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Upgrade Your Life – The Very FIRST Step You Need To Know

Want to upgrade your life? Do this.

Yesterday I was having breakfast at my favorite all-you-can-eat Brazilian breakfast buffet. As I organized my laptop in my favorite seat and said hi to everyone there with a view of the Amazon river, I noticed something…

There was a young woman and who appeared to be her Mom…

And I’d never seen them here before.

So I casually asked if they were from the South of Brazil and they were from Sao Paulo. I have cousins who live near Sao Paulo and Curitiba, another city in the south.

I commented that the little red book that the woman had looked like a guidebook and that I hope they have a good stay.

She picked it up and said, “It’s not a guidebook – it’s self help.”

And the title translated to English was “Take Responsibility.”

An entire book on accepting responsibility I amazed!

From article:

I remarked, “Right on. The first step to upgrading and improving one’s life is to accept responsibility that everything in one’s life was created by oneself.”

So we continued talking and exchanged pleasant greetings.

Later in the day as I was finishing a couple of things on my laptop, an acquaintance of mine from Canada bumped into me.

He had just left the gym doing the treadmill and said he was on the way to get breakfast at his favorite spot.

I mentioned I was leaving and he could get a ride with me as I was going to be right next to where he wanted to go.

I decided to join him for a bit before I would start my workout in the gym right next to his favorite breakfast spot.

He shared with me that he had gone out with a woman and he had gotten really upset because of what she did.

I asked, “What did she do?”

He shared that they had gone to a fast food restaurant and that she ordered one too many meals. And when the bill came he told her that, she became defensive.

I shared some concepts on energy and how important it is to be calm and not get upset about little things.

He said he would think about the ideas, and I thought that was great.

So, back to the topic of the video – upgrade your life.

What area do you want to upgrade your life in?

Upgrade the money area?

Upgrade your body?

Upgrade love?

Upgrade enjoyment?

Would it be great when you upgrade all areas? Yeah, I think so too!

While there are tons of techniques for each one of these areas, there is something fundamental much deeper.

It’s the concept of the book the young woman was reading.

It’s to accept that all the problems and things that suck are our responsibility.

It’s not a pleasant thing to do. I mean, we have egos. We have this ego saying that we have to be right to be whole – to be who we think we are – to be someone.

But let’s do a quick self evaluation?

For each area of your life, how great do you feel it’s going? 1 is not at all, 10 is a lot.

Do for each area. Spiritual, Health, Enjoyment, Interpersonal, and Financial.

For anything that isn’t exactly as you most want it or getting there fast, doing this will help at least a little, or ideally give you a massive boost in upgrading your life.

Repeat after me:

“I am responsible for each and every aspect of my life.”

“I attracted into my life everything that I have right now.”

“I influenced everything that I have today.”

I know – we’re accepting that the problems, issues, things we get upset at, the pimples and ugly things are all our responsibility.

They are our “fault.”

But here’s when something MAGICAL HAPPENS.

When we accept that we created what we have today, we are also accepting that we can change it.

If we attracted the life we have today, we can decide on exactly what we want and attract that too.

And upgrade all areas of our life.

Just imagine right now for a moment, that all you most desire in all life areas have realized into your life – Spiritual, Health, Enjoyment, Interpersonal, and Financial.

You see yourself doing, having, and enjoying all these things.

And you connect with how incredible you feel now that you have all that you want.

You might start to feel the dopamine rush as feel great chemicals race through your body, a smile form on your face, and your heart beats faster.

Isn’t it great?

Just by doing this you are starting to upgrade your life in the direction YOU want. You are starting to do it consciously instead of unconsciously as you did before.

I’ve created a training that’s free focused on how to upgrade your life with energy methods. I take you on a journey and show you how it’s possible for you to literally upgrade all areas of your life. Come join me and register here.


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