Would you like to learn how to supercharge and boost your self-confidence?

In the video below, I share a quick and effective method that I use to supercharge my confidence that you can also use. I relate it to snowboarding as that is what I was doing the day of filming. 

Watch the video or read the summary below.

Snowboarding and how to handle a challenging run (confidence challenge example)

When you’re out snowboarding, there are different types of runs: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

A common thing that happens on an intermediate or even more so on an advanced run is that one gets to the top of the run, and you’re practically looking straight down the hill.

The are two main ways to solve this (aside from taking the lift back down).

First, you can look way down to the bottom. It’s honestly intimidating as it can look like one is just going to fall straight down. 

The second is to look couple of feet in front of you while keeping in mind your desired outcome of getting to the bottom of the hill (while having tons of fun and feeling a fantastic positive rush), and taking the lift up again.

The confidence tip

To practically instantly boost your confidence, instead of focusing far in the future, keep in mind your desired outcome while focusing 99.9% of your attention on the moment and what is right in front of you.

For example, let’s say an individual is interested in speaking with an attractive person. He can start thinking about everything that could possibly happen in the future and basically be completely in his head. His confidence drops. If it drops very low, he might not even speak to the other person.

Yet, by focusing on the person in front of him and the very next step (have a great initial 3 seconds of interaction), it’s likely to go much better. He will come across as present, sure of himself, and he will connect even more naturally. These all convey greater confidence.



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