How To Get Over Someone By Reducing Or Eliminating The Negative Emotion Tied To The Memory

If you have a bad memory or the persistent thought about someone is trigger bad emotions, we need to solve that. When we solve it, you will know how to get over someone. You will suddenly be able to see yourself letting go of the past. You can enjoy life more, live happier, be healthier.  This ultimately lets you have the fantastic quality of lifestyle you deserve. E.g. finally you find how to get over someone from your past.

The good news is that there are some simple methods you can use to forget that person or get over bad memories. Keep in mind, that while these are simple, as with any new skill, the more you practice them with an intention to make things better each time, you will get even more fantastic results.

But wait… do you really want to get over them?

Before using these methods, could it have been that you interpreted something the other person did or said in a way different than it was intended?

E.g. bring yourself to a place of being present, connected with infinite positive energy, and already feeling the positive emotions you most desire (e.g. of love, connection, joy and all others that come to mind).

If you feel sad, hurt, needing the other person to do something, get back at, or wanting to control the other person then repeat until these desires go away completely. You should feel completely giving and 100% happy with whatever outcome of your communication with the other.

Then communicate with the person with the sole intention to understand.

As an example of this illustrated see an experience from my life:

I had a close friend and she and I had felt our energies growing more distant. Messages were not responded to as they had been before and I assumed that she wanted some more space and distance. I finally gave her a call. I discovered that she had various issues she had been dealing with and was very stressed. And instead of withdrawing my energy what I needed to do was send her even more positive energy to help her solve her challenge. That’s what I decided to do.

Now that you have done this, we’ll assume that you do want to get over a bad memory or forget someone on purpose. So, let’s continue to the secrets of how to get over someone. As each of us is unique, see which one brings you the greatest initial success in reducing the negative emotions and continue repeating it until the negativity is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Secret #1 How to stop thinking about someone by cutting energy bonds

When a memory continues to trigger negative emotions, it could be that there are energy ties still connected with you. By severing these, you can feel a relief or elimination of the negative emotion.

Do the following steps:

  • Bring yourself even more completely present.
  • Visualize yourself glowing as a white radiant light. All around you is white light glowing and representing the infinite positive energy.
  • All the positive feelings that you desire, such as feeling loved, appreciated, respected and more are radiating into you and you feel even more and more positive.
  • You continue this for as long as you desire or until you feel even more filled and happy.
  • Then, visualize glowing strands of energy of the color that you most resonate with (blue, green, red, etc.) from the person or experience to you.
  • Now, with a pair of super powerful energy scissors, cut these bonds. See the energy links completely severed.
  • Visualize yourself radiating white light of infinite positivity even more intensely and  glowing even more vibrantly with positivity.
  • Clear your mind by thinking of something else. E.g. think of and visualize your favorite food, color, or something “neutral.”
  • Repeat

The suggestion is to do this 5 to 7 times, each time adding more and more detail, color, sounds, and positive sensations to yourself after you sever the energy ties.

By doing this method, you are helping cut the energy bonds that can result in reducing or, with repetition, elimination of the negative emotion triggered by the memory. This can help to make getting over someone and letting of the past a success.

#2 Getting over someone by replacing the negative emotion with a positive desire

Do the steps:

  • Identify the desired outcome from the situation and the positive emotion you desire to feel.
  • Identify what happens right before you have the negative memory. A good example of how to deal with a breakup, was a student, Jane, every time he would pass a certain restaurant he frequented with her ex, she would remember the breakup and start crying. She identified, “drive by the restaurant.” She alternatively could identify, “remember the breakup.”
  • Repeat the following:
    1. See yourself experiencing what happens right before you have the negative memory on a screen in front of you. Test doing where you see yourself on a screen in front of you as well as where you see everything from your first person perspective. See which helps you reduce the negative memory the fastest.
    2. See yourself start to have the negative experience. In the corner of the screen is a small image of the desired outcome.
    3. Swish the desired outcome with the negative experience so that the desired outcome becomes large and clear. As you do, you experiment with the “swish” sound as well as other sounds (clunk, poof, crash, sirens, music you like, music you don’t like, or other). Additionally, feel the positive emotions now that you associate with your ideal outcome. For example, for Jane, she visualized eating with her best friend, laughing, and enjoying herself immensely.
    4. Clear your mind by thinking of something else. E.g. think of and visualize your favorite food, color, or something “neutral.”
    5. Repeat

Do this 5 to 7 or more times each session. And each time, add additional details to the positive image you are replacing the negative one with. Add in more and more senses, such as sounds, movements, dimensions (e.g. 3D) to make the positive memory more and more real and intense. Additionally, increase the positive emotions with more details and intensity each time you do so.

Continue doing this until the emotional connection with the memory is significantly reduced or eliminated.

#3 How to get over someone by separating the negative emotion from the memory

The brain records the association between a memory and the emotion it triggers in a certain way that can be reduced or eliminated by doing this technique. The desired outcome is to separate the negative emotion so that the memory remains as a neutral one. For example, when you remember what you had for breakfast or lunch on a “normal” day, likely it is a neutral memory.

Do the following steps:

  1. Visualize the person or memory that you desire to reduce or eliminate the negative emotional association with.
  2. Scramble your eyes. E.g. keep moving your eyes in all different directions, up, down, to the side, diagonal until the emotional association is reduced.
  3. Clear your mind by thinking of something else. E.g. think of and visualize your favorite food, color, or something “netural.”
  4. Repeat

Continue doing this until the emotional connection with the memory is significantly reduced or eliminated.

#4 How to get over someone by making positive so much stronger and greater

One reason that an individual may still be “hanging” on to a memory,  and not letting go of the past, despite triggering negative feelings, is because of hope of something positive from it.

For example, a couple separates and one of them still has the hope that things will be as they were before the issue that caused them to separate happened.

To solve this, do the following steps:

  1. Identify what your desired outcome would be. For example, if you had a bad memory of someone who said something you perceived as negative, it could be where people say things that you interpret as positive and feel absolutely phenomenal. When doing this, keep your visualization related to what you desire, but not with the same person. E.g. if you separated from Nancy, and your desire is to be with a woman with certain qualities, visualize the new woman, perhaps focusing more on her energy, and how you feel with her.
  2. Go to a place where you can feel even more present now.
  3. Relax even deeper from your feet to your head. As you breath in and out 5 times, each time your entire body relaxes even deeper.
  4. Now, visualize and experience doing and living what you most desire that you identified. See yourself on a big screen in front of you, as if sitting in a movie theater. Then step into the screen and see everything through your eyes. Add in any and all details of sounds, places, activities, and more that you think of now.
  5. Connect and expand even more the positive feelings you have when you have accomplished what you most desire. Likely these are feeling loved, happy, joyous, connected and more specific for you. Perhaps these positive feelings can be represented by you by a color and you glowing and radiating even brighter and more intensely.

Continue doing this until your new positive emotions exceed what you anticipated from having from your previous negative memory. This activities will walk you through the process of how to get over someone.

Wrapping it up

In summary, there are various methods that show how to get over someone.  Solving a negative memory or emotion so that you are letting of of the past is a success.  One of the keys to success in each one is your ability to visualize and mental experience. To help you with that I have created a free guide to visualize and mental experience you can get right now.

I also thank you ahead of time for sharing and liking this guide to get over someone by reducing or ideally eliminating the negative emotions linked to the memory. The more people we share with, the more we can help live even happier and more fantastic lives.


To your success and happiness,

Eric Michael


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