideas, resources, feelings, energy and more. Can you imagine how incredible this is for your productivity? Now, recall a time everything flowed. You felt relaxed, centered, with clarity, purposeful, present, and everything naturally cruised forward. Become even more aware of yourself throughout each day and before starting you things to do, ask yourself if you’re in the flow/transcend state. If not, recall what you did before (I’ll share methods soon too), and do it again. Maybe it’s music, a certain place, or other. By investing the time to get into the flow / transcend state FIRST, you will massively positively impact your productivity.

Hack #2: What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Getting things done isn’t so overwhelming if you can get organized. A list is fine. And ask yourself what is going to give you the biggest benefit or avoid the biggest potential risk or loss if you don’t do it. For example, a potential likely loss of $1,000 would be done before something that would similarly likely return you $500. Pick the top 2-5 things only you can do today in order of priority. Get organized with a list so you can focus your attention on getting things done, not what you need to do next. Writing those things down can be extremely helpful when figuring out how to organize your life. Now, check again for anything else to be considered as priorities change based on various factors and you want to have considered all potential benefits and risk avoidances.

Hack #3: Experience them already done.

We’re tapping into the infinite energy of the universe, bringing you even more into the flow state again. Relax even more completely. Give thanks. See accomplished. Feel, move, act, and think. Keep something to write with nearby and if/when ideas come to you, leapfrog ideas, immediately write them down and continue doing the transcending activity.

Hack #4: Now do.

Minimize multitasking as much as humanly possible. And no, facebook, insta, or other social media or Whatsapp degrades your performance. Do and then rest and move around every x min and then reply to messages. They’ll wait. I know sometimes it seems like social media is the answer to figuring out how to organize your life, but it has more of a black hole affect and steals productivity time instead. And continue the experience of feeling of connection, allowing it to grow even more from when you were experiencing what you desire already accomplished WHILE progressing forward in them.

Hack #5: Ask yourself, “how can I make things even better” related to all you are doing and do them.

Also, ask yourself, how can I make what I am doing positively impact more and more people / make a greater positive impact. The more we focus on others, the more we are tapping into the infinite energy in the universe. This makes figuring out how to organize your life personally so much easier simply because you are focusing on and worrying about it less. You are more “in the moment” with others. 

Hack #6: Become more and more self aware.

Are you doing things yourself, or transcended, connected with the infinite positive energy in the universe. If not, rest, connect and continue.