Do you like dating younger women and have you ever been asked the question, “How old are you?”

When dating younger women, have you felt confused, or worried about the right way to answer or even frustrated with how her interest suddenly vanished when you answered a certain way?

My name is Eric Michael, founder of the Power Life System and I’ll be sharing with you what to say when a girl asks, How old are you and tips for older guys dating younger women.

When asking how to talk to a younger woman, you likely have heard of specific things to say, and while I’ll share a couple, I want to emphasize that what is more important than the words is the sub-communication you give. The greater your understanding of what she is looking to see you do (and not do), the better you can connect regardless of your birth dates.

To start, with older men dating younger women, there are two general groups of women. One type has a set of rules of what age range she will and will not date. She is asking the question based on her criteria. The other group is much more flexible.

When dating younger women, prior to even being asked the question, let’s set things up so that both of you have the greatest opportunity to connect on a deep level:

  1. Be completely present, already feeling great. To do this, allow yourself to be even more present. One way to do this is by placing your attention on your slow deep breathing. Allow this to expand to the muscles from your head to your feet relaxing even deeper now. Then, see yourself already having a great connection with her. And connect with the positive feelings you have when you’ve accomplished what you desired. Likely they include peace, tranquility, love, appreciation, connection and related. By doing this, you will naturally sub-communicate many positive qualities. Your positive feelings will influence her to feel even more of the same.
  2. Look your best. Women spend hours in the salon. They organize their nails, eyebrows, waxing numerous parts of their body. They get facials, use makeup, have their hair treated and much more! Women in general are finely attuned to a man who takes care of himself in an appropriate manly way. For example, having your nails done, nicely organizing the hair on your head, shaving, dressing the nicest based on your body, doing a physical activity you like, etc. Depending on your amount of self-care right now, pick one thing to build your positive momentum and start doing it.
  3. Connect with your passion and develop it. The more a woman feels that you like her a lot yet that she is not the center of your universe, the more attractive it will be. Additionally, by being in the process of making your passion a reality, numerous positive things happen. As an example, I am very passionate about meditation, energy, transcendence and applying these concepts to all areas of one’s life. The more you have an area that you are passionate about, you naturally gain more knowledge and authority. And, this permits you to connect on a deeper level, from a position of authority, with her about the topic of your expertise. The deeper the connection, the less the “age question” will come up. If it does, it’s not an issue at all. I’ll emphasize as well that by doing this you will avoid trying to be like someone you are not which turns women off. An additional benefit is that pursuing your passion leads you to even more have a screening frame. For example, for a student who loves surfing, he would share stories about his passion with enthusiasm. Then he would ask her what she thought about surfing. Then the conversation would go even deeper into the topic, of which his is an extreme expert. He shows her photos and draws her into his fascinating world where he is the complete authority.
  4. Understand women’s fantasies. Look on or for books or stories for women.  When dating younger women, understand what a young lady buys and desires. Women do find older men ver attractive. They love the strength, dominance, sometimes prohibited desire and excitement they offer. The more you understand this when dating younger women, the more confidence you can have and ultimately help her feel great by getting to know you.
  5. Understand what you’re getting into. Depending on your age and hers, understand that she has not had as many life experiences. She may also be in a phase of life you already passed through. It’s possible she also may not be able to talk about some of the topics that you could with someone with more years under their belt. She also likely is desired by other people and has people inviting her to do things frequently. She may want intimacy daily or several times a day. All these mean that you must be even more centered, patient, even more sure of who you are, feel great, and be focused on sharing great experiences with the young lady.
  6. Believe that you have a birthdate but that age has no importance. This is your belief; you don’t necessarily need to say it. Instead, as a result of your belief, you will emirate a relaxed and positive energy when you talk with women who were born before you.
  7. Focus on connection with a woman’s energy, not on her appearance. Let appearance get you to meet her. Then focus on her energy, the feeling you get when you gaze in her eyes, or her left eye. Ask yourself how she feels and what would give her even more positive emotions. Allow your seeking to make her feel great come from an intention that when she is happy you feel great. You can practice by doing this with everyone and anyone throughout the day. Visualizing others as energy, you connected with and filled with an infinite positive energy. You are observing and feeling what each person needs, feels, and is thinking. This provides assistance when learning how to talk to women.

For examples of things to say, see the post linked here.


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