How do you know when you have met your twin flame?

Light, love, universal energy as your spiritual expands individually and raises the consciousness of all on the planet and universe.
Angel Number 19 is a particularly powerful angel number because it contains the numbers “1” and “9,” which represent a journey from start to finish. From your start to identifying and having an incredible union with your twin flame, that illuminate you as well as help the world evolve spiritually.
As you read this and have ideas of how you recognize your own twin flame, feel free to share in comments below.A twin flame relationship is deeper and more expansive than one of a soulmate. The way I see it is that a soulmate are two souls coming together that help each other grow. We can have many soulmates. The concept of a twin flame is that in a past life, the soul of both of you expanded to such an incredible state of pure love that the soul split into two when returning to new bodies. There is only one twin flame.
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Here are the signs:
  1. Things flow naturally with the other person and you don’t feel like you have to force anything.
  2. When you meet it is spontaneous and a coincidence. For example, something happens and you are late and go to a place you never have gone to and meet the person.
  3. You may have the sensation that you have known the person for much longer. As if you had been together in a past life.
  4. You feel a connection on an energy level or a spiritual beyond just physical attraction.
  5. Your ego identity will be challenged by your twin on aspects of your personality, especially parts that you didn’t want to come to terms with. This could involve arguments and frustrations, often blown out of proportion as if striking a nerve.
  6. Depending on your current spiritual growth and awareness, you may go through a separation. This separation will be one of the most profound painful experiences on a spiritual level, as if you are being torn apart. Maybe others tell you that you shouldn’t continue with the relationship, but you have a deep spiritual urge to return.
  7. By transcending any arguments and expanding your connection with infinite positive energy, you can use this as an incredible way not just for you to grow, but also to contribute to the greater spiritual collective consciousness.
  8. You are the mirror reflection of the other in many ways. One may be highly sexual, the other not. One may be extroverted and the other not. However, this polarization when you evolve past your ego, together creates an energy sensation of being complete.
  9. There can be sexual openness and acceptance, with respect for whatever you desire of the other person. There is also a willingness to explore and to do things for the other person whereby you feel even happier by seeing them be even happier.
  10. You can be yourself completely without society’s masks when you’re with that other person.
  11. Sharing common activities of interest that bring them happiness brings you even more joy, even if you’re doing something. maybe initially you wouldn’t be that interested in.
  12. Often one will be the spiritual leader and the other less so and follows.
  13. There is a deep level of trust and confidence and peace related to the other person. you feel a sense of grooming, with regards to the other.
  14. Even when you’re not with them you still maintain an energy connection with the other person. for example you can sense when they’re okay, when they’re happy, and there is joy and happiness an even greater sense of peace, comfort, and tranquility. You can maintain a long-distance relationship because if you continuously have this energy connection.
  15. They contribute to the realization of your greater mission and passion in life that is focused on a greater spiritual growth for all in the world and universe.
  16. Open communication with an underlying energy connection and evaluation and  integration of the ideas.
  17. You have a knowing and continual growth together to a higher purpose of spiritual evolution for yourselves and the world. Energy awareness, moving it and becoming a creator in yourself and together. Gratitude expands. And things grow naturally.
  18. Over time, you each adopt the radiant love and light and become individual radiant souls positively affecting the world individually.
  19. At that point, you don’t feel a need to have, possess, or dependent at all on the other person. As if letting a butterfly free, you do and you remain together. And together your two initial halves of the same soul now made complete individually join together to glow more vibrantly than ever before, illuminating the world and universe, helping raise the collective consciousness of all.
Light and love,

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